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Green Vietnam Kratom review about effects,Dosage & side effects 2019

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The Green Vietnam kratom veins have very long history but its only recent years from when they have started attracting attention of vendors. Vietnam is a country with quite different climatic conditions when it comes to growing kratom when compared to other kratom growing countries. The distinction of the kratom produced due to the climatic conditions makes it a user’s favorite.

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Vietnam kratom as well is selective in places of growing as it mostly grows around the River Mekong area hence enjoying upstream minerals. Just like in other countries growing kratom, its use is controlled for use in stimulation, relaxation and pain relief. Vietnam kratom are in various strains; green kratom, red kratom, white kratom and gold or yellow Vietnam kratom. The strains have different effects and the green vein is known to possess the strongest of all effects.

Green Vietnam Kratom

This is the green strain of the Vietnams and it is in between white and red strains mostly known for the ability to boost levels of energy making the user become more cheerful and lively. Most of its users praise it saying the more it helps in alertness as well as building focus as compared to its counterparts the red, yellow or white strains.

Green Vietnam KratomGreen Vietnam kratom effects

The product has proved too beneficial to its users in various ways. Some of the ways include:

  • Artificial stimulation

This is for use by persons who are seeking for a good different feeling of the body and the strain of Vietnam is the best for that stimulation. Green Vietnam provides stimulation someone would be looking for after long day working. The experienced feeling is awesome with most users liking it as its fast stimulation.

  • Pain reliever

Nothing can be more discomforting than body pain and especially pain of the muscles and joints as such pains could to an extend interfere with the posture of sitting and walking. Green Vietnam is an ideal solution for healing such body pains. The strain of kratom works in a way to bring immediate healing taking the body to its normal functioning. Compared to artificial painkillers, the effect of healing by this kratom is faster.

  • Boosts brain functioning

Users of the product have testified its effect of making one more alert compared to before intake enabling remembrance of crucial issues every day. Persons suffering mental functioning problems use it and get a boost of the brain operational levels. Mental failure at times develops overtime which most people might not understand and hence the problem develops with time. It is always good after noticing the problem to begin taking of the green Vietnam so as to boost brain functionality.

  • Boosting energy

Green kratom has for long being known the best for boosting levels of energy. It’s a supplement which contains elements that enhance the energy of the body and more so for people who take part in intense workout and sporting activities. They take a dose of the kratom before starting the workout and it helps in boosting energy that will sustain that body throughout the session.

  • Brain relaxer

The green Vietnam is used by persons suffering depression and stress for relaxation. It contains supplements which make your brain relax and hence used for overcoming depression and stress. However, it should be used in right dosage for this effect to be experienced well.

  • Mood lifting

A very unique characteristic that comes with the use of the green Vietnam is the ability to organically lift mood, clearing any thought in the mind. After use, the users testified to have clearer mind with more energy.

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Green Vietnam kratom dosage

There is no standard dosage which is stated for green Vietnam kratom just like as other strains. This is because, dosage of any kratom depends on factors like measurements, tolerance and weight of the user. However, there are recommended dosages and all these are as per the user’s experience in using the kratom.

Green Vietnam kratom dosageBeginners are advised to take one gram daily. As per results from that usage, the user can increase to 3 grams intake daily with experience. The experienced users can then take about 5 grams so as to get longer lasting and strong effects. The strain is good for use and has been in use for quite some time and hence with correct dosage, desired effects will be received fully.

You should avoid taking it in very higher dosages as the body could develop tolerance and hence provide no effects in future. Therefore, it is very important to keep watch of reactions each time a user increases the dosage to avoid such.

Green Vietnam kratom reviews

Below are some of the reviews left by the users:

“I am used to buying kratom capsules from genuine vendors. However, before I have being burned but with this shop I can say the guys are leading. I have seen much success with using green Vietnam kratom although at times I buy the red vein.”

“I have suffered osteoarthritis since I was a child from an injury I got and it worsens each time. After recently I got a surgery of the knee and did not want to become a slave of painkillers, I started using green Vietnam capsules and I can now comfortably sit and work with no pain.’

“I never like to feel sleepy at work and I have come to know that most of the marijuana products cause sleep and so I had to look for a better solution. I have tried green Vietnam and it’s the best; body relief with no feeling of sleeping. I love what I have been taking the whole of the week.”

Green Vietnam kratom capsules

Kratom pills due to its rising popularity as one herbal remedy to several issues like pain, anxiety and depression among others are now available in smoke shops, head shops and online stores for purchase. Although nothing much is stated about the effects which might come as a result of its prolonged use, kratom should be taken with much precaution.

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Green vein Kratom pills’ effectiveness

Just like any other kratom strain, the pill from kratom functions similarly and behaves the same way. The only distinguish comes in that the capsule needs to be dissolved for 15 minutes plus or more for it to begin functioning.

