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Kratom Therapy Vendor Review | All You Need To Know About Kratom Therapy

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All You Need To Know About Kratom Therapy

Kratom just like many other dietary supplements out there has taken the herbal products industry by a storm. Scientists and researchers have taken even more interest in studying the herbal supplement and as the days go by more and more medical benefits of the native southern Asian plant are being discovered.You will get to know about more Kratom Therapy in this article.

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Today everyone prefers the alternative natural healing methods rather than conventional medicine. With the industry becoming a money minting venture there is no shortage of companies out there looking to get a share of the multi-billion dollar industry Every vendor has now adopted the usage of “No 1 provider of high quality this and that”. These inflated claims have brought a lot of confusion on the consumer who has no idea who is selling an authentic, safe, high-quality product.

Fortunately for you, our work is to pinpoint you to the right vendor, and through our unbiased review, you will have an idea of who to buy from and who to run away from. Today on our list of kratom vendors we have Kratom Therapy, a company that kratom inform of kratom capsules, kratom liquid extracts, kratom powders and kratom in bulk. Here is our unbiased Kratom Therapy review.

About Kratom Therapy Vendor Review

Kratom Therapy is a one-stop shop for all your kratom dietary supplements needs as they stock kratom products in various form. The company has its headquarters in Pismo Beach, California. Kratom Therapy has partnered with local farms to produce organic natural kratom. These products have gone through third-party lab tests to certify their safety and also to determine the level of quality has been met.

A lot of people out there have given Kratom Therapy a thumbs up citing their low prices, and high-quality products but until we dig deeper which we are about to do on our Kratom Therapy review we can’t certify these claims. Below is more in regards to Kratom Therapy.

Why Kratom Therapy Is a Popular Brand

Kratom therapy is one of the most reputable and most popular kratom vendors in the industry but it’s due to its few quality products.

The few products listed on their shop have made them one of the most popular brands since there is the consistency of quality. All of their products have been grown organically and through natural processes that’s why they do deliver exceptional results than many other brands out there.

On the issue of strains, Kratom Therapy has only four strains which are why they have been able to maintain consistency in quality. Kratom Therapy isn’t the kind that bombards buyers with an infinite list of products, but they do have kratom in the form of extracts, powders, liquid extracts, and capsules.

Overview of Kratom Therapy Products

One of the things any kratom user would want to know about a certain vendor is their inventory. This is because no one wants to shop on several strains from different kratom vendors. The cost of shopping from several vendors is higher than one vendor, and since different vendors deliver products on different dates, it might be an inconvenience to the customer. In our kratom therapy product overview, we have listed down the products they have on their website, and we shall go further and describe a few of them to aid you in making a final judgment in the purchasing process.

  1. Kratom Therapy Capsules – In case you are the type who hates mixing the powder with smoothies or you just don’t like the taste of kratom then your needs have been taken care of. You can take kratom Therapy capsules since they are easy to carry around and convenient to take with just any drink of your choice.
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On their list of kratom capsules, they have superior Red Dragon 750mg capsules, superior Maeng Da kratom 750mg capsules, White Vein Thai 750 MG capsules, Premium Bali 750 Mg Capsules, and Superior Malaysian 750mg Capsules.

For 50 capsules the cost is at $19.99, for 200 capsules the cost is at $74.99, and for 500 capsules the cost is at $179.99. In case you want to purchase any of the capsules strains in bulk you need to contact them for more directions on how to go about it.

  1. Kratom Extract Capsules- the vendor also sells Kratom 30X and 50X Full Spectrum Extract capsules. Full Spectrum is done to remove any impurity which might compromise the much-needed desire of the strain. When this process is undertaken what we have is a byproduct that is more potent and more effective than the normal kratom. The word should be a more enhanced blend of kratom.

The cost of Kratom 30X Full Spectrum Extract 3 Capsules per Bag is at $12 while Kratom 50X Full Spectrum Extract 3 Capsules per Bag will cost you around $24.99.

  1. Kratom Therapy Powder – Kratom Powder is one of the most popular forms of kratom and users love taking the powder by mixing it with food, smoothies, while others would cook some tea with it. Kratom Therapy has been able to stock some of the most popular kratom strains in the market and some of their products in this category include. Premium Bali Powder, Superior Green Malaysian Powder, Superior Maeng Da Powder, Superior Red Dragon Powder, and White Vein Thai Powder.

One of the amazing things to note with Kratom Therapy pricing model on kratom powder category it’s that all strains have one price depending on the unit weight. For 28g in any kratom powder strain, the cost is at $16.99, 8oz the cost is at $59.99, the cost of 16 oz is at $109.99 while the cost of 1kg is at $199.99. These prices are uniform across all the kratom powder strains.

  1. Therapy Kratom Liquid – if you are looking for one of the strongest all natural kratom liquid then look no further since Kratom Therapy has what you are looking for. It’s a 100% natural Full suspension extract which makes it very potent since all the alkaloids are present and in liquid form. Liquid kratom gets absorbed to the body much faster than any other form of kratom and don’t you forget this is a kratom liquid extract.

