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Green vein kratom | Strains of green vein kratom and their uses

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Mitragyna Speciosa, commonly known as kratom, is a tree that grows prolifically in Southeast Asia that produces leaves that can be chewed, brewed into a tea or smoked to produce calmness and relaxation, and also promote general health and well-being. The tree, which is part of the coffee family, produces stimulating effects as well as sedation, depending on the dosage. There are three different types of kratom which produce different effects when ingested.

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Kratom has been used for thousands of years and can be particularly beneficial as an opioid substitute, as it binds to the same receptors in the brain and causes similar, but slightly weaker, effects to opiates. The reason it is growing in popularity so quickly is that it is an all-natural solution to managing the symptoms of hard to treat conditions like chronic pain, sleep disorders, and opiate withdrawal.

This guide has been prepared to give you the best information about green vein kratom, including information about the recommended strains of green vein kratom, what they are used for and where to buy online.

What is green vein kratom?

There are three types of kratom tree that are grouped according to the characteristics of the leaves they produce: white vein, green vein, and red vein. The different types of kratom are known for producing very different effects on users and are therefore best used to treat different conditions. For instance, red vein kratom can produce sedating effects, while white and green vein kratom produces more euphoric, stimulating effects.

Green vein kratom is popular because of the balance it provides in terms of stimulant and relaxation. The alkaloids contained in green vein kratom give you all of the benefits of red vein kratom, but without any of the negative effects like strong sedation. This leaves the user with a lasting burst of energy, clarity of mind and attention to detail. Unlike red vein kratom, taking a lot of green vein kratom does not lead to sedation.

What is green vein kratom used for?

When compared to the other types of kratom, green vein kratom sits right in the middle. While red vein kratom is very sedating and white vein kratom can produce strong stimulant effects, green vein kratom can have very beneficial effects in terms of concentration levels and mood enhancement without making the user feel drowsy.

Though green vein kratom isn’t used as frequently as other kratom types due to the moderate effects that are produced, green vein kratom allows users to focus and increase their concentration whilst also relieving pain. This can be a benefit for users that need a little something to get them through the day without making them feel like they are out of control.

The main characteristics of green vein kratom include energy-boosting properties which help people who have high energy jobs get through their day, or increase the concentration of university students during finals. Though the effects are mild, there are a number of strains within the green vein kratom family that each contain different concentrations of the alkaloids and can achieve different levels of stimulation than others.

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Strains of green vein kratom and their uses

The different strains of green vein kratom are produced in different countries and regions, and each one contains different properties and causes different effects on users. It is important to choose the right strain to suit the effects you wish to achieve. Some strains tend to be stronger than others, and as such, care must be taken to choose the right one.

Here is a description of the main types of green vein kratom available for sale.

  1. Green Vein Sumatra

Originating in the north-west islands of Indonesia, Green Vein Sumatra kratom is an alkaloid-rich kratom variety that is known to increase confidence, encourage conversation and dial-up your alertness and ability to focus. Green Vein Sumatra kratom provides the perfect balance between relaxing and energetic, which is a quality unique to this particular strain.

The analgesic properties of this strain are delivered without the sedating effects that you’ll find in the red vein Sumatra kratom strain, thanks to the high abundances of 7-OH-Mitragynine, paynanthine, speciogynine and rhynchophylline found in the leaves.

  1. Green Vein Thai

Produced in the forests of Thailand, Green Vein Thai kratom can deliver a high degree of pain relief as well as offering an increase in energy and a boost in mood. Green Vein Thai is immensely popular in kratom users because of how mild it is when compared to the other strains.

Green Thai kratom contains a wide variety of alkaloids, thanks to the alkaloid-rich soils found in Thailand. The most common way to consume green Thai kratom is in a tea, however, due care must be taken to ensure correct dosage.

  1. Green Vein Borneo

Kratom from Borneo has a reputation for being among the strongest of all the strains, but where Red Vein Borneo kratom has strong sedative properties, Green Vein Borneo kratom has a more moderate effect with a focus on pain relief and relaxation. Containing over twenty-five alkaloids, Green Vein Borneo is closest in similarity to Green Thai and Maeng Da formulations.

A mild stimulant, this strain can help to relieve constipation and muscle aches, reduce the pain from migraines and get rid of vertigo. You can even expect to see positive changes in your libido and a reduction in the symptoms of depression.

  1. Malaysian Kratom

Green Malaysian kratom is known as “Super Green Malay” thanks to the high potency and strength that is found in the plant. While you will find similar effects in strains such as Maeng Da, the Green Malaysian kratom provides a much longer effect on the user.

