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Red Elephant Kratom Reviews, Effects & Usage guide to buy online 2019

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Treating chronic conditions is hard work, and can often lead to addiction and sedation, thanks to the very strong opioid-based pharmaceutical medications that are traditionally used to treat these conditions. Rather than cause their bodies damage with taking pills every day, many people are turning to all-natural herbs and extracts such as kratom.

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Kratom is derived from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree, which is a relative of the coffee plant. The three main types of kratom are named by the color of the veins in their leaves. Red vein kratom is known for giving users a high level of sedation and extreme pain relief when taken. White vein kratom, on the other hand, can create feelings of euphoria and stimulation. Green vein kratom fits in the middle of the two and combines the best properties of both, giving the user a feeling of energy and stimulation whilst still providing the pain relieving qualities that kratom is known for.

There are many different strains of kratom that fall within these three broad categories. Each strain of kratom hails from a specific region of Southeast Asia. Bali kratom is grown in Borneo and is one of the most popular strains of kratom on the market today thanks to the mild energizing and highly pain relieving qualities. Maeng Da kratom, grown in Thailand, is known for it’s high alkaloid content and extreme potency. Sumatra and Thai kratom are also popular strains of kratom.

Here, we discuss the origin and effects of one of the lesser known strains of kratom called Red Elephant kratom.

Red Elephant Kratom

Red elephant kratom is named for the characteristics of the leaves that are used to produce this strain of kratom. Older, large trees are used to create red elephant kratom, and the leaves from this plant are so large that they resemble elephant ears. Packed with a wide range of alkaloids, which are the main constituent of the plant responsible for producing the desired effects, red elephant kratom is able to pack a punch when it comes to delivering quality feelings of pain relief and sedation.

Red elephant kratom is a highly desirable strain thanks to the mildness of the effects, as well as the potency of the extract. Not only does this strain promote overall good health, but it can help to reduce anxiety without causing overstimulation. Thanks to this, it is a great strain to use to treat a wide variety of conditions and symptoms.

Red Elephant Kratom Effects

Chronic conditions like pain as a result of aging, surgery or a condition such as arthritis, fibromyalgia or lupus, are very difficult to treat, and kratom has become the treatment of choice for people who suffer from these conditions. The pain relieving qualities that the herb produces are the most well known effect, but there are actually a wide range of other effects that kratom can produce that can help many users to cope with their conditions.

  1. Pain relief

As we stated, pain relief is the most popular reason kratom is used. Many people turn to kratom when modern medicine has failed them. Opioid-based medications are difficult to get hold of, and the therapeutic levels of these medications are often highly addictive, leaving users with an addiction that they must battle for the rest of their lives. Kratom, however, promotes the same effects as these opioid-based medications but without the highly addictive qualities, leading to a reduction in pain but without lifelong consequences.

  1. Increase your focus

It can be hard to get through each day keeping the high level of focus that you need to perform your job or study properly. Red elephant kratom is perfect for helping you to calm your mind and clear your thoughts, so that you can concentrate on what you need to do. Cognitive function is enhanced using red elephant kratom.

  1. Reduce anxiety levels

Along with the enhanced cognitive function, you will find that anxiety levels are reduced through the calmness and mild sedating effects that the red elephant kratom is known for. Anti-anxiety properties of kratom are derived from the leaf part of the plant, and given that the leaves are bigger and more dense with alkaloids, the anti-anxiety properties are higher than for other kratom strains.

  1. Enhance your mood

Red elephant kratom contains alkaloids that are responsible for producing mild stimulatory effects. What you’ll notice is that you start off with an immediate burst of energy that allows you to kick start your day. This stimulation can produce euphoria at levels that are sufficient enough to increase your ability to socialize and interact with others.

  1. Withdraw from opiates

If you’re a chronic pain sufferer then there’s a chance that you’re addicted to the opioid pain medication that you’ve been using to function each day. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to withdraw from opioids in a traditional way, and withdrawal symptoms can be even more debilitating than your pain condition. Not only does red elephant kratom relieve your pain, but it binds to the opioid receptors in your body, meaning that you get a reduction in both pain and withdrawal symptoms. This makes using red elephant kratom a great way to help your pain and detox from opiates at the same time.

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Red Elephant Kratom Reddit

Finding more information about kratom if you’ve never taken it before is not only a good idea, but it means that you are more responsible-minded about trying a new treatment. There are many resources on the internet, aside from this website, that can provide you with information, but it’s hard to discern real information from spin that is designed to sell you a product.

