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A Comprehensive Guide & Review to Happy Hippo Herbals for Kratom Powder

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Kratom is gaining huge popularity in the mainstream arena, largely thanks to the large number of benefits that the herb brings to people who suffer from chronic ailments such as pain, anxiety and insomnia. Extracted from a plant that grows throughout Southeast Asia, kratom works by interacting with the opioid receptors in the brain, resulting in stimulating or sedating effects depending on the dose.

The attention and focus has increased in recent months due to the number of U.S. states that have begun to decriminalize the use of kratom, and it is now legal to use freely in most states and regions. Because of this, there are many different kratom products on the market. This review focuses on the Happy Hippo brand of kratom, and what it can do to improve your life.

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Happy Hippo Reviews

Happy Hippo Herbals are a small company based in Boise, Idaho who focus purely on providing the best quality herbal extracts that you’ll find anywhere on the internet. They feature their hippo mascot, Puddles, right across their website which offers many formulations of kratom and several other herbal extracts.

Happy Hippo are well loved by the kratom community, and it’s for a good reason. They are extremely newbie friendly. So if you have never tried kratom before, Happy Hippo Herbals are able to guide you through the process with ease. Rather than offer kratom by leaf type, Happy Hippo Herbals categorize their kratom based on how the formulation will make you feel. So if you want to feel sedated, you would try one of their “Slow Leaf” products. Similarly, if you are after something more stimulating, you would choose a “Fast Leaf” product. Simple, right?

The reviews for the Happy Hippo Herbals company come with high ratings, thanks to the quality of the products and the effect they bring to the user. The value that you get from the product is amongst the highest you’ll find. Happy Hippo Herbals really highlight that an all natural solution to common chronic problems is far better for you than using pharmaceuticals that come with damaging side effects.

Happy Hippo Kratom

We’ve told you how Happy Hippo Herbals categorize their kratom according to whether it has stimulating or sedating properties. This is what makes it so easy to try kratom in a safe way where you know what to expect. However, their kratom comes in many different styles and is made up of the best strains of kratom that you can find on the market.

If you don’t know much about kratom, we have  a comprehensive write up on the types of kratom strains available . The effects you’ll feel from the kratom highly depend on the strain as well as the dose you take (Link to dose page). It is important to note that if you are trying to treat anxiety, you would want to steer clear of any kratom or dose that might be stimulating and opt for a sedating one instead.

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If you like green vein kratom then Happy Hippo have some of the most popular strains. You’ll find Maeng Da Elite Green which is labelled as their “hyper hippo” variety thanks to the burst of energy you’ll feel when you take it. They also have Indo Super Green which is called “happy hippo I” because you’ll feel super happy when you take it.

If you like the sounds of Maeng Da but you want something that will give you a little more euphoria, then try the white vein kratom variety. Not only will this give you energy but you’ll be feeling good and floating above the clouds while you’re at it. Happy Hippo have white kratom products that are considered some of the best on the market.

Red vein kratom is considered one of the most popular varieties simply because it takes the euphoric properties of white vein kratom and mixes them perfectly with the calming properties of green vein kratom. What this results in is a herbal formulation that will have you feeling good whilst also giving you the ability to keep a calm, clear mind. Happy Hippo Herbals provides the best strains of red kratom, like Red Bali Dragon Hippo, Indo Super Red  and Sumatra Red.

 Happy Hippo Reviews Reddit

There is a thriving community on Reddit that discusses kratom every day. This resource is great for people who are trying to learn more about kratom so that they can decide whether it is right for them. The kratom subreddit is full of information on many aspects of kratom, and contains many reviews on different vendors of kratom, including Happy Hippo Herbals.

Happy Hippo Kratom Reddit 2018

One of the most commonly expressed reviews of Happy Hippo Herbal on Reddit in 2018 is the quality of the kratom that the company produces. There are many Reddit users that have expressed that they have never found another brand of kratom that has an effect as strong as that produced by Happy Hippo. While you may see this reflected in the price – Happy Hippo Herbals is reportedly a little more expensive than other brands – what it means is that you will be getting the best bang for your buck.

Another common praise of Happy Hippo Herbals on Reddit is that their customer service goes far above and beyond what you’d expect from an online company. Shipping is also very fast, so you won’t be left waiting for your product. One of the unique features of Happy Hippo Herbals is that they accept Bitcoin as a method of payment, so you can keep your anonymity safe while still purchasing the product you require.

 Happy Hippo Kratom Reviews

As far as kratom powders go, there aren’t many vendors that produce such high quality kratom powder than Happy Hippo. Reddit isn’t the only place you’ll find glowing reviews. In fact, you’ll find that many people are talking about how good they are.

