Kratom reddit:A list of possible Kratom withdrawal Symptoms

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A list for the withdrawal from kratom symptoms

Before explaining further, you need to take care that you are not dehydrated before directly going for a withdrawal, kratom like opioids will dehydrate you, only drinking water will not be enough in this case.Your body needs minerals in sufficient quantity so if you are dehydrated, withdrawal will be worst.

If you think withdrawal is an easy process to follow you are wrong!

These are the results of a 50 grams daily user who has kratom for almost one year: he quit it, for first five days everything seemed normal and better, he was fine but then there is a bad day in between but again better this continues for 15 days than for three days he feels so bad after waking up he felt depressed, heart rate was 80 beats/ min, breathing become difficult. No drive and just slept for five hours. He was so happy at first that he quitted and was thought to be successful than this happened an alarming situation.

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All the above characteristics are of just one person and people tend to show different characteristics than others withdrawal will be different for each person.With the opioid withdrawal you know what will happen and exactly how much worse it will be but with kratom it is unknown but not too scary, yes it will be unpredictable but that too if you have continuously used it for few years.Withdrawals can vary with each person.

Kratom Withdrawal Symptoms

Course of withdrawal

There are two phases in kratom withdrawal one is euphoric phase which start right after you quit it is very normal and somewhat happy phase but after that a depressive phase starts and for how long it stays is not known.Each person has to cope with it in his own way.

When you use kratom for a long time Mental PAWS go to peak intensity for 4-6 weeks after the physical withdrawal and they usually come sin waves and healing is not a linear course, after 6 weeks relapse risk starts.

When the relapse phase goes by you will significantly feel yourself again. 

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Here is the list of all the possible kratom withdrawal symptoms:

  • You will have craving and fatigue is very common.
  • You feel tired and exhausted.
  • You miss taking kratom and its benefits on health.
  • You feel you are lacking in something.
  • Your mouth goes dry.
  • You feel lethargy and sleepy most of the time.
  • You become bad tempered
  • You get annoyed easily and moody and upset.
  • Anxiety kicks in and you feel stressed.
  • Eyes are teary and nose is runny.
  • You feel uncomfortable and restless.
  • Doesn’t want to do anything.
  • Feeling nauseous.
  • Pain in muscles and joints.
  • Shaky hands and feets.
  • Cramps in the body are also common.
  • Nerves are twitching.
  • Insomnia at night.
  • Body shivers.
  • You feel like getting a cold.
  • Swaeting too much.
  • Increase in heart rate.
  • Zero appetite.

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If one word given to kratom withdrawal than it should be Depersonalization.

Now it depends on whether and how many symptoms in what intensity will occur depends on the dosage and usage time.

If you are a beginner start with one gram dosage and if you have sensitive nature start with 0.5 grams to avoid pleasantries, kratom is slow in showing effects like you have to wait for 45 minutes atleast for it to fully show its effects if no results after 45 minutes increase you dosage again and wait, repeat until desired results are achieved.If even after 2 and 3 doses you are not satisfied leave and try again tomorrow beginning with 3 grams.

Do not forget to start with small dose and slowly taking it to large doses, give your body a proper start, you have kratom with you but you can’t go back if it doesn’t suits you so too much kratom will result in nausea, vomiting and shivers.

Yes if you are heavy like you have huge physique and you also have opiate tolerance still you should go slow in the beginning.Just start with small dose of one gram you do not want to angry your stomach, you just need a happy experience.

What is a sweet spot? Sweet spot is the perfect amount of dosage that works for you initially add one gram to your doses and try that amount next time finding your best dosage in correct amounts is a great thing and is good to obtain desired results, but off course it is different for every person and for each strain.

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Finding right strain is also very important if you are going up to 8 grams and still not feeling anything than this is not a right strain for you.Intersting part here is many people claim that a strain which didn’t work for them at first when taken again proves to be very beneficial for them.But keep this in mind that less is always more, true in kratom case.

Kratom is such that if you increase its dose you will not get any increased effects but reverse is the case here you will increase tolerance instead if you want positive results take minimal dose.

Beginning and length of period

Normal range is from 20 to 60 minutes to begin to feel the effects, they can last for up to 6 hours sometimes 3 hours depending on the strain you used and vary from person to person. Capsules are the type which takes even longer.

What is best to measure scale or teaspoon?

Scales are more accurate while dosing and are cheap too available on Amazon.If you no scale with you than use a teaspoon one teaspoon equals to 2.5 grams of kratom , use actual measuring spoon not the regular ones we use normally to eat.

What are wobbles and how nausea is treated with the use of kratom?

wobbles is a common problem occurred when you take large dose of kratom or a strain which has high concentration of displeasing alkaloids.

You feel hard to focus on things and large doses result into severe nausea.

By chance if you have taken large dose of kratom try eating light like eat carbs and avoid fatty things, lie down and rest while symptoms passes away make ginger tea it will help with the nausea.If the vomit is uncontrollable do it you will feel better after you vomit.It will pass and take less next time.

Choose your dose wisely!  Do not punish your stomach with experiments.

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Added Side Effects:

Nausea, headaches and constipation are the most common side effects of over dose of kratom, with large dose of kratom you need more water to keep yourself hydrated.

