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Elixinol CBD Reviews | Benefits, Coupons and Shipping [Update 2019]

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There are many brands in the market right away that people cannot imagine newcomers finding a place to start. Is currently very popular to the extent that various companies are flooding industry. Therefore, it is becoming very hard in knowing which companies can put your trust. These reviews are having aim on giving a complete overview of various brands available. By checking out on these reviews, will be sure of brands that are available and on ones to consider relying on services. You are going to learn more about the company with the name Elixinol. It is a big brand found in the USA.

Unfortunately, their products are not being sold in Great Britain. Europe and American readers may like knowing more information concerning them. Let’s consider checking on companies’ products, advantages, and disadvantages.

Elixinol Cbd Review

Elixinol Global Limited is a company which has a global presence present in the cannabis industry. They are running various businesses including Elixional USA, Elixional Australia, and Foods Australia. Back in 1991, Paul Benhaim succeeded in learning about food and on their nutritional value. Since then, he has always been working in the food industry. Benhaim has, for a long time, been sourcing hemp, which is all over the world to succeed in finding the best strains present. They are working in many countries such as Australia, Canada, China, India, Poland, Lithuania, Spain, France, Germany, and England.

ElixinolElixinol USA was founded in the year 2017 and is working to help in distributing food and fat products to

America. Various products are tested before they are released into the market. When choosing on the third party to consider working with, Elixional is sending off dummy sample to help in ensuring labs are trustworthy. Customers are usually provided with various batch numbers that help them in tracing if they are after ensuring quality.

Apart from the dedication in providing consumers with quality food products, they are also contributing to other various endeavors. 5% of what is purchasing will be donated to a nonprofit organization.

Elixinol is currently working with vote hemp, Autism One, and realm caring. Additionally, it is working with concussion legacy foundation, wounded warrior project, cancer cure foundation, and American brain tumor association. If there is a wish to support another organization, it is providing a form in filling to help you in making suggestions.

It is having an impressive range of 100% organic food products. Some of these products are being sold in the EU, but all are also on sale in the US.

Elixinol coupon

They are offering many varieties of 100% products. It is significantly notable in creating Elixinol X-pen. They are offering transparent lab tests resulting in all the various batches. Additionally, it is among the many oil producers.

Elixinol Products

  • X-pen

It is among the most popular items. The X-pen is coming with 1000mg of the dosage. That tip is washable and removable so that passing it friends becomes easy. This product is somehow high and can be used in the knocking off, which is very helpful. In using the oil, it is necessary for removing the cap.

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Elixinol Cbd Reviews


  • Elixinol CBD Capsules

It is among the popular items present in the market. These are main as long as you are wanting accurate dosage and do not like its taste. You can buy the capsule which is present in varying bottles. You will get a break in price using the bigger bottle and using one of its discounts.
Elixinol CBD Oil Oral dosage is the most common method of ingesting it. It is among the fastest ways of entering it into the bloodstream. They are selling these oil tinctures ranging to 500mg. They are mixing the extracts with coconut oil to assist in the body’s absorption.

  • Elixinol Tinctures

Made using a simplified process of extraction. The cannabis sativa is containing lots of cannabinoids allowing entourage effect to occur.organic removal is being suspended in coconut oil.

It is put in a container having a small hole for simple administration. A Few cannabis sativa Tinctures-Hemp fats are appearing in a much larger container than any other given sublingual fats present. The large container is containing 120ml liquid up to 1-time regular cannabis sativa amount that may be coming in10ml bottles. The serving size suggested in ¼a small hole or 0.5ml. In case for 30ml bottles, this takes ½ a dropper. There are also different sizes which are having different flavors. They include:

Elixinol is bearing a new item for sale, which is Respira cannabis sativa. They are multi-use, versatile product which is intended to act as a dietary supplement. Unlike fat drops, Respira item is vegetable glycerin-base and is manufactured by using kosher VG. There are no harmful products, such as PEG and PG used. Can further be added into a vape pen or as well be added to your food. You can consider taking it in saliva in the same way as regular fats. Appearing in a bottle, it has a wide range of uses.

  • Elixinol Capsules

Similarly to oils, Elixional is usually manufactured from organic hemp, which is extracted using natural ingredients containing natural compounds, cannabinoids, and a wide view of happened from the hemp plant. Elixional is recommending that one takes one capsule each day at an almost same time. Tablets are having a higher potency when compared to varying products. They appear at 15 mg of CBD in each capsule. There exist 30 pills in every container.

  • Elicia liposome

If one has been using fat in the past and were not interested in taste, one may consider adding it to a beverage such as water. Besides, it has been having flavored tinctures present on offer. One can also consider purchasing their cannabis sativa Liposomes. Benefits of liposomes are that they can easily be mixed with water. It is because they are not oil-based or hydrophobic.

However, there also exists an option in taking them live. Wide as a usual sublingual spray. They are Citrus Twist flavored to add taste. The flavor is usually created using Stevie herb rather than using sugar.

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Liposomes are the right criteria since it Is capable of passing through body membranes, which helps to ease them, making them more useful. In a 3.5oz bottle, liposomes are appearing in a spray bottle. It is leak-proof, and therefore one can consider using it to go. Each serving is containing 5mg bioavailable oil with various meals in the bottle.