Happy Hippo Kratom Products

When you log onto Happy Hippo Herbals, you’ll find that there are an overwhelming number of kratom options available. How are you supposed to know which one to choose? We have put together a guide on how to choose the right Happy Hippo kratom product for you.

  1. Indo Super Green

This product is the perfect balanced strain that will help you improve your mood without making you too energetic. The projected speed for this product is moderate, so you won’t be finding yourself sedated nor stimulated, but instead, calm and happy. Perfect for being in a good mood and getting things done.

  1. Indo Super Red

This moderate strain has all the good physical characteristics of Indo Super Green, but without the increase in focus. That means you’ll be feeling happy and motivated to move, but you won’t notice any difference in the way you think.

  1. Maeng Da Elite Green

Easily considered the most popular kratom stain, Maeng Da Elite Green is one of Happy Hippo’s best sellers. Giving you a huge surge of energy, you’ll be able to power through even the most mundane of tasks. It is not recommended to take this strain if you are prone to feeling anxious, as it can heighten this feeling.

  1. Sumatra Red

This strain is cheekily labelled the magic strain and for good reason. Users report that the Sumatra Red allow them to feel less pain and anxiety, increase sleep quality and produce mild euphoric feelings.

  1. Sumatra Yellow

Touted as a highly sedating kratom strain, this product will help you sleep. While some strains can be overpowering, this particular strain happens to be very modest and subtle. This makes it great for users who are new to taking kratom.

  1. Horned Super Red

If you’re after a kratom strain that will slow you down the most out of all the strains, then this is the right one for you. Multiple reviews have confirmed that this strain is definitely the slowest, and is fast acting in producing these feelings.

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 Happy Hippo Kratom Coupon

We mentioned that you’ll find that Happy Hippo tends to be a little more expensive than other online kratom vendors, but what you get for that money is a higher quality product with effects that can do a lot of good in your life. However, if you are looking for a way to purchase their kratom products at a lower price, then read on.

Happy Hippo Herbals conduct sales at least once a week and up to three times a week, where you can purchase a selection of their products at a 30-75% discount. This is a great way to sample some of their products at a lower cost in order to determine for yourself if the quality is up to the standard that you’ve been reading about.

These sales are usually conducted on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays and last for 24 hours each time only. That means you need to keep an eye on their sales page so that you don’t miss out on picking up a bargain.

You can also save by paying using an eCheck, which gets you 10% off. Or, you can use a mobile check which will earn you 15% off on orders over $200. However, the biggest consistent savings you’ll see are when you pay by Bitcoin, which gives you a 20% saving on any order now matter what the cost.

 Happy Hippo Kratom Strains Review

With all of the information we’ve given you about the strains of kratom and what they can do to improve the quality of your life if you’re suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia or another issue, you might be confused at which product to choose. Thankfully, Happy Hippo Herbals have provided a way for you to be able to test a number of their strains for a low price.

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In their product inventory you will find the Newbie Hippo Starter Pack that contains three different strains. Inside, you’ll find one strain from each of the slow, moderate and fast categories. The selection of the strain from each category depends largely on their available inventory, but they promise that all of their strains are top quality which means you’ll be pleased with it no matter what.

 Happy Hippo Kratom Salmonella

You may have read media stories regarding a salmonella outbreak that has been linked to kratom products. In fact, it’s smart to be concerned about such an event. The Food and Drug Administration produced a report outlining details of their now concluded investigation into kratom. Salmonella was discovered in a number of kratom products that couldn’t be linked to a single manufacturing facility. While there have been many people who have become sick from this outbreak, there have been no fatalities.

The salmonella outbreak that has been related to kratom highlights the need for a tighter control system for the manufacturing and distribution of the product. Thanks to the negative image that has been given to kratom by government officials as they try to ban the herb, the manufacturing process of kratom tends to be performed without any rules or guidelines. This can increase the risk of contamination.

Unfortunately, this means that there is some risk in taking kratom, and it is up to you to make the choice to use kratom despite these warnings. However, there have been several recalls as vendors try to fix the problem. None of the products from Happy Hippo Herbals have been linked to the salmonella outbreak.

 Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom Review

Kratom certainly is growing in popularity these days, as the ailments that it treats, such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia, are traditionally very difficult to treat. Happy Hippo Herbals have a number of kratom products that are designed to treat these conditions and are easy to choose thanks to their categorization as slow, moderate and fast.

The kratom produced by Happy Hippo Herbals is amongst the top quality kratom that you’ll find online. Not only are they increasing their inventory all the time, but they also have products that will help you with conditions you didn’t realize could be treated by kratom, such as libido problems. That’s how versatile kratom can be!

Rather than suffer through your chronic illness, try kratom. The benefits have been demonstrated in many patients and there is even a Netflix documentary that follows a few select patients and their kratom journey. With this guide, we hope that we’ve helped you consider how kratom can help you in your life.

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