The effects of this particular strain can be likened to opioids such as morphine and can treat conditions like migraine, muscle pains, and joint problems. The antioxidants in the leaves can also increase immunity and strength which means that this strain has become a popular supplement for those suffering from cancer and going through chemotherapy.

  1. Green Maeng Da

Originating from the forests of Thailand, the Green Maeng Da is an option for those that want a stronger effect, as the leaves contain a higher concentration of the kratom alkaloids. This particular strain is great to take in the mornings in order to get the most out of your busy workday and is the strain that most people recommend having a long-lasting, potent effect.

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The user reviews of Green Maeng Da report that this strain of kratom consistently has the best effects for energy and mood enhancement. You might find that you’ll be more social and talk more than usual when taking this strain, so be prepared for that!

How much green vein kratom should I take?

As with any drug or compound, the required dosage to achieve the best effects can differ from person to person. It’s definitely not the case of the more the better; in fact, the opposite is very true. Even though green vein kratom is considered to be less potent than red vein kratom, the highly stimulatory effects mean that the recommended dosages are lower.

Dosages from green vein kratom are grouped into four broad categories. The lowest dose category is known as the threshold dose, which is where you should start if you’ve never tried kratom before. At this dose, which is usually below one gram of green vein kratom, you can assess the potential effects that the substance might have on you. If the effects are too mild, then you can increase your dose. However, you might find that even at this low dose, you really don’t like the effects, so you might choose a different type of kratom to try.

A dose of between two and three grams is considered a light dose. At this level, you will experience enough of the energy-boosting effects that will enable you to get through the day. You might find that you don’t need any more than a light dose at first, but it gives you room to move up to a moderate dose, which falls between three to five grams. This is the typical dose that most users find to be effective.

It is not recommended to take a heavy dose of green vein kratom. At doses of over eight grams, you can expect to experience some of the more negative side effects that green vein kratom can sometimes cause. If you don’t like adverse side effects, then avoid taking a heavy dose of kratom. You can read about the adverse effects of green vein kratom below.

Does green vein kratom have any side effects?

Kratom is considered very safe, as long as it is used within the dosage guidelines stated above. However, like with any other drug, kratom can cause adverse effects within some individuals. Adverse effects are usually only felt if you take more kratom than you should, or if your habit gets out of control.

The most common adverse effect when consuming kratom are effects on your digestive system, such as stomach cramps and pain, diarrhea, indigestion or gastritis. Some users may find they experience sudden weight loss, thanks to the stimulant properties of kratom, though this may not be an adverse effect for some people.

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In extreme cases, some users may experience allergic reactions to one or some of the constituents of kratom. Allergies usually occur in the form of respiratory or skin issues. The incidence of allergic reactions can be heightened with increased exposure, so if you experience any symptoms then reduce your usage until they are reduced.

Other adverse effects can present in the form of dry nose and mouth, vomiting and increased agitation.

Is green vein kratom legal?

Kratom has recently been the subject of many news stories and documentaries thanks to the controversy surrounding the herb. Unfortunately, this has put the substance in a bad light, and the legality of kratom has been changing across the world. In fact, kratom is now illegal in two of the main kratom-producing countries, however, this is due in part to the politics surrounding the plant rather than the safety.

The good news is that kratom is perfectly legal to buy and use in nearly every US state. You will find that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tout that kratom is not safe to use medically; however, this is largely because of the lack of rigorous scientific evidence to support its use. Thankfully, this is changing, as research groups around the world are currently testing the efficacy of kratom for certain conditions. Once these studies are completed, you can expect the government agencies to catch up.

In the meantime, you will find that most kratom purveyors will offer kratom with a warning that it is for external use only. This is a stopgap method to continue in the supply of the natural product to users who really need it. Therefore, you can easily access green vein kratom online without worrying that you’re doing anything illegal.

Where to buy green vein kratom online

The best places to buy green vein kratom are online. When buying green vein kratom, be sure to do your due diligence and research which strain will be the right match for you. You will find many user reviews and recommendations for green vein kratom based on many user experiences, which will help you determine if this product is right for you.

For an easy way to buy green vein kratom, log onto Super Speciosa and peruse the wide variety of each of the green vein kratom strains they offer. By reading the reviews and choosing wisely, you’ll be able to start your kratom journey in the best, most informed way.


If you are plagued with a chronic condition that is difficult to treat and you are looking for an all-natural way to alleviate your symptoms, then green vein kratom is the perfect choice for you. Thanks to the mild effects of green vein kratom, you will increase your energy and relieve your pain without experiencing the highly sedating or stimulatory effects of the red or white types of kratom. Make sure you read reviews in order to get the best recommendation for the strain of green vein kratom that is best for you.

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