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Unbiased Life Force Kratom Review 2019 | Product Prices,Coupon & Deals

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Life Force Kratom vendor Review 

According to what we can be able to see and tell Life Force Kratom is a family owned company located in United States of America but we can’t be able to tell which state since there is no address given. According to Life Force Kratom, the company sells nothing but fresh and high-quality kratom products at very pocket-friendly prices where everyone can afford.

What I like about the company is that they have not claimed that their products are approved by FDA and also they have not made any claims about the medical benefits associated with Kratom as many companies out there have done. There is not much we can say about the company since they are not so much transparent with information but that doesn’t mean their quality of products has been compromised although we shall talk about that later in the Life Force Kratom review.

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You might be out there wondering do you give kratom a try or is just a hyped dietary supplement? Kratom is more like CBD its benefits have just been discovered, and more and more research is being done just to fully realize the benefits of these natural herbal supplements.

What I can tell you and these are certified claims it’s that kratom has become a miracle drug for many medical conditions which the pharmaceutical drugs are unable to treat or are too costly to buy.

Some of the benefits associated with the taking kratom include treats insomnia, stops diarrhea, treats opiate withdrawal symptoms, alleviates pain, elevates your moods, reduces cramps, vomiting, and reduces anxiety disorder and so much more.

Wow! Sounds promising right? This is just maybe what you have been looking for, but here is the question? With all these kratom vendors all claiming to be selling the highest quality kratom products in the market how would you know which brand to peak and which to run away from?

Literally, there are tons of vendors out there some with overrated reviews others with fake reviews, and the list of choices is overwhelming. However, do not worry because we are here to help you and shield you from being misguided. In our list today we have focused our guns on Life Force Kratom, and we are going to give you an unbiased review on Life Force Kratom.

We don’t recommend anyone to any vendor if they are not worth a try and we aren’t guns for, hire meant to criticize a vendor for the purposes of benefiting another competitor. So tag along, and learn more about Life Force Kratom in our Life Force Kratom review.

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Products sold by Life Force Kratom

Before getting into more details about Life Force Kratom why don’t we first get to learn what they have on their shop? I thought it would be a good idea to list down Life Force Kratom products so that you are aware before getting on their website exactly what they have in store for you. From the look of things they don’t have that wide variety of kratom strains products but what I can see is just a few products around 28-30 kratom strains products.

Unlike other companies out there you will notice that Life Force Kratom products are in powder form and not in any other form. If you are looking to buy kratom in capsule form, then you are in the wrong place since Life Force Kratom sells kratom in powder form only and not any other form.

You will also need to understand that if you haven’t hit the age of 18 then don’t bother scrolling for products in their site since they don’t sell kratom products to people who haven’t reached the age of 18.

Then there is this statement in every product page in their site I don’t know whether it’s meant to scare customers or what’s the value of the statement but here is the statement in quotes.” These products have not been evaluated by the FDA.

They are not intended to treat, prevent, mitigate, or cure any diseases or condition. They are sold as a bulk botanical with no direction or instruction for use”. To be frank with such statement in every product page looks scaring I don’t know whether the site owners are following the FDA regulations but I kind of not like it.

You will also notice that these products sold by Life Force Kratom have no guidelines on how to use them and I guess that’s upon you as the user to figure out what dosage you need.

Here are some of the Life Force Kratom Products you will find on their site:

On the Green Kratom Strain, we can see several strains of the green vein being stocked these are

Green Vein Kratom Strains Sold By Life Force Kratom

Green Elephant, Green Kapuas Green Malay, Green Jongkons, Green Maeng Da, Green Sulawesi, and Green Sumatra.

On the pricing of Green Veins strains a 50g goes for $11.50, 125g goes for $26.20, and 250g is at $45.10

Before we go further, I want just to enlighten you on the benefits associated with taking Green Vein kratom strains.

  • Increased energy

Well did you know that all green strains must have some energy boosting properties and if you take any green strain you should expect some energy boost? The good thing with green strains it’s that their effects last longer than many other strains out there making them one of the best strains in energy boosting.

But you should always know the red, and the white strains give more punch than the green veins. So if you are involved in manual labor or any work that needs a lot of energy the green strains are a good choice.

  • Euphoric effects

Are you under stress and you just need something to make you happy and feel some joy within you then what you need is a strain that enhances your moods, and green strains are good in this.

  • Pain relief

Might you be suffering from muscle pains, headaches, joint pains, osteoporosis, migraines, chronic pain, and other pain? Well, when pharmaceuticals become too sedative and too costly for you why not try a natural way that can suppress pain effectively?. Green kratom strains are good in relieving pain, and the effects last longer up to six hours.

  • Mental functions improvement

Sometimes you need to study all night all you have some work that needs your attention and the best most perfect strain to take that will keep your mind alert, keep you focused and improve your cognitive functioning then it’s a green strain. Remember that it is due to the presence of mitragynine and 7-hydro mitragynine alkaloids which bind with your opioid receptors. Don’t forget your memory will improve too but don’t take too much its sedating.