One of the best ways to find out more about kratom is to use Reddit. Reddit is a popular forum where people come together to talk about any subject you can image. There is a large community of people on Reddit that discuss kratom and it’s uses, from how it makes them feel when they use it to warnings about what to avoid. If you have any questions about kratom, you can post them on here and have them answered by people with real world experience with kratom.

Red Elephant Kratom Dosage

The dose of red elephant kratom that is required for you to feel less pain and feel all the benefits of the stimulatory effects is highly dependent on your physical characteristics. If you have a higher body weight, then generally you will need more kratom to feel the same effects as someone who is of a smaller body type. However, there are different rules for dosing kratom that will generally dictate what sort of effects you will feel.

Smaller doses of red elephant kratom, such as those less than 5 grams, will enable you to feel the stimulatory and energy boosting effects. Moderate doses, which fall between five to 10 grams of kratom, will enable you to feel pain relieving effects with minimal sedation, making this dose great for people with mild anxiety. If you are looking for help with sleep issues such as insomnia, then consider using a dose on the higher end of the spectrum, as high doses of kratom will give higher levels of sedation.

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Wild Red Elephant Kratom

As with other types of kratom like White Elephant Kratom, red elephant kratom comes in many varieties. One such variety is wild red elephant kratom, which grows on trees in the Ketapang forest. The difference between standard and wild red elephant kratom is the way that the leaves are treated before the kratom is extracted. Leaves growing on wild red elephant trees are larger, and the trees tend to be older.

After the leaves are harvested, they are put through a two day drying process which brings out the flavor and increases the concentration of the alkaloids found within the leaves. This gives you a kratom product that is high quality, high potency and very relaxing and enjoyable.

Red Vein Elephant Kratom

We have briefly discussed the different veins of kratom leaves and what they mean for the kratom powder that they produce. Red vein kratom is the kind of kratom that you want to use if you suffer from conditions that make you anxious. General anxiety disorder, panic disorder and sleep disorders like insomnia are the kinds of conditions that benefit the most from red vein elephant kratom because of the level of sedation that you’ll feel when you use it.

However, you don’t have to have these conditions to benefit from red vein elephant kratom. Even if you mildly struggle from issues like slight social anxiety, then the red vein varieties of elephant kratom can help you through your daily interactions. The level of anxiety that you feel might change from day to day, so changing your doses of red vein elephant kratom is a great way to tackle your anxiety problems no matter how big or small they are.

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Red Elephant Bali Kratom

Bali kratom is one of the most popular strains of kratom. In fact, if you go into any kratom store, you’ll find that Bali kratom is the main style that is sold. The reason for this is that it is especially mild and is the perfect kratom strain for first time users. When you take Bali kratom, there is no need to worry about how it will affect you. The ride is smooth, and more energizing than other red strains like Maeng Da or Sumatra.

Therefore, it goes without saying that red elephant Bali kratom is a smooth, mildly energizing ride. By starting with a small dose, you’ll experience a heightened mood, more energy than usual, as well as relief of your pain symptoms. You can use red elephant Bali kratom as a quick pick me up in the morning, or use more of it to aide your sleep at night.

Elephant Red Thai Kratom

Red Thai kratom is another popular form of kratom that is growing in popularity more and more each year. Thai kratom is known for its highly relaxing effects, with little to no stimulating properties. For people who suffer from anxiety, stimulating chemicals like caffeine can increase anxiety levels, making it a very enjoyable experience. Therefore, elephant red Thai kratom is the perfect choice for someone who experiences symptoms such as these.

You will also find that the euphoric feelings generated by red Bali strains are not felt with the red Thai elephant kratom. This makes it a good strain for people who want to keep their mood under control and without alteration.

Elephant Kratom Red Vein Bali

Red Bali kratom is easily the best strain if you’re looking for euphoria. The elephant kratom red vein Bali varieties ensure that you feel the typical pain relief that comes with red vein kratom, combined with the amazingly mild euphoric feeling that can help you become more motivated and productive. As red vein kratom comes from the taller part of the kratom trees, this means that the leaves are older and have a more developed and defined alkaloid concentration, which lends the Bali variety its characteristic effects.

Dark elephant is a particular subtype of red vein elephant kratom that contains many powerful alkaloids. The way this particular type of kratom is made involves a fermenting process which increases the alkaloid concentration. This means that you need a much smaller dose to receive the full range of effects of this spectacular red vein elephant kratom.

Though you may not have heard about red elephant kratom in your search for your new favorite strain. However, this kratom variety is well worth the look if you’re after something that can give you the best relaxing feelings while keeping your mind active and your body pain free. The dosage of red elephant kratom you require should be less than other strains, making it a worthy and potent strain to add to your collection.

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