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Yellow vein kratom review | Guide for Dosage, Effects & Side effects

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Yellow vein kratom

In recent years, the popularity of the yellow vein kratom has risen. For many years, this type of kratom was often seen as a rare type of kratom and was never commercialized until recently. There is always a variety of speculations on where it originated from. The yellow vein kratom is actually a white vein kratom but gets the yellow color during its drying phase. Other than the yellow, there also exists the red and green strains of this kratom.

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Most people who have used this herb, claim that its effects can be compared to a green Malay strain. This is a high potency and impact strain that gives feelings of energy and euphoria. This Malay strain is also known to relieve effects of anxiety or malaise. The strain is best known for its long-lasting effect and provides long relief from pain and improves your concentration and overall mood. These effects differ widely from the ones you will experience after using the white strain.

The white’s strains effects are similar to those of caffeine and they are known to last for short periods. This yellow strain has emerged as the most popular one since it has effects that are more impressive to most of the people using it. The yellow strain has no after effects after consumption rather, its effects can be compared to what most users want in an effective kratom herb.

How the yellow vein kratom is made?

This process gives a brief insight into how the yellow kratom is made.

Step 1: Harvesting. Farmers prefer plucking white and green leaves then later combining them. However, there are other farmers who prefer to use the pure form of the white strain.

Step 2: After the leaves have been cleaned, they are run through a process called photo-oxidation. During this process, the leaves are left to dry for up to 20 days until they turn yellow. This is an old technique that has been used for years.

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Step 3: The leaves are then processed into a fine powder. It, however, takes someone with a keen eye to notice that the strain is yellow and at times it is also gold in color.

Using a high number of green vein leaves will result in yellow powder while a high concentration of white vein colored leaves results in gold powder.

How to use the yellow vein Kratom?

The effects of the yellow vein kratom are more powerful than those of the white strain. Although they are slightly different, the yellow one is seen as a more powerful option. For maximum effectiveness, there are various ways that you have to use it to get the best out of it. Below are some of the most common ways to ingest the herb.

  1. Yellow Kratom tea

The yellow vein kratom can be used as an additive when making kratom tea. In this scenario, you get the full effectiveness of the kratom leaf.

  1. Yellow Kratom juices

The widely used combination of the yellow vein kratom is with grapefruits. This, however, does not limit anyone from using it with other juices. The yellow vein kratom enhances juice to give it a better taste. This combination gives the user a lot of beneficial nutrients.

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  1. Toss and Wash method

Kratom in powdery form can be ingested just like ordinary medicinal tablets using water or juices. This is simple and easy.

  1. Through Kratom recipes

These Kratoms can be integrated into sauces and foods to give impressive output. This does not in any way decrease the effectiveness of this herb.

  1. Smoke the Kratoms

The first four methods are the most recommended ways of taking the yellow vein kratom. Smoking it is unhealthy and offers no significant help to the user because the alkaloids take a lot of time to reach the system.

Recommended Kratom Dosage

This is an herb and should be taken with extra caution since the strain has both physical and psychological effects. All these methods are enough to help anyone exploit the full benefits of the yellow kratom consumption. Just like any medicine, the intake of the yellow kratom should be guided. You should always have a dosage guide to prevent excessive consumption or low intakes. You can always consult a medical practitioner in case you have a problem determining the right amount for you.

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The right dosage depends on the following factors

  1. How long one intends to use the herb.
  2. The type of pain that a user wants to relieve. It can be an acute, chronic, soft tissue or inflammatory pain.
  3. The age, weight and genetic makeup are other key factors that are considered.

Beginners are always advised to start with small amounts of about 2-3 grams and they should take it on an empty stomach to get its full effectiveness. If you don’t experience any effects in the first 20 minutes, then you can take another dose. However, this is not likely to happen since in most cases, you will experience effects during the first 20 minutes after ingestion. If you are a newbie, use the following tips.

  1. Use the strain on an empty stomach.
  2. Always stay hydrated after ingesting the herb.
  3. Always keep a record of your dosage and the effects that you experience.
  4. Some strains have more aggressive effects than others.

3-5 grams will work for perennial users. If the dose is too high, you might get nauseous and light headed.

Yellow vein kratom effects

Effects of the yellow strain kratom are different from the white vein kratom. Whether you are using the herb to reduce pain or increase the feeling of euphoria, this herb can help you lead a productive life. The main effects of this yellow vein kratom are:

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  1. Energy Booster

Caffeine is the widely accepted option for boosting your energy every morning. However, if you are looking for a cleaner alternative to get you psyched up each morning, then the yellow strain will be the right alternative. Actually, most people are embracing this herb as an alternative to caffeine.

  1. Creates a soothing effect

The herb normally soothes the nerves and brings a feeling of calmness. Using it effectively makes one feel optimistic and significantly reduces the stress levels.

  1. Stimulation

The yellow strain is mostly known for having decreased effects when it comes to boosting cognitive activity. Some users don’t like the high effects of some other more aggressive strains like the red strain.

