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In a world where we are becoming even more conscious of what we put into our bodies, it is no surprise that we are turning to more all-natural products to treat the conditions that we must live with. One of these natural products that is gaining more and more popularity is kratom. Many people are now discovering the multitude of benefits that kratom can bring to our lives.Today, we will discuss about the guide of green dragon kratom.

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Kratom is derived from the Mitragyna speciosa plant which grows natively across Southeast Asia. Related to the coffee plant, the kratom tree produces leaves that contain the active ingredient, which have been chewed, brewed as a tea and distilled into a powder for centuries by the local populations. Now that the rest of the world knows about kratom, it has become a popular product of choice for overcoming symptoms of chronic debilitating conditions that are hard to treat such as pain, insomnia, anxiety and depression.

What are the Types of Kratom?

There are three main types of kratom that are characterized by the types of leaves that are used to make them. Red vein kratom is a kratom variety that produces highly sedating effects, which makes it great for people who suffer from conditions like anxiety and insomnia. On the other hand, white vein kratom produces energizing and euphoric effects, which can be good for people who suffer from low energy and depression. The third type of kratom, green vein kratom, is a perfect blend of the red and white varieties, as it can produce the high levels of pain relief that users require while assisting with mood enhancement and energy generation.

Types of KratomThere are many strains within the three main types of kratom. Bali strains are the most common and very popular. Bali kratom grows prolifically throughout Indonesia and requires very little in the way of maintenance to grow. This is why it is one of the main kratom products that you’ll find. Other strains, such as Thai and Sumatra kratom are also very popular basic strains of kratom. Due to the growing popularity, however, there are now many more exotic strains of kratom that are making their way onto the market, one of which is Green Dragon Kratom.

Green Dragon Kratom Guide

Of all the different strains of kratom, green Malay kratom is one of the most popular. Grown in the Malaysian jungles, these leaves produce kratom that can leave users feeling energized and happy. Green dragon kratom is a specific form of green Malay kratom, but is richer in alkaloids and has a more potent effect than green Malay. The result is a highly concentrated form of kratom, which you can expect to pay a little more for. Don’t worry though, because it is well worth it!

Green Dragon KratomThe main alkaloid found in green dragon kratom is 7-hydroxymitragynine. This alkaloid is present in much higher concentrations than any other strain of kratom. Not only that, but there are at least twenty five other alkaloids that you’ll find in green dragon kratom, all at the high concentration that you expect for the price.

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Green Dragon Kratom Effects

In general, kratom produces very good pain relieving effects, along with sedation, mental clarity and calmness. However, green dragon kratom goes above and beyond what you would expect from basic strains of kratom. The focus on this strain is the euphoria that it produces, which makes it very different from the white dragon kratom strains, which focus on producing energy.

  1. Mood enhancement

Green dragon kratom produces high levels of euphoria in users. This means that within minutes of taking green dragon kratom, you will start to feel your mood lift, your body more energized than it was before, and your motivation restored to levels where you can maintain a high level of productivity. This makes green dragon kratom perfect for people with depression or motivational issues, or people with very high stress jobs or study who find it hard to have the energy to last all day.

  1. Clear up IBS symptoms

IBS is a condition where certain foods can react with your digestive system to cause bloating, diarrhea and excess gas. This can be highly uncomfortable to deal with every day. Green dragon kratom can affect the digestive system in a way that reduces these issues, so that you can get through the day without having to be near a bathroom. This is an extremely freeing effect of kratom.

  1. Muscle relaxation

It’s not just pain that kratom can help with. In fact, green dragon kratom can have many beneficial effects for your tired and aching muscles. As kratom contains muscle relaxing properties, this means that taking it can help you to overcome the daily stresses that your body carries. Also, you can take green dragon kratom before you work out in order to push yourself further than you have gone before without inducing the pain that you normally feel during workouts.

  1. Increase your social abilities

Thanks to the euphoria that green dragon kratom produces, you will find that your social anxieties are vastly reduced. Instead, you will feel more able and prepared to socialize and interact with people – even strangers! Not only can this help you to become more socially active, but you’ll find yourself making more friends and increasing your quality of life far beyond what you thought it could ever be.

  1. Enhance your ability to sleep

Millions of people suffer from bad sleep every single night. It is one of the most common ailments across the world, yet there are still no good ways to treat the issue. Typical sleep medications leave you feeling like a zombie the next day and can vastly decrease your mental ability and cognitive function long after you want to sleep. Green dragon kratom can help you get a decent quality of sleep by improving your overall health and helping you to get the most out of each day. The mental clarity and calmness that you feel can help you quiet your mind so that you can get a full night’s rest with ease.

