9 Kratom Tea side effects and risks

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Another option for kratom users is kratom tea! It is becoming quite a popular thing which aids in getting legally high and a great source of natural medication.

Kratom tea is a very best sexual stimulant and can be easily available in stores and through online sellers throughout the world. This amazing drug has its origin in Southeast Asia and it is being used from thousands of years to aid many medical issues. Still there are many health related risk factors associated with the use of kratom tea. Some scientists believe it to be quite dangerous yet some says it is useful.

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kratom tea effects

Some side effects and risks of kratom tea

  1. Stimulant agent – kratom tea is derived from the leaves of kratom tree when they become dry they make its tea. These leaves can be chewed also when dried and other option is that you can make its tea. Kratom tea is a great stimulant and provides mild effects of those of stimulant.
  2. Sedative – kratom tea has properties it can act as a sedative similar like an opioid drug. That is why it is banned in some countries.
  3. Herbal supplement – kratom tea is considered natural high that Is due to its sedative nature. And can be sold as a herbal supplement online and in stores. There are many poison control centers linked with kratom tea to check its emergency effects. There are deaths reported in which there was involvement of kratom tea so it is not legal in many countries. It is considered a health risk when used in abused amounts. People demand more research to be made on this.
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  5. Mood swings – kratom tea is involved to heighten the mood swings and it also increases sexual feelings among the users.
  6. Loss of appetite – person taking it reported to have lower appetite.
  7. High doses – taking kratom in high dosage will have more noticeable effects and can bring strong feelings of euphoria. People think it to be helpful in relieving symptoms of opioid but it has not been proved medically.
  8. Anxiety – kratom tea has a side effect where you feel anxious for no reason and there is this depression in respiratory tract which makes it difficult to breathe. Your heart rate might increases. You feel constipation and seizures can also be seen in some cases.
  9. Coma – if kratom tea doesn’t suit you it can leads towards more dangerous effects that can be a person going into coma. Even death may occur in extreme cases.
  10. With other drug – do not use kratom tea with other drugs your risks will increase by tenfold.
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There are many risks with the over dose of kratom tea but full extent is still unknown. Always use regulated drugs which are classified by the law they will be safe to use and will have low risks. Just cease the use of such substances until more research is done on them so kratom tea must be avoided.

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