  1. Improves mood swings

The yellow vein kratom is the ideal herb when you want to improve your mood swings. It significantly helps anyone control their mood swings hence maintaining feelings of euphoria.

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Yellow vein kratom Reddit

Reddit is a website where you can ask your questions, share your concerns and experiences in relation to the yellow vein kratom. Everything that you intend to know about the herb can be found on this platform. All you need to do is to have an account and start exploiting the answers you get there. You can ask questions and you will get answers from professionals or experienced users. You will definitely get tips and news about the yellow vein kratom.

There are rules that guide how to use the site. If found violating them, you will be kicked out. Some of the rules are:

  1. Don’t compare this herb with street drugs.
  2. Use polite language.
  3. Don’t sponsor any illegal activity on the platform.
  4. No transaction is allowed in the community.
  5. Not discussion of payments should take place on the platform.
  6. Sourcing is prohibited.

Yellow vein kratom for sale

There are various strains of the yellow vein Kratoms that you can find on the market. Here are some of the commonly sold types.

  1. Plantation Maeng Da

This is a high-quality strain of kratom powder that is made from grafting to produce a superior version of the Thai Kratom tree. The powders’ smell is strong and pleasing.

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  • Pure Yellow

This is a 100% Green vein. This unique color comes as a result of fermentation methods used.

  • Super yellow

This is a result of a blend of three powerful strains of kratom i.e. the white vein kratom, red vein kratom, and green vein kratom strains. This gives it alkaloid and potency levels that don’t disappoint.

  • Yellow Sunda

This comes as a result of a blend between 60% red and 40% green strain. This gives it its alkaloid consistency and quality taste that you will enjoy.

  • Yellow Vietnam

This is a refreshing blend of green and red kratom powder consisting of half-wild grown green strain and half plantation-grown red strain. The two are mixed in a 1:1 ratio.

Yellow vein kratom reviews

Here are some of the mostly used yellow vein kratoms.

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  1. Yellow vein Borneo kratom

This type of herb is derived from red vein Borneo leaf. The farmers use old leaves and incorporate ancient drying methods to achieve this strain. An advanced drying technology is used to turn the veins to yellow and slightly change the alkaloids in the leaf.

Yellow vein Borneo kratom effects

– Gives a relaxing and euphoric side of kratom.

– Keeps the users energetic.

– It increases the creativity levels once consumed.

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– Keeps users alert.

It is best to use this herb than using caffeine. The herb can burn calories while also acting as a metabolism booster. This blend is the perfect balance between the three strains of kratom.


  1. Yellow vein Vietnam kratom

This is becoming one of the most popular strains among most kratom users. The Vietnam kratom has about 25% more alkaloids that other kratoms. The more the alkaloids the more effective it is in mood altering and stimulation.

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  • Effects of the Yellow Vietnam kratom

– Pain relief minus sedation. If you are looking for a pain reliever that won’t make you feel sleepy then this is the ideal one. Other strains are known to have sedative effects when taken.

– Brings a positive yet calm mood. This strain will not stimulate your energy too much. Rather, it will uplift your moods so that you can have an elevated state of calmness and puts you in a happier state.

– Brings visual and mental clarity. You will attain a clearer visual perception as well as getting a focused state of the mental state. Imagine how effective it can be when you are working on a demanding project.

– Seamlessly balances mental and physical relaxation. This strain gives an ideal combination of relief for both the body and mind.

  1. Yellow vein indo kratom

This is a yellow strain grain grown in Indonesia. Old leaves and an ancient more complicated drying process are used to arrive at the yellow vein indo kratom. This gives the strain a unique aroma that will give you a gripping and fascinating experience.

Effects of the Yellow vein indo kratom.

– Gives you a feeling of empathy and compassion.

– Builds charisma.

– Makes the mood better.

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  1. Yellow vein Sumatra kratom

This is one of the rarest strains of this herb that you can find. It is unique in the sense that it is cultivated in an Indonesian island called Sumatra, unlike other strains that can be found in dense forests across Asia. It is made from green and white natural leaves. In most cases, young leaves are mostly preferred.

Effects of the yellow vein Sumatra kratom

– Mood Lifter. This is one of the best ways to control the emotions of a person. It is best known for controlling equilibrium.

– Simulation in moderation. It is not as powerful as other strains making it perfect for anyone who does not want to get highly stimulated.

– Soothing effects. It has a calming effect on the nerves and can significantly relieve all types of stress.

– Energy Booster. The strain has a positive impact on the energy levels that will keep you active when doing your job.

– Euphoria. This is a highly stable strain and gives moderate simulation that will give you the right amount of simulation.


Before making an order for this product, you should have a prior knowledge of the effects that you want to experience. This prevents you from making an order for the wrong strain. There are various vendors on the market where you can get it. Happy Hippo is a trusted supplier of this substance.

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