  • Elixinol Water Soluble Powder

Another different option in which it is selling is the powders. They are manufactured in a way that consumption should be at different times in a day. It is crafted using unique blend cannabinoids and terpenes to help in producing specific effects. Each sachet is vegan, dairy-free, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

These different options are, in other words, referred to us as Dream, Build, and Create.

  1. Create

Create is containing a full-spectrum removal and is manufactures to improve energy and add focus. You should ensure they are taking this every day so that one can get a quick improvement in strength. However, it does not contain any caffeine. It is created using a blend ingredients which are including acacia, citric acid, hibiscus extract, cane sugar, and CBD. Begin an option usually tastes similarly to delicious berries.

  1. Build

It is a tasty citrus option which is manufactured to helping one in finishing the day strong. When you anytime feel as if one should be nodding off in the afternoon, build fats powder will be intended to deliver a fast quick me up. One can also be using it in ensuring a speedy recovery after workouts. Build option is including citric acid, dried passion fruit, cane sugar, and CBD.

  1. Dream

It is manufactured in helping one is winding down and getting a more night’s sleep. It bears a rich coconut taste. Additionally, it is recommended that one mixes this sachet with hot water as it will help one in settling down. After achieving an attractive night’s sleep, Dream powder will help one in waking up ready to go and feeling refreshed.

A box of flavors will be containing 30 sachets and costs 59.99. However, should consider buying a 21-pack which includes 7 in every character. It will help as it will last in a week.21 pack cost goes for $44.99.

  • Elixinol Topical

Elixinol is also selling a range in topical treatments which can cause moisture dry lips and skin. The CBD Balm is manufactured in a way that it can add moisture into skin with various ingredients. Such ingredients include blue male eucalyptus, butter, andiroba oil, and cannabis sativa. It helps in promoting vibrancy and skin health no matter present skin type.120 ml tube is containing 125mg of oil and goes for  $29.99. It is also selling aLip Balm to help in moisturizing your lips. Omega and Vitamin E are helping improvement in chapped lips alongside 5mg in CBD cannabis sativa. 5oz tubes go for $7.99.

Elixinol is also selling a SativaSkincare range. It is a boutique and luxurious skincare range with 100% hemp. They are all completely vegan and Australian Organic. Additionally, all products are sourced sustainably.

  • Elixinol Oral Applicators

It is a unique product; it is also selling-pen Oral Applicator. Therefore, it is similar to Oil except that it is appearing in a vacuum sealed dispenser which can help in delivering precise amounts in CBD.

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Its packaging is very hygienic as its protection is from the air and uses a washable and removable tip. Its pen is containing 1000mg of oil in total, with 15mg being dispensed per click. It goes for $129.00.

  • Elixinol Edibles

In case one is looking for edibles, this company is known for providing tasty goodies. However, the goodies are not containing CBD. It is a super food in its own right and therefore ensures one is not dismissing products simply because they lack cannabinoids.

The cannabis sativa is providing few nutrients with a nutty and rich flavor. They are a known great source protein and omega fatty acids. 30 mg of the berry contains 10g plant-based protein which is more than chia or flax seeds. One can consider cooking different recipes using these seeds. One container is going for $14.99.

There also exists a 16oz container of Protein Powder. Protein powder is vegetarian and organic friendly. It can be difficult getting enough proteins in absenting meat in the diet; therefore, it comes in to ensure it is providing a perfect plant-based solution. They are usually going for $19.99.

  • Elixinol Dog Treats

The Edibites are a given range of CBD-infused dog treats. A professional chef and veterinary professional have for long crafted them. Treats are specially formulated to be used by dogs containing between 1 to 1.5 milligrams in each gift. Edibites are containing water, CBD oil, vitamin C, honey, bananas, peanut butter, agar, coconut oil, and barley flour. It has been providing a handy table which is explaining a number of dog treats one can consider giving to your dog each day depending on dog’s size. There exist two flavors which are in sell. They are including Blueberry Cranberry and Peanut Butter Banana.

Elixinol Advantages

Elixinol benefits

  1. It is a very informative brand. They inform consumers about everything they need to know about CBD is also providing in-depth item descriptions for everything they are selling.
  2. It is a global company with its dedication to hemp. It is therefore clear that it is aware of everything that needs to be known about the business. They are also selling cannabinoid-free products which are including protein powder.
  3. The products range is quite expensive. There exist pretty oils, and topical varieties are impressive.
  4. Prices are almost standard for all products
  5. Third-party laboratory reports are easily provided.

Elixinol Disadvantages

  • Though the range is impressive, they are not selling edibles. If they are after catering for individual’s needs, they should be providing e-liquid. However, this is becoming quite picky.
  • Some customers have been complaining about customer service, mainly when it involves the handling of complaints. Are mostly Australian or UK based, it may be delicate shipping products to the UK.


When it includes CBD, it is genuinely experts. They are aware of everything concerning hemp business and are using knowledge to help in providing products bearing the most excellent quality. Selling of it in the UK is legal though it is unfortunate that shipping is not guaranteed because they have various customer issues.


/5 ratings

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