Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da kratom has its origins in Thailand, where it was traditionally used as a drink for people to present to their guests during local events and festivals. While it comes in many forms and colors, Maeng Da kratom was originally produced as a red kratom strain that featured the highest potency but with the most desirable qualities.

Most red kratom is highly sedating, mimicking high dose opioid use which is perfect for high levels of pain relief. However, the sedation that comes with red vein kratom use can be difficult to deal with in users that suffer from depression. As a solution to this, Maeng Da kratom was developed specifically to have a higher energy producing content than Bali kratom. The result is a kratom strain that is technically based on a red kratom type, but with a higher energy kick than what you’d receive in traditional red strains.


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