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A Comprehensive Pa Botanicals Review | Best Vendor to Buy Kratom

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PA Botanicals Vendor Review

This company, PA botanicals, is an online vendor for kratom and other herbs. They are family owned business located in Pennsylvania. They have a three step quality check process for all of their products, so they claim.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is an herb that is advocates say can relieve pain, depression and anxiety. Scientists that have researched the herb believe that it may be vital to treating chronic pains and can be used to fight addiction to opioid medications, which is a huge problem.

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Kratom is scientifically known as Mitragyna speciose. It is a plant that grows in some parts of Africa and in Southeast Asia. Farmers chewed this herb for centuries to give them an energy boost while they were working in the fields. There are harmful properties of this herb and it got banned in Thailand in 1979 and in Malaysia in 2003. Even though it has been banned it is sought out for its effects.

Kratom is known to increase energy and alertness. The herb is growing in popularity. Due to it being banned it is being smuggled out of Thailand jungles and sneaked in to the US for sale. Holistic health food stores and drug paraphernalia stores throughout the United States and Europe are beginning to keep Kratom in stock.

People are giving Kratom great reviews but it still has side effects. Side effects include: itching, nausea, sweating, dry mouth, constipation, increased urination and loss of appetite. Like any drug Kratom is not 100 percent safe. If you use kratom for a prolonged period of time you can experience: weight loss, anorexia, skin darkening and insomnia.

The benefits of this drug can be wonderful, but there are still risks like with the use of other opioids. Due to the opioid nature of Kratom, areas of the brain that are responsible for pain control, risk and addictive behavior and more are affected which makes this an addictive substance.

PA Botanicals Discount Codes

There are tons of discount and coupon codes that can be found online for PA Botanicals. It is great to be able to savings on an amazing product.Deals for you has the best coupons and discount codes for PA Botanicals. You can get up to 55% off using that site. They always keep deals for PA Botanicals each month.

Wikibuy offers discount codes for PA Botanicals on their website for 2018. It is unclear how often they are updated.

Coupon Birds has two coupons for PA Botanicals. One code gives you 50% off, while the other gives you 55% off. This is a great for saving on your Kratom purchases especially if you are buying in bulk.

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If you type the words ‘PA Botanicals discount code’ or ‘PA Botanicals coupon code’ in to a search engine many results will show that will help you save on your Kratom purchases.

On the PA Botanicals website they offer a military discount.

PA Botanicals Kratom Review

PA Botanicals is a store with holistic pain and anxiety remedies. The reviews for this company are stellar. Customers praise the company and the products that they have to offer. The customers say that their issues are solved, they love the customer service and they will continue to use PA Botanicals products.

Kratom, one of PA Botanicals top products, garners the best reviews and is most talked about. PA Botanicals offers Kratom in multiple forms such as powders and capsules. This is what PA Botanicals has to say about their product:

“Our fresh kratom powder is made from the leaves of a tree in the coffee family called Mitragyna speciosa. Highest quality kratom comes in a fine powder. The leaves have already been processed to bring you the quality and fragrance you expect. Sourced from the highest quality suppliers in Southeast Asia.”

The pricing is great for the praise that it receives and the health benefits it claims. If you need the product immediately, the shipping is good enough that you won’t be waiting for an unreasonable amount of time.

Although the website is easy to use and the company uses friendly dialogue to entice potential customers, they do not give a good description of their products. The company gives a list of the ingredients that are used in the products or they tell where they have gotten the ingredients for the products, but they do not explicitly state what the products are supposed to do.

They have a disclaimer in each product description that says: “This website has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. All products offered on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease.” The statement in the product description also says: “All products on the website are not for human consumption, and are for incense or ethnobotanical research purposes only.”

However, if you look in the reviews for these products you their clientele praising the products over and over. The reviewers claim that they have more energy, that their pain has vanished. They are even saying that this company’s kratom blends are curing their anxiety, depression and other emotional issues.

These are really serious claims for products that a company is not explaining how to use or what the intended effects are. Although, it is suspected that for legal reasons the company can not make any claims about their Kratom due to the drug being banned in most places and it is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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If you are skeptical about the reviews left on the company’s website, there are some reviews on YouTube as well. These customers are praising the company on video and you can see how elated they are about the product and the service they received from PA Botanicals.

