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The best methods To Never Have A Stroke – Stroke Prevention

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As stroke is the leading cause of death and disability. So the survivors of the ischemic stroke are given the special instruction with the respect to the treatment and to the doctors who are dealing with the survivors of stroke. Whereas secondary prevention of stroke is the treatment is given to the patient who may have history of hypertension, patients who consume more alcohol with the high level of glucose in the body, people who are chain smokers, and people who have high level of cholesterol. These all are the factors responsible for the occurrence of the stroke.

Generally the main motive and goal is to control the risk factors related to the stroke, which can be chiefly achieved thought proper treatment and medications, moreover prevention from the stroke is the basic challenges, which can be useful in the prevention to reoccur stroke again.

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The method to control this stroke may be primary and secondary..


Primary prevention refers to the treatment given to the patients with no history of stroke.

Primary prevention of stroke is achieved by the regular exercise and lifestyle modifications on other hand patients with the history of stroke had more chances to have the stroke again.


Whereas secondary stroke prevention refers to the treatment given to the patients who have already suffered from TIA.

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Derived from the earlier studies it is clear that the risk of further occurrence in the first year is 12%and 7%per annum.

Therapies involved in secondary stroke prevention

The therapies conducted in the treatment are listed below:

  • Antiplatelet therapy
  • Anti coagulant therapy
  • Carotid endrarerechtomy
  • Lifestyle modification



Asprin is the one of the basic drug used in the treatment of the stroke. As it a blood thinner medicine so it works well in eliminating the clot and can be proved useful in the prevention of further damage to the brain .


Aspirin should be commenced within 24 hours. Dosage of the asprin depends upon the severity of the stroke ,in most cases the recommended dosage is 300mg per day and it should be given for at least two weeks .if the condition of the patient get settled then proper anti platelet therapy should be followed .

The second foremost important drug used in the secondary prevention of stroke is clopidogrel. It is used in the patient who are not tolerated by the asprin ,or in other words asprin does not suits them .

Other drug used in the treatment in long term is the DIPYRIDAMOLE PLUS ASPRIN. It is only recommended when the patients are contraindicated or not tolerated by the asprin and clopidogrel. It is important to know that clopidodrel is not used in secondary prevention after TIA, but it used in following stroke.


For decades anticoagulants have been used in the special treatment of patients with acute ischemic stroke. Anticoagulants are prescribed to prevent first or recurrent stroke, especially among patients with cardioembolis.  Anticoagulants drugs often are prescribed to patients with recent stroke ant to prevent the occurrence of stroke again .drugs like heparin Dabigatran and Warfarin is recommended in the treatment.

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It is a surgical treatment by narrowing the artery, which can be helpful in reducing the risk of stroke.

On other hand anti-hypertensive drugs are also the basic part in the treatment of the stroke. It is very beneficial to control the blood pressure in the stroke as increase in blood pressure can give serious harm to the patient of the stroke


Healthy life style can be achieved thorough quitting smoking, avoiding bad cholesterol, doing regular exercise and eliminating foods which are not good for our health. Lifestyle changes not only control the diabetes, blood pressure and other diseases but it proved to be beneficial in the treatment and the effectiveness of the medicines related to stroke. So it is very important to know that by maintaining healthy weight and modifying the lifestyle can minimize the risk of the stroke.



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