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One of the most common reasons why some people struggle with kratom drinks is that the taste is quite pungent. Even the most experienced user is unlikely to recommend these for stimulating the taste buds! Until recently, most people would brew kratom tea and heavily flavor it with honey, sugar or even additional herbs. The truth is, however, that kratom’s earthy and dense taste still permeates such concoctions.

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So how best to drink and enjoy this magnificent herb without having to taste it so much? In this article, we’ll take a thorough look at the most popular methods and combinations that many people use to take their dose. As a brief aside before we get started, always be sure to use a dose that is appropriate to your weight and health sourced from a reliable vendor.

Kratom Drink

Given that most people enjoy their kratom as a refined powder, the good news is that it is quite easy to integrate into other drinks. Often referred to as the ‘toss and wash’ method, this involves tossing your measured dose to the back of the throat and then drinking it down with a beverage of your choice. It is not perfect, as some of the residual taste will always remain, but it is a technique that becomes easier with experience. You can also purchase vegetarian-friendly capsules online that will hold the dose until it hits the digestive tract. These taken with any drink are an increasingly popular method – just remember that you will need to fill them up yourself.

So what about combining it with other drinks? The world really is your oyster here, as kratom can be blended with pretty much everything. What would be advised though would be to avoid carbonated beverages – shakes and juices have a good texture for chugging down your kratom drink. Chocolate milk is a good idea if you find the bitterness unpleasant, as are very sweet juices such as pineapple or grapefruit.

For those purists who insist on continuing to pair kratom with hot drinks, then as mentioned above you may find additional leaves and sweeteners offer an ideal solution. Some people even mix their dose with a shot of espresso – and it really is up to each person to find solution works the best for them.

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Check Out A Kratom Drinks Reddit

It is quite amazing the variety of ways that the millions of kratom fans around the world drink their mix. One of the best resources for discovering new recipes that provide an effective and more pleasant way of taking the kratom is on Reddit. Sure, there’s plenty of other social media sites and other resources out there, but listening to actual users experiences with their recipes is as fascinating as it is useful.

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Be sure to check out the variety of different kratom subreddits as there are even those entirely dedicated to sharing recipes! Just as importantly, it’ll also serve as a handy warning for those mixtures that really don’t work as well!

Kratom Drink Wikis?

These offer what may be a more ‘formal’ introduction and guide to how best to drink kratom. We’ll list two of the best online resources at the bottom of this guide. Not only do these provide excellent examples of how to make kratom drinks, oils, and even pastes but they also spend a considerable time discussing dosage and strains. While they may not be as engaging as what you’ll find on Reddit and other social media, these are as a good a place as any to discover the basics of mixing your own powdered kratom drinks.

Kratom Drink Water

So far we’ve lightly touched on some of the most popular methods out there, but let’s take a moment to discuss the ‘classic’ method in a little more depth. One of the key reasons why it is important to do so is that however you ingest your kratom, it is vital to remain fully hydrated when taking this herb. Kratom powder is thick and will dehydrate you – so obviously the most sensible option is to wash it down with a nice healthy glass of water in the ‘toss and wash style?

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While it certainly true that kratom and water do go hand in hand, there is still that problem of getting by the dank taste. Just tossing down your dose and washing down with water may be on a practical level the best technique, it is also tough on the taste buds. Even people who have taken kratom for years still struggle with this method! So to take the edge off, consider using some concentrated lemon or lime juice and maybe even some other sweeteners in a cordial style glass. It isn’t perfect but will be a heck of a lot better than the classic wash and toss.

Kratom Drink Thailand

So maybe now it is time to turn our attention to how people in Thailand and the rest of SE Asia take their kratom. It is after all pretty much the global hotbed for cultivation nowadays with the plant only grows in small parts of Africa to any considerable extent or quality. Most of the time in these countries you’ll find kratom being served as a tea. This may literally be just hot water and leaves/stalks being left to brew, or it could be in a far more exotic and tastier manner.

An excellent tea to look out for is classic chai, which is infused with a wide variety of additional herbs and extracts. Sometimes this may also be served as a milk-based tea – almost like a latte is for coffee lovers. While the kratom will still be present, it is going to be almost entirely integrated into this refreshing, healthy and natural tea. Similar chai teas can be widely found around the world, so consider that as worth trying next time hitting the store tea aisles.