PA Botanicals appears to be a safe site and a trustworthy company. They have plenty of reviews, years of experience and adequate contact information. In addition to this they have a physical store that can be visited. If you have an interest for Kratom, PA Botanicals has a huge range of seemingly reputable products to choose from. If you do not like the blends that they already have concocted, it is possible to order a custom blend that will fit your preferences.

PA Botanicals Shipping

Right now PA botanicals can not ship their products to Indiana, Alabama, Vermont, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Sarosta County, Fl, or Rhode Island.

If you put in your order before 2PM EST, Monday through Friday, you get same day shipping. It takes most shipments 2-4 days to arrive after they have been shipped. You can choose to use priority mail and priority express with USPS as well.

PA Botanicals Address

PA Botanicals is located at 1460 E State St, Sharon PA 16146. There phone number is (878) 202-4144 and there hours are 11AM to 6PM. They are closed on Sundays.

PA Botanicals White Gold

PA Botanicals offers a white gold powder form of kratom. This is one of their newest blends and it is already loved by their clientele. The reviews are great as customers rave about the positive effects of this powder. PA Botanical’s site does not make any claims on their product, they just explain where the ingredients are from.

This customer is super appreciative of PA Botanicals quality products and service:

“I have tried many of the kratom strains & this one is my go to…all of the Kratom here is top notch & I highly recommend PA Botanicals for their great service & quick shipping speed. Thank you PAB.”

PA Botanicals Discount

Although, this company has really good products for Kratom, it is always nice to have a discount. Sites like Wiki buy and Coupon Bird have great discounts for those who are looking to save on their purchases.

PA Botanicals Champagne

The company does not provide information or claims of what this product is supposed to do. However, the comments and reviews suggest that this is a major energy booster. The customers praise the product for helping them stay awake during long shifts without the bad side effects that caffeine has.

This satisfied customer gave all five stars and explained how well PA Botanicals Champagne works for him:

“I run a gaming website, and I work a daytime job, which often leaves me working late on into the night. When then happens, I call upon the power of either this magnificent blend or the equally magnificent White Gold powder and away I go, getting tons of work done. I get motivated, I get drive, I get energy. But without the downsides of caffeine. Also, the come down from the stuff is also great. Rather than painful like alcohol, when this kratom wears off it induces a nice relaxing effect, which is also a great feeling to have when I’m done editing for the night.”

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PA Botanicals Super Green

Again, the company provides no information on the product other than where the ingredients are sourced from. According to them the ingredients for this powder blend are “straight from Indonesia”. The customers are happy that this product relieves depression and pain. They continue to praise the miraculous results that they are getting from this company’s products.

In a recent review, this customer said:

“This is the best green I have tried anywhere. Relieves depression and physical pain. Also its a pick me up in the mornings.”

These are serious claims. It appears that this product seriously delivers results.

PA Botanicals Red Fibro

The company claims that they are the first to offer this red powder. The company says:

“PA Botanicals is home of the first and original Red Fibro Kratom Blend and is our most popular product we offer. Sourced from aged Mitragyna speciosa trees and harvested by kratom experts, our high quality Red Fibro Blend is a great addition to your strains.”

PA Botanicals says that this fibro blends contains 20% Bali, 25% Red Borneo, 35% Red Thai, 15% Ultra MD and 5% extract. These ingredients are of really high quality and each individual ingredient has really beneficial properties.Once again, no information about what this product is supposed to do for the customer is given. The reviews are full of approval, however. The customers say that their emotional and physical pain is cured with this Red Fibro powder. This particular product gets specific with the ingredient breakdown in the product description.

Here is what one customer, who is a disabled veteran, has to say about PA Botanicals Red Fibro:

“There’s a lot of people in our country who need relief from emotional & physical pain who aren’t getting the help they need; This natural herb is a lifesaver, I’m content with their product’s and I have no need to seek out other seller’s; Just like that saying if it works don’t fix it.”

The Best Places to Buy Kratom

PA Botanicals is a reputable site and physical location providing viable kratom options. They have a huge selection to choose from and endless positive reviews and testimonies from their clientele. However, if you do not want to use PA Botanicals there are plenty of other places to get your kratom.

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