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Red Vein Kratom Strains Sold By Life Force Kratom

In regards to the red vein kratom strains being stocked by Life Force Kratom, we have the Red Bali, Red Gold, Red Jongkons, Red Kapuas, Red Malay, Red Maeng Da, Red Sulawesi, Red Sumatra, and Red Vietnam.

On the pricing of Red Vein strains 50g goes for $10.50, 125g goes for $25.20, and 250g goes for $44.10.

For those who need red vein strains here is what red veins strains are meant to do;

  • Pain management

In case you are suffering from chronic pain, headaches, migraines, or any other form pain instead of going for pharmaceutical drugs that will definitely harm your body and your pockets why not the natural inexpensive and safe way to treat pain. The red vein strains are among the best pain relievers that’s because they have high levels of Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine which aid in relieving pain

  • Easing the symptoms of opiate withdrawal

One of the best treatments of opiate addiction withdrawal symptoms is red vein kratom strain. You know very well the adverse effects that come along with withdrawing from using opiates and one of the best ways to combat such effects is using red vein kratom since it makes the process of opiate withdrawal smoother.

  • Relief from stress and anxiety

When you are under stress, and there is some tension what do you use to ease the tension and to calm your nerves and senses down? Well, there is no better treatment than using kratom especially the red vein kratom.

  • Positive elevation of the mood/Mood Enhancement

At times you might be in low moods, and there is nothing to boost your morale not even some alcohol can work the magic but if you really need something to elevate your moods then go for red vein kratom. The 7-hydroxymitragynine alkaloid acts on the dopamine and promotes a feeling of positivity.

  • l Induction of sleep/ Sedation

Do you wish to sleep comfortably and not experience insomnia and other sleep disorders? Well, red veins are highly sedative, and they induce a feeling of calmness and relaxation which is good for sleep.

  • Energy giving

In case your work is manual work and requires a lot of energy then the energy boost you need will be available for you when you use the red vein kratom strain.

White Vein kratom strains Sold By Life Force Kratom

On their list of the white vein, kratom strains products we have a white elephant, white jongkong, white Kapuas, white Malay, white maeng Da, white Sulawesi, and white Sumatra.

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On the pricing of White Vein strains 50g goes for $10.50, 125g goes for $25.20, and 250g goes for $44.10.

Some of the benefits associated with taking White vein products include

  • White veins aid in pain management.

We have talked about pain relieving, and we have highlighted the effectiveness of many strains, but there is none we have highlighted more effective and works faster more than a white strain. White vein strains have the highest levels of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine which makes them the best choice for pain management medication.

  • White vein Kratom Helps with Anxiety and Depression

Depression and anxiety are some of the mental conditions these days killing a lot of people, and their medication is expensive but thanks to nature we have something that can reduce anxiety and depression. Go for the white vein strains, and you will be surprised by their wonders.

  • White veins Boost Energy

Do you want something to boost your energy levels other than your usual energy drinks? Well, go for the white vein strains they are perfect for this.

  • improves mood and reduces stress

In case you are feeling stressed out, and you need something to enhance your moods and relieve the stress this strain is best suited for such roles.

  • Improves focus and memory

For those who need a supplement that will improve their focus and improve their memory as well then they should go for strains such as white vein as they are best suited for such tasks.

  • White vein has Sedation effects

For those who need some sound sleep but they suffer from sleep disorders then the type of kratom to go for is the white kratom. It’s perfect for quality sleep and gives a user a relaxed state of mind.

  • It’s a Stimulant

Did I mention that white veins strains are stimulants? If you need to replace what you take to stimulate your body such as coffee, then get the white vein kratom strain.

Yellow Vein kratom strains Sold By Life Force Kratom

Lifeforce Kratom has some yellow strains in their stock. Some of the yellow kratom strains available include:

Yellow Jongkong, Yellow Kapuas, and Yellow Sulawesi.

The cost of these yellow kratom strains are on the pricing of yellow Vein strains 50g goes for $10.50, 125g goes for $25.20, and 250g goes for $44.10.

The yellow kratom is moderately euphoric, relieves pain, it’s mildly sedating, fairly relaxing and boosts one’s energy levels.

On shipping

Life Force kratom ships their products in 50 states within the USA but they do not ship kratom to IN, VT, AR, WI, AL, RI, San Diego, Ca, Sarasota County, FL and Jerseyville, and IL.

The payment method of products

Life Force Kratom accepts money orders, echecks, and cryptocurrency.

What I did not like about Life Force Kratom

  • Life Force kratom doesn’t sell other forms of kratom except for powder
  • Lifeforce kratom doesn’t have lab tests results to show the purity of their products
  • They don’t have a FAQs page where one can get a lot of information regarding their products

Life Force Kratom has some popular kratom strains, but if you are looking for a vendor with a variety of strains and maybe other forms of kratom strain, then Life Force kratom may fall out of what you might be looking for.

5/53 ratings

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