How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System?

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If you are looking for some perfect formula to determine exact time for marijuana to stay in your system than let me burst your bubble because it isn’t one, there are some tests perform on people hair, saliva, blood and urine these are called drug tests and each test will show presence of marijuana in your system for a particular time period.

Marijuana is the most common drug used which is illegal but it is wonder that it doesn’t cause serious issue like death.Marijuana is used by many people to abuse their bodies but it is not an epidemic like heroin.Drug tests are conducted on people who smoke marijuana currently or who have past history of its use.

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If you wish to understand how long marijuana stays in your system and how does it effects the body it has been explained below:

  • If you have smoked marijuana in last 30-45 days than you will fail urine test.
  • If you have used marijuana for 60-75 days you will fail blood test.
  • And if you have used marijuana for up to 90 days than you will fail hair follicle test.

All the above tests will show presence of THC in your system.

Types of drug tests for marijuana

Urine testing – it is the most common method for determine if you have used marijuana, in urine test 9-carboxy-THC is the substance often detected rather than actual marijuana.

Blood tests – blood tests are not much helpful or often utilized for marijuana, blood test has the most slight window timing to detect marijuana, these tests are only useful when they are conducted within few hours of marijuana used, and when a person injects marijuana in his blood then there are many chance of detecting THC in blood stream.Blood tests also don’t identify the metabolites which are produced by marijuana and are the long lasting compound.You will be quickly caught while driving if the enforcement authorities suspect you have used marijuana.

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Saliva tests – they are similar to blood test as they will also detect after few hours of marijuana use and will not detect any metabolites.

Hair follicles testing – this is like urinalysis test will detect presence of marijuana in hair follicles, hair specimen is collected from body or head of the person and sent to laboratory for further screening.

Marijuana itself does not stay for longer periods in your system and when combined with other herbs it is very difficult to detect through testing but THC will remain in your system along with other chemicals.

THC is hard to flush out of system as it will combine with fat cells and difficult to throw out of the body.

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