Best Kratom Weight Loss Strain with Case Study of real users 2019

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Kratom users are now trying kratom weight loss ideas, does it work?

We are aware that kratom has been known to help people with specific functions. Some assist with anxiety, depression, energy boosts, help cope with withdrawal symptoms, and some even help us relax. If kratom helps us with all these things, could it help us lose weight? Unlike numerous dangerous diet medicines that are everywhere, kratom is completely natural and can have additional helpful effects on your well-being.

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Statistics show that much of our population is obese. A lot of obese people already have some issues with their well-being, and also have health problems due to obesity. Even if you are not overweight and would just like to drop some pounds, kratom, has been shown to be very effective in losing weight.

 How does kratom for weight loss work?

Kratom works in a few ways to help with weight loss. Kratom provides the user with appetite suppression, it reduces food cravings altogether, it’s much more potent when it is taken on an empty stomach as well. Many kratom users have discussed how it suppresses their appetites. After only a few uses, the suppression is very noticeable.

Users mentioned that the diet pills they took before made them have a sour stomach, kratom does not make them feel this way. With kratom, you just feel like you aren’t hungry, there aren’t any harsh side effects. Some users said that they had no idea that they even lost weight.

There have been some kratom users who say that they no longer crave sugary snacks or not as often when they take kratom. The part of your brain responsible for rewards substitutes kratom in the reward zones. This is perfect because that is where unhealthy foods are normally put. There are many herbalists who feel kratom is not a definite weight loss product. They say you cannot depend on it to diet.

Kratom Weight Loss: Before & After:

There are quite a few testimonials online with before and after stories about people losing weight on kratom. There are a lot of people who want to praise kratom for the weight it helped them lose. Kratom users even have blogs set up for before and after photos too. From the research I have done on kratom, most people have lost some weight due to kratom taking the food cravings away, therefore, they eat fewer calories a day.

One of the bloggers was talking about her weight loss and she kept losing her wedding ring because she had lost so much weight from kratom. One female in her mid 30’s said she lost 50 pounds due to kratom suppressing her appetite. One person said that she lost five pounds per week after starting kratom. She said she eats the same, but she’s got more energy to boost her metabolism.

Some users spoke about only losing a few pounds a week, which is still weight loss to me. There is a post from one gentleman who had high blood pressure, obese, and overall horrible health. He said he started taking kratom so he could stop drinking and cope with the withdrawals. He mentioned how kratom kept him from relapsing a second time. The man is now 185 pounds, his blood work is perfect, and he is in great shape says his doctor. He feels like there is a correlation between kratom and weight loss because he never worked out or anything before kratom.

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Now, he’s lost a lot of weight, which only points to kratom. Throughout the blog, there are success stories about people using kratom and losing weight. To me, this is a clear sign that kratom helps users lose or at least maintain a healthy weight.

 Kratom Weight Loss Results:

There are a few things that seem to help with losing weight by taking kratom. When trying to pinpoint exactly what the factors are, basically the strain and the dosage of the kratom are what’s helping users lose weight. White vein strain, Maeng da strains, and Thai kratom are the best for losing weight.

The most potent and the strain that contains more energy and motivating properties is the Thai kratom. This strain also suppresses the appetite without a huge energy boost too. The dosage also plays a key role in losing weight on kratom. The dosage for weight loss is a moderate dose, which is about 2-5 grams. Next, we are looking at many kratom weight loss reviews.

Kratom Weight Loss Reviews:

There are many websites, blogs, journals, testimonials, and more, online in regards to kratom, losing weight, and the reviews of the kratom each user used. I’m going to discuss some of the reviews and break them down a bit for you, so we can all be a little more enlightened on this particular subject and kratom itself.

One review of kratom discusses how they have lost 35 pounds since they began using kratom. One lady said that she feels much more energized with using kratom and she has lost a little bit of weight and been doing it for only a week. More than one person discusses how the crazy sugar cravings are completely gone and they stopped drinking because of kratom. One gentleman said his waist had gone from a 36 to a 32. That’s great considering I would have never linked losing weight and kratom together.

Several reviews of kratom for weight loss mention losing 20 or more pounds in such a short time frame as well. One review that I found interesting, is about the feeling they have when taking kratom. They said that they do not feel any uneasiness or any unpleasant feelings after taking it, like they had felt in the past with diet pills.

Most reviews simply say that the users just do not feel like eating at all when they take kratom. There are quite a few reviews online that are all positively discussing how kratom aided them in losing at least 15 pounds while using it. One reviewer said that he has lost 12 pounds in only two weeks by taking kratom. He discusses how he has not changed his diet or added exercise into his daily routine. Another review states that the person loves kratom when they decide to go out for a run. They said it helps with their moods, they’re happier and full of energy.

