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CBDMD Vendor Review | Product Prices,Coupon & Shipment [Updated 2019]

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It is among the friendly outfits manufacturing a full line and CBD oils of complementary fats. Their headquarters are located in Ireland by are claiming using US domestic and organic hemp manufacturing for their items. One of the claims they are using in setting their issues is that using hybrid full spectrum extraction way is containing plants amino acids, terpenes and vital cannabinoids having no THC. It implies their items have no possibility of causing their customers to fail to get a drug test. In this article, you will get to know about the cbdmd vendor.

Although they are currently offering third-party testing in their website, there is scrutiny into the results as the detailed analysis is needed in providing adequate information.

CBDMD Product Prices & Coupon

  • CBD Oil Tinctures

CbdMD is claiming using carbon dioxide removal for a full spectrum in CBD oil. It is among the most appropriate extraction way out there. Tinctures are made using the recommended dosage under the tongue or putting it in supplements such as in food or drinks.

They are coming in four flavors, which include berry, orange, mint, and natural. They are using natural flavorings having MCT coconut oil carrier, which is having both good signs in giving concern about quality ingredients. Sizes are including 5000mg, 3000mg, 1500mg, 750mg and 3000mg bottles. All have easy use of eyedropper caps.CBDMD

  • CbdMD Sleep Aid

It is the best regular tincture which addition of melatonin. It is a product which is decent and helps one in sleeping well whenever tried out. It is recommended for people having trouble sleeping during the night. It happens especially when your worries and anxieties are making you stay awake.

  • CbdMD Capsules

For those wishing to get an appropriate pill in CBD for their regimen, the company is offering the available tablets in 50mg, 33.3mg, 25mg, 16.6mg, and 15mg doses.

  • CBD Vape Products

It is offering three main flavors, including orange, mint, and vanilla. You can go ahead and purchase 3000mg, 1500mg, 1000mg, 750mg and 300mg bottles. The higher the volume you get, the more the pricing per milligram. Their mix is using both vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol. There is no listing of PG/VG ratio on the internet. They are using natural flavorings in the items.

  • CBD Oil for pets

It has various options for pets such as those labeled for horses, cats, and dogs. It seems that CBD MD has the animals covered. They are offering dog tinctures having peanut butter extract which is added to the oil for palatability in addition to apple flavored horses and tinctures. They are also containing CBD infused dog treats which are made using natural ingredients.

Its manufacturer much promotes the cooling skin product for using it on joint and back pain, arthritis, and muscle aches. Besides to CBD oil, other active ingredients are including tea tree oil, aloe vera, arnica, and menthol. It is coming in a bottle for convenient and easy use.

  • Inflammation Formula

This formula has been aiming towards inflammation and recovery by the manufacturer. In addition to the CBD oils, other ingredients are including fennel oil, lemongrass oil, peppermint, chamomile flower, and leaf juice.

  • Moisturizing Lotion

This lotion is targeting folks wanting to combine the soothing properties claimed to be in the oil. It is also having other skin moisturizing additions including grape seed oil and coconut oil together with other few ingredients.

  • CbdMD Bath Bombs

These funny additions put in any bath towards dissolving and releasing full-spectrum oil alongside aromatic essential oils from oils having various herbs in six signature flavors: Relax, Restore, Rejuvenate, Romance, Resist and Rise.

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The company has mixed bags as long as evaluating of trustworthiness is concerned. They are supplying quality hemp oil. Besides there were some positives, there are also a few disadvantages you need to be aware. Some people are considering giving the product a trial as a result of its low price. Before buying CBD oil online, you must be aware of the legal status of CBD oil in your state.

  • CBD for Pets

It is providing a wide range of products for your pet. They have no psychoactive, and therefore, there is no risk of your pet getting high. Their aim is relieving your pets pain and calming them down. It is legal giving this item to your pet as there is no prescribed harm. Doctors are also recommending it for use in some conditions. It occurs mainly in problems like seizures and inflammation as well as in strengthening the heart and increasing appetite.

With the right dosage, you will not harm or change the behavior of your horses, cats, or dogs. They will instead be relieving and calming down pain. This is particularly helpful during thunderstorms and long car rides. Whenever a pet falls sick, pick the flavor of your choice as that is all that is required.

Fractionated Coconut Oil

When using MCT as a carrier oil, the company gets impressed. It is a sign you have doing assignments, and you are aiming at getting quality products as this is your top priority as grade carrier oil is quite expensive. It also helps the body in processing CBD faster, which implies you get faster relief when you require it.

Cbdmd Product Advantages

  • Inexpensive

When it comes to pricing, it is customer friendly. However, this does not imply that it has low quality. It has high quality, and the company is aiming at having more customers’ benefit from the product, and thus, they are selling it at a lower price.Cbdmd Product Advantages

  • Domestic Sourcing

The website is claiming that the hemp product used grows in the United States from Vegan certified, non-GMO, and 100% industrial hemp. Additionally, they are claiming to manufacture their products in US facility. Their items are carrying the Made in USA label.