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Kratom Drink Ingredients

Where to begin! As we’ve touched on so far in this guide to kratom drinks, whatever you choose to mix into your teas/water should ideally be pretty heavy tasting! The best way to ascertain what works is to simply try combining it with a favorite drink. This can be anything from a glass of water through to shakes, sports drinks and of course hot beverages.

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An increasingly popular way for people to take their kratom in the morning is to combine it with a good quality off-the-shelf vitamin powder. These can often be protein based, but there are plenty of others out there that deliver not just a great amount of vitamins and minerals but can be very strongly flavored as well. The one problem with mixing kratom is that it will not ‘dissolve’ into the drink, and will remain quite thick and cloudy in the glass. For this reason, it is best to use a small serving and stir thoroughly before quickly drinking the whole lot down.

Other ingredients that can be easily found used in preparing special kratom drinks are pretty much whatever you can find on the shelves! There are countless ways to adapt the well-loved ‘kratom milkshake’ by adding honey, vanilla and other natural and man-made flavorings. Just be imaginative and soon you’ll find a solution that works for you!

Kratom Drink Price

Good quality kratom can become quite pricey so it is sensible to try and not blow the bank when looking at ways to integrate it into a drink (unless you can afford to of course!). Even specialist teas and isotonic vitamin mixes can become expensive if dosing two or three times a day. Water – for those who can stomach it – is obviously the most economical solution here, but you may want to consider looking at cheap and easy ways to flavor your teas. A good kratom brew can be genuinely very tasty and also affordable.

There are also some specialist kratom based drinks out there that vary wildly in quality. Be wary of these unless you know exactly what level of kratom they contain, as they are often very weak and also expensive. Kratom is generally something best enjoyed and prepared to your own precise specifications.

Vivazen Kratom Drink

Chances are that you may have seen quite a broad debate within the kratom online communities over the quality of the Vivazen range of kratom drinks. By no means are they cheap – usually weighing in at around $6-7 each serving – but they have still built up a loyal following. While they certainly do provide a good means of enjoying a tasty kratom dose, just beware that they may not contain as much active ingredient as they could.

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Some people swear by them – and if that’s working for them, then so be it! But the general consensus out there is that alternative, online-only retailers offer better quality and higher concentrated mixes. As ever, be careful when buying anything from the local head shop!

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Kratom Drink – How Long?

Something which can frustrate many people starting out with their kratom journey is understanding what level of a dose they need to enjoy the benefits. Weight, physiology, age and overall fitness can be used to deliver an approximate estimate but there is really no exact science to it! So when looking at how long the effects of a kratom drink are going to last for – fact in that these really are just guidelines and should not be taken as universally gospel!

Generally speaking, a low dose of kratom (approx 1-5g) will likely stay effective for a couple of hours, and maybe longer if it is a particularly potent crop. Higher doses can stay effective for several hours – but just remember that the quality and strain of the plant will make for wildly varying effects!

As with all aspects of kratom use, it is sensible to start low and gradually build up until hopefully finding that sweet spot. Quality makes as much a difference as quantity, and quite often considerably more so.

Kratom Drink Empty Stomach

One extremely common mistake that even long experienced users continue to make is eating with their kratom dose. If may seem reasonable to have your kratom drink with breakfast – and after all, this is the way that common herbal and vitamin supplements are taken. However, kratom is different. This is because kratom can lead to nausea and even people who think they have established their dose may be unpleasantly surprised occasionally. You are much less likely to be sick if consuming food only after a couple of hours or so since dosing.

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When it comes to our purposes, where does this leave us when considering milk based kratom beverages? It really once again comes down to personal choice. The majority of people will be unlikely to experience any ill effects if consuming their kratom with a milk or juice base – and millions of people successfully do so every day. The problem is much more common when eating a proper meal alongside your kratom drink. Thinking back to what we have already discussed here, this is also why tea remains such a popular way to enjoy it. Perfect to enjoy at any time of day – and easy to take between standard meal times.


So which is the best way to enjoy your kratom drinks? As reiterated throughout this guide, do some research, source good quality products, and be open minded to experimenting. It is possible to really find some great recipes out there which complement or at worst mask the unique taste of this herb. On a personal level, heavily sweetened and strained tea that has been left to brew for at least 20 minutes before consumptions work great for a casual dose. But the kratom chocolate milkshake does deserve its place as being perhaps the most popular ‘novelty’ way to drink your kratoms.

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