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Most of these reviews praise kratom for its benefits and promote it to anyone and everyone they know. Apparently, several reviews mention how kratom has also helped them snap out of an awful hangover. The reviews all speak about the health benefits to kratom as well. It is very interesting and exciting to read other people’s reviews about kratom.

Does Kratom cause weight loss?

Can kratom cause weight loss? Clearly, with the blogs that I have reviewed, research that has been read, and testimonials from those who have lost weight from kratom, I believe the answer is yes. Kratom can help you lose weight when you take it in the right dosages. Kratom has been known to aid in helping regulate your body weight. It will help regulate body weight indirectly and directly. When taken on an empty stomach, kratom causes the user to not have any appetite at all.

Be advised, if you are going to take kratom, and do not want to lose weight, prepare yourself by eating before you take it. Or you’ll end up losing a lot of weight in the long run. On the other hand, if you want to lose weight, you should always make sure that you are aware of what strains help aid in weight loss. The white and green veined kratoms are the better ones for losing weight. Several articles that I read say to avoid using the strains of kratom that are more on the sedative side. Those strains are red veins kratom, Indo strains, Borneo strains, and Bali strains.

The main article that I read for this paper mentions that the user may lose weight with kratom, however, they must eat well and have a routine of exercise in some form. Without exercise, you may lose weight, but not to a healthy weight if you are looking to do so. One thing is for certain, kratom has been linked to supporting a very healthy lifestyle.

Some experts say kratom simply does not help you lose weight, in fact, it shows that it actually helps you to sustain your weight, that is if you’re sedentary. It was never put on the market for weight loss, to begin with. Users losing weight is just an added bonus for kratom. One article says that if your sole purpose to use kratom was to lose weight, then you may develop some sort of dependency on kratom in general. This article also mentions that we should not decide to use kratom based on the fact that we need or want to lose weight. That is not the purpose of kratom, nor the reason why it is so popular right now.

 White Kratom and Weight Loss:

What exactly does white kratom do and is it safe?

White vein Bali kratom is the best strain for weight loss from kratom. It is offered on many different levels of strength. This strain of kratom is known for being a mood booster, it relieves pain, and it gives you energy. It gives the user a euphoric feeling and it gives them clean energy, which users say is an amazing experience altogether. Along with assisting with social anxiety, white kratom gives the user a push in the right direction when it comes to feeling motivated to get their work done during the day.

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This strain can also help the user get better sleep during the night. It is all based on the dosage that the user takes and if they take it on an empty stomach or not. The white vein kratom is helpful in naturally boosting the user up as far as their mood goes. It’s helpful in making everyone smile and feel at ease and be aware that everything will be ok. In order to feel full of energy, the white vein kratom is what you will need. The dosage of 1-4 grams is what will put you in a certain mood following using kratom.

 Kratom Withdrawal and weight loss:

Yes, there are ways in which someone can go through withdrawals from kratom. Most of us know that kratom can cause an energy boost to happen when we take it. When kratom is taken in low doses, it can cause an energy spike. If the doses are higher, they may be sedated, euphoric, and some sort of dream scene. If abused, kratom can take a huge role in keeping you euphoric even when times are rough.

Kratom has been said to be that medicine that will make it easier to wean yourself off of opiates until you are absolutely clean. The withdrawal symptoms of kratom are almost as bad as opiate withdrawals. These symptoms are, but not limited to:

  • Runny nose
  • Muscle Aches
  • Joints or Bones hurting
  • Jerky movements of arms and legs
  • Being hostile
  • Aggression
  • Mood Swings


Thai Kratom is best for weight loss with anyone. There are numerous ways that kratom can assist you with accomplishing your extra fat lessening goals. Kratom is a natural way to boost your energy and will aid in losing weight, even if you’re not trying to lose too much or any at all. Once you begin taking kratom and add a healthy diet, along with exercise, you’re bound to lose weight and feel great about it too.

The Thai strain is the best choice for this. With kratom, there are a lot of users who will begin fasting before they take kratom. They may fast and take it at the same time, this ensures them of losing extra pounds that they need to lose asap. If you’re really into losing weight and you’re ready to lose weight fast, always make sure that you are drinking a lot of water daily and that your diet is very healthy. It is very important to always avoid getting dehydrated.

There is one last topic to cover, it is in regard to Say no to This is a website and store thats provides us with natural ways to help cure diseases. This is a great site to visit and read up on as well as find out more about kratom and its uses.

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