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Ultimate guideline of Yellow Thai Kratom | Why you need to Buy Online

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What is Kratom?

Kratom is a plant native to Thailand and Southeastern Asia and has been used in the past for those needing extra energy, relief from coughing or diarrhea. Or if they just wanted to get high. It has been said to be an opioid replacement but use of kratom can result in adverse effects such as nausea or depression.

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What is Yellow Thai Kratom?

It should be noted that Yellow Thai and yellow vein Kratom are not the same things. The Yellow Thai Kratom is stimulating and has a moderate euphoric effect on the user. It is not as efficient as elevating the mood as other strains are, but it can still do so. It also increases energy and focus mildly and is somewhat relaxing. It is another strain that is excellent at relieving pain and does not cause as much nausea as some other strains do.

With the yellow vein, it creates high controllable euphoria and the heightened mood lasts longer and is able to produce the strongly desired effects in smaller doses. In order for the yellow vein to be the most effective, the quality of the yellow vein kratom must be of high quality.

There are multiple ways of ingesting Yellow Thai Kratom, such as capsules, teas, vaping, chewing the Yellow Thai leaves, or even taking the strain, putting it in water and swallowing the water with the strain in it. Or the person could even put the desired dose onto their food and consume it that way. A bit of Yellow Thai on a bagel or mixed in with their oatmeal.

The yellow strain is made artificially, which is another reason why it is not as talked about. The yellow strain is made with a combination of green and white leaves, but a higher proportion of green leaves are used. If white leaves are in higher proportion, then the powder will be gold in color.

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Yellow Thai Kratom on Reddit

When people have an interest, illness, disease, or just generally want something to talk about, it can be a hassle to find people in their area who want to talk about the same things they do. That is where online communities come into play, and Reddit is no exception.

When it comes to Yellow Thai, one of the strains of kratom not a lot of people are talking about, Reddit is one of the places to go to find people talking about Yellow Thai Kratom. There is one person who stopped using white and red strains of kratom and asked the Reddit community what they could expect from using Yellow Thai.

The responses on that thread were mainly positive, ranging from increased energy and mood and decreased social anxiety for one person and another mentioned that it was great for cocaine users to use if they are trying to stop using cocaine. Another person said that it gave them energy and relaxation and described it as that they were relaxed but motivated.

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In another thread, a person felt that the Yellow Thai wasn’t all that exciting, but there were several people who said that the Yellow Thai was their favorite. In yet another thread, there was one person who said that yellows were a hit or miss with them, but the majority of the people in that thread loved Yellow Thai. One of the reasons Yellow Thai is not talked about as often is that the yellow strain is very rare and only a few vendors even sell it.

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Yellow Thai Kratom Effects

Yellow Thai Kratom has similar effects to the Green Malay strain, which are:

  • It improves concentration
  • Gives the user a high sense of euphoria
  • Boosts the energy
  • Enhances the mood
  • Reduces anxiety

When a person has reduced anxiety and is feeling euphoric, they are going to be less stressed and are more readily able to solve whatever issues they are facing in their day and in their lives. Since it also gives a boost of energy, they also have the energy in which to perform the tasks they want to do while at the same time being less stressed and anxious about doing those tasks. Being stressed and anxious about a task only makes it so that task takes longer to do, thereby increasing the stress and anxiety levels related to the task. If someone is euphoric while doing a task they don’t want to do, it will take less time to do that task. With the increased concentration and energy boost, that task should get done even quicker.

Another aspect of the Yellow Thai is that it helps with mood swings. If you live with a grumpy, negative person, a bit of Yellow Thai, with their knowledge and consent, in their daily coffee or soda might be exactly what they need. Never put any sort of drug, supplement, or anything else, natural or otherwise, in another person’s drink, food, or anything else without their knowledge and consent.

Even if that particular thing does help them, what if you move away and they are left wondering why they are feeling grumpy all the time again? Or, what if they somehow find out that you have been dosing them and they have had a previous bad experience with people doing that sort of thing to them? Even if you want to help that person, inform them of what you want them to try, why, what it is and what it does and get their consent before you even think about putting it in their food or drink, or other methods of consumption.

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Yellow Thai Kratom from Gaia Ethnobotanical

When it comes to purchasing Yellow Thai Kratom, Gaia Ethnobotanical is one of the main vendors which sell the rare strain. It is sold in 1oz, 250g, and 1kg quantities. The payment methods include certified money order, checking or savings account, credit card or cryptocurrency. Gaia Ethnobotanical offers kratom powder, capsules, and extracts. There is even a page with a link to a free report on their lab results, as all good vendors should have on their website and give upon request.