  • MCT Carrier Oil

It is among the high-grade carrier oils. It gives a sign that the producer is caring about giving quality products since this is not the cheapest oil in the market. The manufacturer has spent a lot of wisdom and knowledge in manufacturing it.

  • ALL-Natural Flavorings
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It is essential ensuring you are consuming products containing natural flavorings. They will assure you of no side effects as no chemical will have been used in manufacturing them. There is excellent attention put into consideration in the making of berry-flavored tinctures, orange, and mint. Many users of CBD prefer using the most health items in the market. They do this regardless of the cost as they believe that health comes first before anything else.

  • Carbon dioxide Extraction

It is referring to the proprietary of the hybrid full-spectrum process. They are claiming they are using a low-temperature carbon dioxide extraction to help in extracting to w wide range of terpenes and CBD from the industrial hemp they are sourcing. However, the lab reports they may be using are suggesting they may be used for removal methods. The CBD isolates products are ensuring they give as more information to users concerning their products.

  • Customer Support Number

They are offering a free a phone number which is run by their customer support care on their website. It is a good sign that customer service is a crucial thing in this company.

  • 30-day Guarantee

They are offering a 30-day guarantee which is deducting the risk of giving purchase to try the products line out yourself.

They are claiming that the oil is full-spectrum, meaning they have been preserving the total cannabinoids range from hemp source. In a different section, they are claiming to have zero THC since they are producing a CBD isolate which is pure. Those things are contradictory and hence the presence of a severe flag which the consumer ought to be aware.

Apart from the lab reports, they are producing a variety of products which entails full spectrum oil and an isolated crystal. Furthermore, it is not well stated which of the two they are using in their products and the ratio they are using.

Cbdmd Spotty Lab Reports

Their first report addresses a CBD isolate crystal. Its testing records 99.95% pure CBD but additionally had Heptane, Lead, Cadmium, and Arsenic in their sample. Lead mostly indicates that hemp has a low-quality source, whereas heptanes usually is a sign showing fossil fuel residue resulting from cheap removal ways.Cbdmd Spotty Lab Reports

Areas to Improve

The second report was based on CBD sample oil that was a fuller spectrum analysis, including terpenes and cannabinoid profile. However, this material, as a result, ended up lacking heavy metal testing all at ago.

Pesticide analysis was, however, not carried out in both the study. It is a problem since the manufacturer is claiming using 100% organic hemp.

No Domestic Physical Address

To help in compounding the credibility problem, the only available physical address present is in Ireland. Company is claiming US domestic manufacturing and sourcing should publish and maintain a physical address in the US.

Little to Less Information on the Company

With lots of trust issues between manufacturers and consumers in the industry, the most appropriate companies have their face forward in giving customers a sense of the individuals behind the item. This particular company has decided not to follow that way, and many people are thinking this has been lowering their general rating.

Medical Claims

There are various places on the website where the company is seen going over-the-top claiming about the effectiveness of the product. Their products are referred for recreation is backed all and topical athletics in the US, which is a strong claim though having nothing that is backing it up. Most people also claim it is endorsed using nursing homes although there is no institution which has been enlisted by its name.

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Poor English on Website

It may look like a trivial concern, but it disgust when one has to see poor English used in a website. A website helps in lifting a company’s name high, and the use of poor grammar can lower this. This company is striving to ensure the use of correct English, which is simple. They are doing this to ensure that their entire customer can clearly understand the message they are trying to pass.


This brand is award-winning because of its natural flavorings, which are regarded as very good, effectiveness, and potency. It is highly acknowledged by people who want the customers and are proofing and honoring quality, which is hard to consider denying. Company is aware of is whatever it is doing, and it is cautious on it.

Free Shipping

They have three options in which one can consider shipping from which is a plus for the company. It is useful when you manage getting your CBD oil in the time since you must be eager getting and using it. Besides, all the shipping methods are cheap, and therefore, most people can afford the shipping method and process. One pays 8$ when they are shipping for 2-3 day delivery and $ 5 when shipping for 3-5 day delivery. Besides, your CBD product can be shipped for free as long as you are waiting for a longer time.

Most individuals have for a long time been struggling to pay for alternative medicines which are not approved by the medical community. Paying for shipping is an extra burden, and cbdMD is aware of this and thus decides to offer free shipping for all clients residing in the US.

30 Day Guarantee

CBD customers are giving a lot of confidence by the presence of money back Guarantee. CbdMD believes in its items enough to consider offering a refund in case you are not contented with CBD oil results. It is an excellent way of reducing the risk many individuals are feeling whenever trying out something new, especially concerning an item which is trying to impact your health positively.

Customer Support

This disadvantage should be listed last. Customer service is essential as customers will be willing to ask questions concerning your products. It is because the people buying your items will be ready to support you as long as you are alive. It is only possible if you are prepared to listen to them whenever they have positive or negative comments. CbdMD has a phone number which they are using on their websites, and they do not charge even a cent. Besides, they are prioritizing their customers and are always willing to make changes whenever they feel it is necessary, and this makes them have more customers.


This product is available in many shops. You can also purchase it online by making an order. Consider purchasing it as it will bring a solution to your problems

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