Majority of the side effects are due to dehydration and can be resolved if you drink enough water, healthy hydration is 8×8 oz. of water daily so stay hydrated and give your body plenty of water.

If you face severe constipation take magnesium citrate it will help, other common side effects are hiccups and itchiness on the skin,

What if you build kratom tolerance?

One must keep tolerance from building deal with it while it is developing otherwise it becomes difficult once you become are some tips to keep tolerance low:

  1. Take kratom in minimum quantities.
  2. Resist urge to raise the dose.
  3. Take a break if your dose doesn’t works for you.
  4. Do not take dose daily.
  5. Take breaks regularly.
  6. Use different strains.
  7. Extracts and tinctures must be avoided.
  8. Reduce dosage size.
  9. Try other supplements.
  10. Use agmatine if you feel you are developing tolerance.
  11. Magnesium helps with it.

For avoiding tolerance avoid these:

Extracts, resins, tinctures and enhanced blends.They will raise tolerance sure about your dosage for every strain of kratom before jumping on to try kratom confident about your dose!

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Obsession and Dependency

If you have decided to end the use of kratom worst symptoms will depend on the substance type and prolonged use of it, negative effects will be according to that, try not to stop immediately give it sometime taper with it so the side effects will be minimum, every substance has a potential for addiction be honest what you are using kratom for and do not overdose it.You are responsible for what is right and wrong for you, take kratom as a tool always work on the problems with other ways so you don’t get an obsession and dependency with kratom.

When you choose to end this obsession withdrawal will be different from person to person and severity is unknown, depression, anxiety, aches and heart rate increased are some of the common problems.

For your convenience there are some strains of kratom explained below:

Basic strains- red, green and white

Red- they are calming strains and work wonders when you feel pain also good for sedation.

Green- they are more stimulating than red ones, they last longer.

White- good for boosting energy, elevates mood and most stimulating than red and green strains.

Everybody is made different no hard and fast rules on which one to use, all depends on what suits you better, colors can also be subtle at times but if we have to give advice we say start from every color try a red and a green and white and this experiment will make you understand which goes best in solving your issues and best chemistry with your body type.At the end, every strain is of kratom and every strain is good.

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Yellow, blends, bentuangie

It is not a color it is a drying technique, effects are somewhat similar to white and green mixed.

Bentuangie kratom is the one who has undergone fermentation process and like yellow kratom it can be made from any vein color.Common characteristics are discrete taste, dusky color and sturdier effects.

Purple strain

Purple strain is made by vendors after blending different strains usually 8 strains are blends to get purple strain.You can blend your own krtaom.Mostly people find white strain to be more stimulating than red so mixing it with red can make a less energized and additional beneficial strains.

You can mix multiple strains of single color like red Thai with red Bali to get best quality of each of these in a single strain.

Features according to the Region

Name and the color depends on the country and the region where the tree is grown.Let us see if its true or not:

Regions where kratom grow are:

  • Bali
  • Malaysia
  • Sumatra
  • Sunda
  • Vietnam
  • Indo
  • Thai
  • Hulu Kapuas
  • Kali
  • Papua
  • Cambodia
  • Borneo
  • Riau

Along with the regions wrote above the kratom is characterized according to the type also, Bali has very good kratom, Malay is also good to try if you are new to kratom.Maeng da is a bit stronger version, each vendor will have some the versions of all three types.

Tingling effect and Fragrance

Using kratom? Do not worry about the fragrance and burn from it as it is not approved by FDA it cannot be sold to humans for consumption in different languages kratom is used to describe as a burn and aroma, burn for ingestion and aroma for effects.

But all the above terms are now not used by people they prefer to speak with its given names.Do not waste your kratom by smoking it, you are wasting a good supply of it.

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What to expect and what not to expect?

With kratom it is always hard what to expect and what not, it is difficult when you are a beginner even regular users feel it difficult to adjust the dose when they start taking other strains, like a mug of coffee you don’t wait for effects to kick in kratom is similar wait patiently and give it some time to work you will make errors but once everything get settled you will feel good managing it and its worth the effort.

You need to know how to manage it at first it will feel like it’s not working but after sometime when you see results you will understand, try to manage your expectations while using kratom.

Here are the tricks and tips to taking kratom capsules:

  • Roll the capsule in your mouth for some time and when it starts to dissolve swallow it with a drink of water.It will take just about a minute and very easy similar to toss and wash.
  • Poking hole in your capsule using a sharp pin is much easier for your stomach as you can nom them up and they will dissolve way faster with this technique, as capsules generate mixed effects and take time to digest this will help with the process.
  • Purchase empty capsules or the capsule making machine or Cap’m Quick and make your own capsules from kratom powder.There are three sizes in capsules 0, 00, 000.A 000 fits around .8 grams on average.You can also fit one gram in 000 with better capping and 00 can fit around .5 grams of kratom powder in them.

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Above mentioned machines and empty capsules are a cheap option and an inexpensive way to try kratom, packing empty capsules with hands is also an option but that is time consuming.If you have money than all the hassle is not recommended just buy your kratom capsules through online sites and enjoy the benefits.

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