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White Indo Kratom | Real User Reviews Origin,Effects,Dosage

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Best White Indo Kratom

According to verifiable statistical data it’s factual to say that 75% of Kratom users also known by its botanical name (Mitragyna speciosa) take it for its energy boosting benefits and psychotropic (mind-altering) effects. One of the variants of kratom is White Indo Kratom which perhaps is the most popular amongst other options of kratom due to its high stimulating nature, very ideal for mood enhancements and famous for its pain relief attributes.

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White Indo Kratom

Similar to other Indo Kratom dietary plant supplements out there available on the market, White Indo kratom is native to Southeast Asia particularly in the jungles of Indonesia. The kratom strain which goes by the name “White Sumatra Kratom” due to where it grows that’s in Sumatra Island. The region has a humid tropical climate and a high rainfall ratio which is ideal for the growth of the Kratom strains. Harvesting of the kratom is done through ancient traditional methods eliminating the possibility of contamination and ensuring an only high-quality product is sold to the consumer. The leaves are converted into commercial forms such as capsules, pills and powder with no artificial fillers or chemical additives.

white indo kratom effects

Varying dosages of White Indo Kratom have different effects on its users. Consumers have reported white indo kratom is an energising herb while other consumers have reported it as a sedating herb but the all these different effects are as a result of the dosage. Dosage usually has a significant role on the effects of the kratom on our bodies since the body reaction to varying levels of potent alkaloids usually leads to varied impacts on the users. Discussed below is the likely effects of white indo kratom on users.

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Unlike its cousin, Red indo kratom which is highly sedative and brings in a feeling of calmness and relaxation white indo kratom is more stimulating and energy boosting. If you’re looking for a product that will improve productivity, alleviate the effects of pain, a product with euphoric and dissociating effects, then the best among all kratoms is the rare white indo kratom.

Side Effects of Kratom Use

While white indo kratom has numerous medicinal benefits and is one of the best most sought after kratom in the kratom family, it’s equally to cause serious side effects due to overdose or chronic abuse. The intensity of these side effects usually are subject to the dosage taken, and the quality of the product. Some of the common side effects of abuse of white indo kratom are

  1. Irritability-
  2.  Insomnia
  3. Sweatiness
  4. Respiratory problems
  5.  Agitation
  6. Aggression
  7. Hallucinations
  8. Hyperpigmentation
  9.  Nausea
  10. Sexual dysfunction in this case loss of libido
  11. Vomiting
  12.  Digestive issues / Constipation
  13. Confusion

It’s also worth noting that consistent abuse of white indo kratom might compromise your cardiac health. Use the specified dosage, and if things get out of hand stop and seek the services of a doctor if any of these symptoms persist or worsen.

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white indo kratom benefits

Have you ever wondered why white indo kratom is the most sought after and one of the rare strain in the kratom family? Why it is considered as the best strain out there? Well, the benefits out way the side effects and here is a list of the remarkable medicinal benefits attached in taking white indo kratom

  • White indo Kratom aids with pain management.

Many consumers out there search for which strain is best for pain management? Well, white indo kratom takes the lead on this. Its praised for its pain management abilities since it’s the most potent pain reliever out there. White indo kratom has high levels of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine on its leaves which makes it a very effective sedative and less harmful compared to other medications for sedation. If you’re suffering from a backache, cancer or chronic pain, this is the product for you.

  • White indo Kratom Helps with Anxiety and Depression

Depression and anxiety are mental conditions that are complicated to manage even with modern medication, but to your surprise, white indo kratom has proven to help in the reduction of the two medical conditions. Nearly 70% of users of white indo kratom have reported positive results.

  • White indo Kratom Boosts Energy

Yes, it’s an emerging boosting strain, and many users do report on enhanced physical energy. You can consume it as an energy boosting drink and enhance your work performance.

  • White indo Kratom Causes Euphoria

Another effect of taking white indo kratom is euphoria effect. Those who desire a feeling of euphoria then your answer lies on taking white indo kratom.

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  • White indo kratom improves mood enhancement

Among the effects that will kick in after taking white indo kratom is overall mood enhancement. Users of the strain usually experience euphoria and this relieves stress.

  • White indo kratom Improves focus

White indo kratom is a supplement which is classified under nootropic drugs which there work is improving cognitive function, boost your motivation, improve your memory and help you to focus more on the tasks at hand.

  • White indo kratom is Sedative

For those people who lack good comfortable sleep and frequently suffer from sleeping disorders white indo kratom is a healthy supplement that will improve on your quality of sleep. The supplement will give the user a relaxed state of mind which is a factor in the quality of sleep one experiences.

  • White indo kratom is a Stimulant

Among the benefits of taking white indo kratom is the stimulation that it does give the user. If you scan through many kratom forums and review sites out there, you will notice that the herb has entirely replaced coffee that’s because of its stimulating nature.

