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Scientists Confirmed:World’s #1 Food For Stroke ,Hypertension, Heart Attack, and Cholesterol!

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Dates are considered to be the miracle fruit of Middle East. The importance of eating dates and it’s medical and nutritional; value cannot be denied. They might not be seemed to be cheaper but they are considered to be the healthier one. Though date might be new to the western culture but it has numerous health benefits. Including dates in your diet can effectively reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, anemia stroke and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Apart from its detoxifying properties, it has considered to be very useful in treating inflammation problems in the body. However the benefits do not stop here. In short it is useful in treating every type of ailment.

Nutrient content in date:

Dates are full source of energy. It has numerous minerals and vitamins, each responsible to combat various disease.

It contains 32% of fiber, 25% of carbohydrates, 5% of protein, 19% of potassium, 13% of manganese, 11% of magnesium, 10% of copper, 8% of vitamin B6, and 5% of folate.

Dates carry tremendous benefits, as allopathic approach of treatment is expensive and time consuming and has adverse effects, but dates are considered to be healthy and natural source of treatment. The importance’s of consuming dates are discussed below:


Dates regulate cholesterol:

Date is considered to be the potent choice if one wants to control the bad cholesterol in the body. As it contains insoluble fiber and are rich in fiber so it is useful to combat the bad cholesterol, it can be achieved by consuming 1.6 grams of date daily. In order to maintain good cholesterol in body then the date is the best choice.

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Dates regulate blood pressure:

The potassium levels in dates are very high. It has no content of sodium which is chiefly contribute to increase in the blood pressure. So they are considered to be useful in treating hypersensitive patient. About 370 mg of magnesium is needed to reduce blood pressure. Dates have higher potassium content as compare to banana. As we know that from the medical point of view potassium plays a vital role in lowering the blood pressure. So instead of using drugs which are expensive and have adverse effects also, dates is the cheap choice.

Dates for anemia:

Dates are rich in iron and copper content, an anemic patient can be cured through the consumption of dates, as it is natural and it is available everywhere so it can be consumed by everyone because of its price and immerse health benefits. Dates help in increasing the RED BLOOD CELLS in the body. It has been cleared that consuming 2 dates daily can control the blood level in the body.

Dates prevent strokes:

Dates are the good substitute of sugar. If you have sweet tooth then date is the best food. It contains useful and natural sugar; it is also called nature candy. So one who eat dates have high level of potassium which is very useful in treating the ischemic stroke. The chances of having strokes are reduced to 27%, the person who consumed dates.

 Dates for heart health:

Magnesium in dates helps the muscles in the heart and blood vessels to relax. If you blood pressure is under control then you have less chances to have heart diseases. Vitamin B6 in this fruit helps to remove the amino acid homocysteine from your blood, which is linked to higher levels of cardiovascular disease.

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Dates soothe constipation:

Dates help can dealing the constipation in younger and adults. As they have higher fiber content so the seemed to be very effective in treating intestinal issues and useful in bowel movement. Soak the dates overnight and eat them in morning can aid in constipation because of its laxatives properties.


Dates help weight loss:

Dates are seemed to be the good source of weight loss as this fruit is rich in fiber. Fruits and vegetables are very beneficial in weight loss ,however dates is good choice in losing weight because of its fiber content but dates have relatively high in calories content.

So it is clear that this magical fruit has numerous health benefits. While adding dates in your daily routine can relatively solve many health problems.

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