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Kraken Kratom Review: is it legit to Buy kratom online? [UPDATED]

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Kraken Kratom is an industry dealing with different products of kratom. Their mission is to bring good quality and best variety of kratom products in the market. They offer the most popular forms of kratom at reasonable prices; they offer sales and also sell on discounted prices.

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They guaranteed a full satisfaction of their customers. Their kratom powder is of high quality made from crushing dried leaves of the kratom plant. Maeng da Thai kratom leaf is their hot seller is on sale with the price of dollar 11.49 only. Bali kratom powder is the new addition in their collection but only available in 8 dollars how reasonable it is to buy it now.

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Some of Kraken Kratom famous products are:

  1. Maeng da Thai kratom powder (white vein) this is available in only dollar 12 but people like it a lot and it is very famous among people and is frequently ordered. This is the one product which is now becoming difficult to put on sale and on discounted prices because it always is out of stock.
  2. Red vein borneo kratom powder its price is 9 dollars it is a finely crushed powdered form of kratom and is liked by many customers. It has the highest ratings on their website.
  3. Sumatra kratom powder (red vein) is also available on sale within just 8 dollars. It also has good ratings on their website.
  4. Super green Malaysian kratom powder is also available in 9 dollars and is their best seller.

They have a policy that if you share their site on other public forums like Facebook etc. then you will be given a 10 percent discount on all the items.

They are announcing that they are proud to provide the best quality kratom both from n house production and through other suppliers. They claim their extracts give 100 % satisfaction to the customers.

They also offer to sell kratom capsules, which is of superior grade and available for free shipping same day. Some of the varieties of kratom capsule are:

  • Bali kratom capsules.
  • White vein Borneo kratom capsules.
  • Maeng da Thai kratom capsules.
  • Red kali kratom capsules.

They have a reward system also as they awarded you one point when you choose to buy kratom from them every time. They are added to your account and you can make purchases through them once you collect them. When you like the page via facebook you are rewarded 10 points. When you sign up from an account you will be given 50 points. When you rate the product you will get 10 points and when you subscribe to their newsletter you will be given 50 points.

But they can be expired after the ninety days so you need to use them before 90 days. They are based in Portland, Oregon.

5/51 rating
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