How To Properly Potentiate Your Kratom Powder

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It doesn’t depend on the new user or old all it depends on the kratom powder and its potentiators. Every now and then someone will recognize the potentiate of kratom powder. Mixing it with other herbs and spices even fruits and vegetables will give you immense benefits and push you towards more wellness in life.

Here we will talk about all the potentiates which are going to help you make your kratom powder give long term benefits and give an extra kick it needs. All these are organic so no side effects and you will instantly feel a surge of energy after using them.

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Kratom powder potentiates

  1. Turmeric # using kratom powder with turmeric is very common among people it is their favorite potentiate as it gives an instant boost to the kratom dose when used together. Turmeric is an Indian spice used in Asian regions in cooking food, it has many benefits and helps with internal cuts and injuries and healed them too, when you mix your kratom powder with turmeric you will increase its shelf life also.
  2. Grapefruit # grapefruit is a fruit which is sour in taste but very helpful in reducing blood sugar levels and in weight loss it is of great aid.dont just hide it behind your breakfast as it is also an excellent potentiate, it has certain enzymes which break down kratom allowing it stay for a long time in the body. You can mix kratom powder in a glass of juice of grapefruit it will also work in the same way, I must say it is best for you.
  1. Watercress # it is a type of lettuce which is ultra-hydrated and has full effects on the potency of kratom powder. When you mix your kratom dose with watercress it makes it last longer in the body, but some people say it doesn’t do much to spike the effects of the dose.
  2. Chamomile tea # chamomile herb has a certain fragrance which is very soothing for the mind and it also relaxes and freshens the mind and body, so mix your kratom powder in this magical herbal tea and relax .it is considered the most popular among all the potentiates, it also enhances the time of kratom dosage. But avoid mixing the green or white strains of kratom with chamomile and use some other potentiate.
  3. Cayenne pepper # how to make a dose with cayenne pepper is very easy to mix it with the powdered dosage and gulp down with a sip of water, you only have to use a small amount of cayenne pepper not to make your powder too much gives huge impact on the results, but it will not make it stay longer than the other no help in time.
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So there are many natural herbs and spices and teas which works as a potentiates but every person is different from another so you need to first experiment with few of those to see which one works best for you.

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