On their list of products in this category, they have Kratom Liquid FSE – 5ml Bottle which goes for $7.99 and Kratom Liquid FSE – 15ml Bottle which goes for $24.99. To take kratom liquid, you can pour some drops on your favorite soft drink, smoothies or herbs such as tea. Just follow the guidelines on dosage.

  1. Kratom Therapy $99 Special – This is one of the product categories offered by Kratom Therapy where everything goes for $99 just in case you are wondering which kratom strain is known as $99.
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On this category for $99 Kilo Special, you will get products such as Premium Bali Powder, Superior Green Malaysian Powder, Superior Maeng Da Powder, Superior Red Dragon Powder, and White Vein Thai Powder. All of them are going for $99 per kilo.

  1. Wholesale / Bulk- In this category all the strains are sold at whole prices since you are buying in bulk, but you have to contact them first before making a bulk purchase.

Something worth to note that they have insisted on nearly every product is that every product has been grown organically from a tree. You can filter products by popularity, sort by average rating, sort by latest, sort by prices low to high, and sort by prices high to low.

Accepted Mode of Payment

One of the things kratom users these days want to know about a vendor it’s whether their preferred mode of payment it’s acceptable or not. Many vendors these days have an issue with credit cards and are preferring other modes of payment rather than a credit card. Some of the modes of payment accepted by Kratom Therapy include

  1. Pay by Direct Bank Wire Transfer,
  2. Pay by Zelle,
  3. Pay with Cashier Check or Money Order
  4. Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discovery)

These are the payment options you can use with Kratom Therapy.

Kratom Therapy Loyalty Rewards Program

What is interesting about kratom Therapy that we found it is that they reward their loyal customers unlike many other vendors out there. Kratom Therapy has a customer Loyalty Rewards Program where for every $1 spent you get 2 points. For Instance, if you buy Superior Green Malaysian Powder 1 kg going for $199.99, then you have 400 KT reward points. They normally round up the $0.99. These points are redeemable with your next purchase where you can get to use your points as cash and place an order.

Shipping and Delivery

Among the factors which Kratom users use in the rating of the best online kratom vendors is shipping? Some companies take a week while others take three days or others two. The time is taken to ship your product and get delivered into your doorstep really matters a lot.

Kratom Therapy usually ships products within the US across the 50 states where kratom is legalized and also ships in Canada. They do also have international shipping which we shall enlighten you all about it in case you want to order. All the Kratom Therapy products within the United States are shipped via a Postal Service (USPS). All the products ordered by customers are shipped on the priority unless you want to pay for quick delivery. It’s also worth noting that they do not ship kratom products to Wisconsin, Arkansas, Tennessee, Vermont, and Indiana.

When you order a product with Kratom Therapy, you have to wait your order to be processed within 24hrs before it’s shipped and through the priority option the order will be on your doorstep within 2-3 days after processing is done.

For those who place orders above $49, they are entitled to free shipping. One other important detail to note in their shipping is that they provide customers with tracking numbers where one can see where their product is and when it’s most likely going to be delivered.

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International Shipping

If you are an international lover of kratom, then put a smile on your face since Kratom Therapy can meet your needs as well. For you to make an international order, all you have to do is provide them with your names, email address, and all the necessary shipping information that is required which will enable them to ship into the right address. When your invoice is processed something that is done within 24 hrs. Your order is then shipped, and you can get it in a time range of 4 days to 2 weeks a factor influenced by your choice of shipping service and your country customs policy.

Unfortunately for kratom enthusiasts who live in Sweden, Norway, Thailand, Finland, New Zealand, Lithuania Malaysia, Bhutan, Denmark, Australia, Ireland, and South Korea Kratom Therapy doesn’t ship over there.

Refund Policy

Kratom Therapy usually offers refunds to its customers but under very strict conditions which is something you may want to pay your attention on. They only pay you back your money when you return a product that is unopened and untampered with. The other condition is that you can only do this within 24hrs of receiving your order. They will not also cater the shipping fees, and the shipping fees will be deducted from the money you are supposed to be refunded. If you submit a request that you want to return a product after 24 hrs. Have elapsed they will not refund you, and they will reject the request.

What Is Negative About Kratom Therapy?

Just like every other Kratom Vendor out there Kratom Therapy can’t be on point with each and everything. There are some few issues we disliked with the vendor, and I have highlighted them below.

They do not ship kratom products to over 15 countries, and most of these countries are located in Europe.

While still on shipping they take 24 hrs. To process orders and do not do same day shipping which now is the trend with popular kratom vendors across the industry.

On the international order, the cost of shipping their products is almost double the total product cost

They have not displayed the lab results test on their website. Kratom Therapy has only stated they undertake lab tests but where is the evidence that they do?

Less Inventory is another issue since there are so many unavailable strains on their stock. If you love Yellow Strains, please try somewhere else they don’t have and many other strains.

We also found out that the price tag on all their products has exceeded the market rate and its way higher than other vendors.

You can’t be able to know the prices of bulk orders unless you contact them.


Kratom Therapy is one of the best most popular Kratom Vendors in the market. It might have its flaws, but they are outweighed by other advantages of doing business with the company. We haven’t seen complains on quality and from the reviews we have seen out there they have been given dozens of 5-star rating meaning they are one of the best. Try them out and leave a review for others too.

/5 ratings

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