Hemp oil VS CBD oil differences you never knew before

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Hemp oil and CBD oil are similar in many ways but there are some notable differences among them. if technically speaking you can be confused by the name of two one is *cannabis oil * and another one is *marijuana oil*. many companies are also responsible for this confusion as they use the words without explaining them. this article provides a closer look to let you learn how to differentiate between the CBD oil and the Hemp Oil.


Hemp oil

This is the oil extracted from hemp plant basically it is an extract taken from the seeds of hemp plant.this is the type of oil extracted from a plant of cannabis genus but for industrial use hemp is the only plant that is responsible for hemp oil. when produced industrially psychoactive substance is very minimally present in it.

Hemp oil and its uses

  • Hemp oil is used in cooking various dishes as it has a high potency of nutrients.
  • If you want a nutty and crispy taste to your food use hemp oil.
  • You are cooking your dish and olive oil is not available then you can use hemp oil in its place.
  • If your skin is dry use it as a moisturizer after a bath.
  • It can become base for different types of plastic instead of petroleum.
  • If you want to avoid petroleum-based paints try using paints which has hemp oil in it as it will be then eco-friendly.
  • Hemp oil can be used as bio-diesel fuel.
  • For its benefits, many skin care and hair care companies use hemp oil in making the lotions and soaps.

CBD oil

Cannabidiol oil commonly known as CBD oil is derived from cannabis plant.major difference between CBD oil and hemp oil is CBD oil is extracted from leaves, flowers and stalks of the cannabis plant while hemp oil is taken from the seeds.now a day’s CBD oil is very popular as it is very beneficial in treating various medical conditions and it is very safe to use as it has no harmful effects as that of marijuana.

CBD oil and its uses

  • Very helpful in treating cancer.
  • It is very beneficial for the patients suffering from epilepsy
  • Many inflammatory conditions of body can be treated through it like anxiety, depression, seizures, brain disorders.

Hemp oil VS CBD oil

Hemp and marijuana are considered as cousins but they are not same marijuana has more amount of THC in it than hemp oil. Hemp oil has low CBD even it is less than 25 parts per million whereas CBD oil has up to 15 percent of CBD in it.industrial hemp is grown for taking its fiber which will be used in many products but when CBD is high in THC it converts into marijuana which will get you high and produce effects as that of weed.

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