The reason as to why the functioning is similar to crushed leaved or kratom powder functioning is because these are just the same products. Different talks have been directed to the pills that they are most as strong or reliable like the powder but the reason behind all this is that the pill content is not potent. This then has nothing when it comes to kratom pill.

Kratom pill basically is kratom powder which is placed in gelatin-based capsule. The powder comes from the crushed kratom leaves. Therefore, the impact of kratom pill and kratom powder is not any different. The only difference which can be said is the difference in the onset of action.

Just like the powder, kratom pills dissolve in water and give the same dosage similar to undissolved tablet. The pill often is recommended over kratom tablet in terms of cost effectiveness.

Green Vietnam kratom effects reddit

Reddit is that website talking of kratom from where you share concerns and ask questions regarding kratom. This could range from the dosage to use to best kratom to use with all concerns explained by experienced users or professionals in the field.

Green Vietnam kratom effects redditFrom reddit, green Vietnam is praised for its pain relieving effect which last longer with no other or very minimal side effects. It is also an energy booster as it boosts the levels of energy immensely with no effect of sleepiness. Users have also praised it for its effect of enhancing mental function and brain energy.

Green Vietnam kratom euphoria

Before taking any kratom strain, it’s important to consider several factors os as to determine the best strain for you. Some of the key rules to consider include:

The kratom source

  • The amount to take
  • The best color for infusing euphoria

How does kratom bring about Euphoria?

Kratom extract contains some chemicals which are the ones responsible for interacting with particular neurotransmitters and opioid receptors to bring out the euphoria feeling. There are several strains of kratom that induce euphoria including Maeng Da, green Malay, white Borneo and green Vietnam.

Green Vietnam euphoric effect

Although not as strong as the other strains that induce euphoria, green Vietnam has some euphoric effects. The strain is widely known for boosting energy and mood immediately after intake. Some hours later, the user starts experiencing the relaxing effects as the stimulating effects fade off.

Green Vietnam euphoric effect However, green vein is known mainly for energy boost and pain relief. Compared to the other Vietnams, its benefits are quite high to moderate and hence last longer. This is ideal for use when watching a movie to induce the euphoric feeling hence enhancement of each sense in the body.

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Green Vietnam kratom side effects

Generally, consumption of green Vietnam kratom is safe provided the one using the kratom maintains controlled intake. However, this does not mean that irresponsible and abusive use will not have side effects. If not well used, side effects will be experienced. The effects have been reported to be experienced if the user withdrawals suddenly, if taken with other types of medicines and taking higher dosages. Some of the side effects include:

  1. Allergic reactions

Users and especially ones who have records of sensitivity to some elements tend to develop some kind of allergy after using kratom. The condition then worsens after overdose or other form of irresponsible use. Such reactions could be skin allergies and respiratory allergies.

  1. Stomach problems

When consuming kratom, there is a common effect experienced and that is digestive system abnormalities. Such could be through indigestion, gastritis or even diarrhea.

  1. Weight problems

Use of green Vietnam kratom has been reported to result in changes in weight. It could be weight gain or weight loss which mainly results from abnormal use. However, not all users who experience the effect perceive it as negative, to some it’s beneficial.

  1. Nose problems

Another problem reported from use of green Vietnam irresponsibly is nose problems; runny nose or dry nose. Also abrupt withdrawal from usage of the strain can result in the effect.

  1. Vomiting

Extreme cases are also accompanied with vomiting. Such could be as a result of the user’s tolerance or the general body composition of the user which leads to different reaction.

  1. Irritation

Some users instead of the relieving feeling, after intake they experience irritation. The irritation is felt in the hands, feet, stomach or head in most occurrences.

Buy green Vietnam kratom

Green Vietnam kratom vendors are readily available from where you can purchase the kratom. However, there are some factors which should be considered whether buying on an online store or a physical store to ensure quality of your purchase. Below are the key things to consider before buying kratom:

  1. The source of kratom

Before buying the kratom, the first thing which should be considered is the source. For green Vietnam the source is Vietnam and so if it does not originate from that county it could be of very low quality. Kratom has being grown in other countries apart from the originate countries but such Is only done by professionals who can maintain similar climatic conditions. Hence, before any purchase, ensure the source is legit.

  1. Know various kratom strains

Vietnam’s are of three different strains and all offer different effects. Therefore, before any purchase ensure that you keenly consider what is being offered and confirm its green Vietnam. The effects of other Vietnam type might not match your intended green Vietnam effects.

  1. Lab testing

Although most users forget to consider this, it’s a very important aspect before purchasing kratom. This entails several lab tests which the kratom goes through to ascertain its quality as well as safety of use. Before purchase from any website, dig deep to establish the transformation process of the kratom you are about to purchase.

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