White indo kratom dosage

When we talk about dosage, then the right dosage becomes the key, and you might be wondering exactly what is the recommended dosage of white indo kratom? The recommended dosage for users of white indo kratom usually varies to factors such as drug tolerance, the age of the user, reasons for taking, the form of supplement and many other factors. It’s important to know that white indo kratom is a strain which alters the mind hence consuming it in the wrong dosages may have severe effects, therefore, its consumption should be regulated for best results. Here is a clear guideline on the right dosage one should take.

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Different white indo kratom dosages and their functions

  • 2-4 grams

For those who have just started and are new to this, they should take 2-4 grams, and they will definitely have a feeling of being relaxed, their confidence will be boosted and some mild euphoria boost.

  • 3-5 grams

The effects will be a strong focus, ability to concentrate fully, and mood enhancement. The results will last for around four to five hours.

  • 4-6 grams

For those who are looking for something to stimulate them then this is the right dosage, and it’s also ideal for pain-relieving purposes.

  • 6-8 grams

The dosage will sedate you and may even make your body numb, and this is very recommendable in managing chronic pain.

white indo kratom capsules

If you’re looking for all-natural energy, then look no further since Saynotodisease has the best highest rated white indo kratom capsules reviews. This potent strain which has been made from the best quality alkaloid-rich leaves of the Mitragyna speciose plant, dispatches high-octane stimulation, fights of fatigue, boosts your moods, makes you more productive, keeps your mental state more focused and boosts your energy helping you power through. Similar to all other kratom products here white indo kratom capsules are purely organic and have passed through a lab test, they don’t contain any chemicals, filler or additives. These are perfect for taking with you on the go and taking them and storage is more convenient than other forms of the product.

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white indo kratom capsules dosage

According to experts the recommended dosage for users who would wish to have white indo kratom capsules averages between 2 to a maximum of 5 capsules in any particular day. This dosage will give you the desired effects.

white indo kratom Reddit

According to many users’ opinions on Reddit in regards to white indo kratom, they have completely replaced their morning coffee or caffeine pills in favour of white indo kratom. The supplement spurs them into action in the morning, helps them increase their focus, get rid of anxiousness, enhance their moods and manage their chronic pain than any other drug out there. The supplement works perfect for the many and has little side effects in comparison to prescription drugs.

white indo kratom euphoria

Euphoria is a feeling of well-being when your mind is in the state of more relaxed, you feel satisfaction, excited, you’re happy, and you’re full of energy. White indo kratom provides an intense feeling of euphoria, and that’s why it’s one of the most sought-after potent strain in the market. The feeling of euphoria lasts for several hours no wonder it’s the best alternative for relaxation purposes.

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White indo kratom review

According to a user on Reddit who has been using caffeine pills for almost three years White indo kratom has given him an entirely new experience of focus, mood enhancement, and energy. The coffee pills were making him visit the lavatory so many times but since he started taking the white indo kratom the urge to visit the lavatory countless times has faded away and he is now able to settle down and concentrate on his job.

A student review on the product said he is able to concentrate more in class and his levels of alertness have significantly improved just in days of taking white indo kratom. He no longer sleeps in class, and he is able to grasp everything the teacher is teaching unlike before where he would lose concentration in just 30 minutes.

Another excited user said it helps in boosting his energy levels where he can complete tasks at ease without feeling the effects of fatigue.

white indo kratom extract

Here are examples of white indo kratom extracts

  • Kratom Resin

Kratom resin extract is a form of Kratom that is considered user-friendly and easy to use. It’s made by boiling fresh kratom leaves with a lot of water until all the water has dried up and you’re left with a thick resinous tar-like substance. Other methods used to prepare it to include a mixture of water and ethanol.

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  • Ethanol Based Kratom Extracts

Ethanol based kratom extract is a common extract in the market today. Its prepared through soaking powdered kratom leaves in ethanol for several hours and straining the liquid thereafter. ethanol finally evaporates, and you are left with a brownish kind of residue.

  • Premium Indo Kratom

To obtain a premium indo kratom the trick lies on the method of harvesting. The steam is carefully separated from the leaves using bare hands, and this ultimately brings out a very concentrated formula since alkaloids are in higher concentration in the leaves. The leaves usually are dried and powdered making the product more potent and effective than other strains. If you’re a new user, this is the best product to buy and one of the top rated in the market.

  • Enhanced Kratom

Enhanced kratom is obtained from an additional procedure performed on the leaves after harvesting which involves subjecting the leaves to vigorous boiling procedures. The byproduct is then left to dry and can be grounded later into powdered form. The final product is rich and also very potent extract o the white indo kratom.

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In conclusion, it’s evident that white indo kratom is one of the most beneficial strains in the kratom plant family and its benefits are immeasurable. We can also conclude that unless abused there are no adverse effects to the user since this is a pure organic product and all natural. It’s also paramount a user to understand his or her problem since this will help out in making informed decisions in regards to the right dosages.

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