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At the time of this writing, their Yellow Thai strain is negative for E. coli, listeria, and salmonella. Salmonella is normally associated with eggs, meat, and poultry, but can also contaminate fruits and vegetables. Contaminated water can also contain salmonella, which is most likely why the Yellow Thai is tested for it. Listeria is a bacteria found in water and in the soil, which explains testing their Yellow Thai for that one. E. coli is normally found in the intestines of cattle.

What Does Yellow Thai Kratom Do?

Yellow Thai Kratom is an energy booster. Kratom is a stimulant for the body and lets it work with more power an efficiency than other energy boosters do, such as caffeine or energy pills. While narcotics can be an energy booster, they negatively weaken the body, but kratom doesn’t.

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Yellow Thai is moderately euphoric, which means the person will feel intense excitement and happiness. If a person is depressed, or anxious, then it will help relieve their depression and anxiety, which means they can sort out the root causes of either and deal with those issues much better so that if they decide to stop using kratom to help their anxiety or depression they won’t feel either. Unless the depression is caused by the loss of a loved one, that takes time. Or if they have a genetic disposition towards depression and anxiety.

While it gives an energy boost, Yellow Thai Kratom is not considered as strongly sedating as some other kratom strains. As mentioned above one person on Reddit mentioned that it gave them energy and relaxation and described it as that they were relaxed but motivated to do what it was that they wanted to do. Another thing that Yellow Thai Kratom is good for is that it is quite effective at relieving pain. Most strong pain relievers make the person using it very sleepy or unfocused. This means that there could be issues on the job, or that it would be best that they didn’t drive their vehicle anywhere. With Yellow Thai Kratom, it would relieve that person’s pain, give them an energy boost, relax them, but also improve their concentration and give them a sense of euphoria.

Imagine you are a person who has a green thumb and absolutely loves gardening. However, you live with chronic pain that is not due to arthritis, or maybe it is, and you just can’t do your gardening as much as you used to. Your prescribed medication takes care of your pain, but now you are just so sleepy and you can’t concentrate on what you are doing. You decide to take Yellow Thai Kratom instead and find that it takes care of your pain, you have more energy, you feel euphoric, but have an increased concentration and you are relaxed. You are ready to go out there and evict any weeds or other threats to your garden.

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Pros of Yellow Thai Kratom

Pros of Yellow Thai Kratom include:

  • Moderate euphoria
  • Energy boosts
  • Increased focus
  • Helps relieve pain
  • Not strongly sedating, but it helps to relax
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Aids productivity
  • Improves mood swings

Cons of Yellow Thai Kratom

As with almost anything, there are a number of cons as well. The symptoms of an overdose with Yellow Thai Kratom can include:

  • General irritation
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of focus
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

Interesting how one of the positive benefits of Yellow Thai Kratom is that it gives the person better focus and concentration and one of the side effects of higher doses and an overdose is a loss of focus and concentration. Of course, loss of focus and concentration could stem from the fact that they are nauseated. It is kind of hard to remain focused on something when you are nauseated and could start vomiting at a moment’s notice.

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Benefits of Yellow Thai Kratom

There are a number of medicinal effects of kratom, such as:

  • Anti-depressant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-leukemic
  • Anti-malarial
  • Stabilizes the blood sugar
  • Energy booster
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Enhance mood
  • Painkiller, similar to White Thai Kratom
  • Can be used as a transitional maintainer for drug withdrawal

While kratom in general has the benefits mentioned above, the individual strains themselves may have more or less of those qualities depending on the strain a person buys. One strain may be a great energy booster, but not that great at being a painkiller, another might give a person a significant energy boost but doesn’t relax them while another both boosts energy and relaxes.

Surprisingly, kratom as a whole works great for boosting the immune system, but more research needs to be done to see what else it can help beyond the common cold. If taken once symptoms of the common cold or flu start, using kratom can reduce the duration of the symptoms of both as well as negate some of the symptoms of the common cold or flu. It is mainly the green vein that does this, the site doesn’t have the Yellow Thai Kratom listed yet. However, as the Yellow Thai is made from a combination of green and white, and being predominately green, it should share some of the immune system stimulating properties of the green vein.

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One possible way it can help with the cold and flu are the anti-inflammatory, mood booster and pain killing properties along with the immune system stimulation properties. One of the symptoms of both the common cold and the flu are aches and pains, as well as sinus pressure. The anti-inflammatory properties of the kratom could work on the muscle pain while the painkiller can work on the sinus pressure, throat irritation, and headaches.

As with anything, moderation is key, as is responsible consumption. If you know your body can’t handle a low dose on the higher end as some people can, don’t take that higher end dose and go with the lower end of the low dose. Your body is not the same as someone else’s.

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