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Yellow Vietnam Kratom Background, Experience and Dosage 2018

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Yellow Vietnam Kratom is the one which is latest in the market before it we just heard about the red green and white strains but this is also quickly grabbing the attention of has many benefits so getting many users day by day number is growing.

This is the kratom which has the origin in Vietnam and grown wildly there and is hitting the market ghastly.vietnam has a climate different from that of Thailand and Indonesia including the difference in leaves makeup too, it has different properties and deals with different issues.

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Yellow Vietnam Kratom

Where in Vietnam it grows?

In Vietnam not all the places are suitable to grow kratom not the potent one specially, there is a small area which is suitable for production of kratom. This strain is considered very strong.

The exact place is 200 mile from forest Mekong river is also near and water flows through the mountains it has landscapes and soil is rich with minerals which is a best thing to grow high quality kratom.when kratom trees are near Mekong river it gives a perfect environment and humidity levels for proper nourishment to the tree.

What could be the effects of yellow kratom?

When the yellow strain is dried its properties slightly gets changed from that of other strains.they are unique and tea is also of different fermentation.this kratom has 25% more alkaloids than other is highly effective and give immense pleasure and soothing effects to mind.

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The most noticeable effects are:

  • It is good for mental health and energy.
  • It improves one’s focus towards things.
  • It is excellent pain reliever.
  • It boosts the mood naturally.
  • Relaxing the body.

For pain green red and white strains are more good and effective than this one but it has other kinds of benefits on body and has no sedating effects and doesn’t disturbs the day life activites.

The most prominent effects of yellow kratom are:

  1. It clears the mind.
  2. If you want perfect balance in energy and relaxation use it.
  3. It elevates the mood.
  4. Visual perceptions are enhanced.
  5. Soothing for stomach.
  6. Best thing is no bitter taste.

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After the use of this kratom there is a positive response and people enjoy using it. it has clam effects and balance the flow of energy too. Euphoric effects are also achieved using it. take 2 to 3 grams at first then take it up to 5 -6 grams per day.

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