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Drinking One Diet Drink A Day Can Triple Risk of Dementia and Strokes

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Soft drinks are becoming popular in younger generation. Every one of us is addicted to these soft drinks. Soft drinks are usually made up of carbonated water, preservatives artificial flavors and they are higher in sugar level. But for weight watchers and for the health conscious people soda industry has introduces numerous ranges of diet drinks. Basically soda industry is targeting the consumer whose are more concerned about their health.

Thus diets drinks are the major breakthrough in soda industry. Diet drinks remain a popular choice but do have some adverse effects on the health.

Coming towards the topic that diet drink can triple the risk of dementia and strokes. As we know that diets drinks contain carbonated water, caramel color, aspartame, phosphoric acid, potassium benzoate, natural flavors, citric acid and caffeine. Diets drinks are mainly low in calories but on other hand they can give serious harm to our health.


It is important to stay informed regarding the use of artificial sweetener as they can give serious harm to our life. As we know that sugary drinks are bad but diet drinks seemed to be worse as compare to regular soda. Aspartame is the basic ingredient in line of diet soda which is 200 % more sugary than regular sugar. Aspartame harm body in many ways as it destroys the intestine walls, more over proved to be harmful for the arteries. There are 92 side effects of aspartame listed by FDA.


The researches have shown that consuming diet coke can give serious harm to the memory of a person termed as dementia and strokes. Cocacola and Pepsi are using stevia and aspartame in place of sugar. Many consumers are concerned about the effects of sugar substitute. As these substitutes are high in sugar level so the chances of obesity stroke diabetes dementia are more prevalent in the people who consumed these drinks

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On other hand caramel color they used in color can cause allergies.

Another harmful content in diet cola is phosphoric acid which can lead to kidney disease.

In many of the researches it is claimed that diet sodas are more in sugar, so the chances of having stroke increase. Many researchers believe the artificial sweeteners including aspartame and saccharine may be affecting the blood vessels, resulting in strokes and loss of memory.

So it is concluded that these diet drink and soda can be triggering factor in having stroke and dementia disease.

Before choosing drinks we must be aware that what we are buying for our health.

Stay away from the artificial sugary drink thus makes habit of drinking water and nothing is better forthe health than natural food and drinks.

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