How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?

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Weed related questions are very common today, we all have thought about it, I use the weed today what about tomorrow? Will it still be present in my system? How long does weed stay there? All these questions are important but the amount of time weed stay in your system depends on your condition and how frequently you use weed.

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When you start using cannabis THC starts collecting in your system and the more you use cannabis more it become difficult to clear THC from the body.THC is a chemical and clearing it out of the system depends on your metabolism, several other factors are also involved like how you are tested for weed presence.

Still worried about how long weed stays in your system? Here are some answers for you:

A most common test for which you get to know about cannabis in your system is through a urine test, it is a simple test and it is both cheap and has longest detection period. Other tests and urine test are not especially done for THC but for a THC metabolite called THC-COOH. If this metabolite is present in the urine it means you have recently used the chemical (THC).

If you want to know about the time it depends on how often you consume this green herb, THC basically gets stored in your body as fat and gradually accumulates over time. The longer you consume this herb the longer it will be detectable in the urine. Whether you eat the herb, smoke or vape it will still be shown in the urine.

All that you need to know before peeing in a cup for a urine test for the presence of Cannabis in your system is listed below:

  1. When you use Cannabis if you have used it just single time than it will last up to 8 days.
  2. If used frequently than up to 15 days.
  3. If used regularly than up to 30 days.
  4. If you are a heavy user than up to 45-77 days.

If your history is such that you are a regular user of marijuana than THC will remain in your system for more than a month even after you have stopped. So be very vigilant because this is the way you will likely to be tested for weed.

There are many solutions available on internet and Google for you to avoid getting caught but these are just myths some of these are written for you:

  • You have to drink a lot of water or some other drinks so it gets washed out of your system, taking vitamin B-12 is also helpful but it is not guaranteed that THC will not be detected during a test.
  • Some companies sell teas and substances that wash THC from your system but they must be used for a longer time to get the result.

Contaminating the urine sample by using salt or bleach but these can be easily detected by the authorities.


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