Kratom Reddit:how kratom sub reddit is useful to get answer from kratom users

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Kratom reddit is an online community where there are some discussions regarding kratom. You are welcome to share news, helpful tips and hints with other members of the community.

You can easily make an account here and log in any time you want. It has 45.9 k subscribers till date.

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kratom reddit

There are some rules of this community page here is the list of those:

  1. You are not allowed to do comparison of kratom with other drugs like opium and heroin.
  2. You have to talk nicely with others and show respect to the fellow members.
  3. You are banned to spread misinformation in the community.
  4. You are not to advocate illegal activities in the page.
  5. Transacting is not allowed here.
  6. Damaging terminologies are strictly banned.
  7. Reviews are not allowed.
  8. It is better to avoid discussing payments.
  9. Referencing opioids and kratom is banned.
  10. Sourcing is also not allowed.

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On this community page you will find answer to your many queries. There are some easy instructions on the page through which you can quickly contact your representative. People share their experiences and advices the new users of kratom.

If you are a female and wanted to use kratom then this platform is best in catering to all your questions related to kratom. There is this interesting question asked here that should we take one strain of kratom or experiment with others too? Answer was given by many people sharing their personal experience and they suggest one should use alternate strains of kratom to gain maximum benefits.

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One question was which red strain is more beneficial and people agreed upon red borneo to be the best one. Other question was regarding mixing of kratom tea with other teas and smoothies and people give valuable suggestions like mixing it with blueberry honey tea and other herbal teas.

Dosage is another thing which is discussed in this form more often. Some says they use kratom for five years daily and take up to 15 gm. daily, which is a massive dose.

This community is a very helpful forum when you are new to kratom so it is advisable for you to join it and benefit from the queries asked by many there.

Visit: kratom sub reddit

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