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Green Dragon Kratom Reddit

If you have questions about green dragon kratom, one of the best websites you can visit is Reddit. Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the internet, coming in second only to Facebook, and is full of millions of users who want to discuss practically any topic you can think of. There is a very thriving community that discusses kratom, and it is here that you can find information about user experiences, reviews, vendor lists and information on the currently changing legal landscape of kratom .

One of the most common themes when looking at Reddit posts about green dragon kratom is that users have no regrets with their purchase. In fact, it is clear that green dragon kratom is becoming one of the most popular types of kratom available, thanks to the wide range of effects and the potency of the extract.

Green Dragon Kratom Review

When using green dragon kratom, you will find that you require less of it in order to feel the effects. That’s why this particular strain of kratom gets such glowing reviews. Sure, it costs more, but if you are taking less of it than of other strains, it means that you are getting more than your money’s worth. The effects you feel for the small dose you take are far more enhanced than what you’d feel with the milder strains, and it is for this reason that green kratom dragon is so popular.

Green Dragon Kratom ReviewUsers agree that the effects of green dragon kratom are very strong and potent, making for a super euphoric kratom journey with an abundance of energy that is felt within minutes and lasts throughout the day. Green dragon kratom is perfect to use if you just want that little energy boost along with a better mood throughout the day, without feeling any of the sedating effects that other strains might bring.

Green Dragon Kratom Dosage

Because of the highly strong potency of green dragon kratom, it is essential that you modify your dosing schedule, particularly if you are used to consuming the more common strains of kratom. The key idea to remember here is that you do not need as much green dragon kratom to feel the effects that you would get from other strains. If you take too much, you will at best find yourself not liking green dragon kratom, and at worst, you’ll feel like you are having a bad reaction to the herb.

Low doses of green dragon kratom fall within the range of one to three grams of the herb. At these levels you will feel the initial bump in energy, followed by the euphoria which will last you for at least three to six hours. Most users find that this is enough for them, and if you are a new user we recommend that you start with one gram to begin with.

Moderate doses of green dragon kratom fall between four to six grams o the herb, and you would take this much if you want to feel the pain relieving properties that make kratom such a popular natural treatment. At these levels you’ll be able to maintain focus and get through the day without feeling any pain.

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High doses of green dragon kratom are any dose over seven and up to ten grams of the herb. At these levels, you may start to feel more sedation rather than increased energy, and you will definitely feel the higher levels of analgesia. It is highly recommended that you do not take these high doses of green dragon kratom, particularly if you are not used to the herb. At these levels, you will experience more opioid-like effects which may not be something you want to experience.

Green Dragon Kratom Gaia

Gaia is one of the internet’s premier kratom vendors, and here you will find a wide variety of green dragon kratom. Available in one ounce and 250 gram varieties, you can experience green dragon kratom in a healthy, quality way. The green dragon kratom produced by Gaia is known for producing very good immediate levels of energy with a focus on feeling good and euphoria. We recommend you buy bulk, as the high cost of green dragon kratom means that buying smaller amounts will cost you more.

Green Dragon Kratom Euphoria

You might be wondering why kratom users would want to focus on euphoria over the other effects that kratom is known for. Pain relief is easily the best feature of kratom, as many people suffer from chronic pain conditions every day without any good way to deal with it. Not only can green dragon kratom help to alleviate this pain, but it can also turn your mood around so that you are naturally more happy and motivated.

Green Dragon Kratom Euphoria This is the real key with euphoric kratom strains, as you might not realize how much your pain conditions get you down until you feel the euphoria. The same goes for people with depression: it’s hard to know how blue you’re feeling until you start feeling better. Green dragon kratom should be part of your holistic approach to treating your difficult condition.

Green Dragon Black Label Kratom

Black Label kratom is another premier internet kratom vendor. Black label kratom create products that contain three grams of kratom per serve, and users find that at these levels, you feel an immediate hit of euphoria within minutes. However, the feeling isn’t overpowering and is like a background euphoria that can allow you to do everything you need to do without any distractions. Some users do find, though, that the effects wear off very quickly. This may be a good thing depending on what you are looking for.


If you’re looking for a bit more bang for your buck, then green dragon kratom is probably the strain for you. While it can help you to achieve a moderate level of euphoria and mood enhancement whilst relieving your pain and keeping you energized, it can be more expensive than the more common strains. Seeing as you need less of it in a dose, this is not a bad thing.

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