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Kratom is a natural remedy/herb for mental illnesses such as depression & anxiety as well as physical pain. However, it’s a tricky herb to get a hold of as it’s illegal in some state and cities while others are undecided about it being considered a Schedule one drug. Once you’ve determined if it’s legal or not where you live, then you’ll be able to safely get it for what you need it for. Just be careful and know exactly what to take, how much, and when. Like any other treatment for pain or mental illness, Kratom won’t work properly if taken incorrectly.

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what are Kratom Cycles?

So, how do you know how to take Kratom properly? There are several things to consider before you jump right in to taking it.

  • How You Take it

In a capsule form Add to protein shake or yogurt make tea with it Put the powder directly into your mouth and wash down with water

  • Dosage

Start with a small doses of 2-3 grams If you notice no difference after around 20 minutes, add another gram don’t take more than 10 grams in one dose

  • Other Tips

Take without eating prior Drink lots of water every strain is different, so dosage will vary Keep track of dosages and their effect on you

buying kratom online

What’s the Best place to buying kratom online?

Now that you have all this crucial information in mind, it’s time to buy it. But where’s the best place to buy Kratom? There are many sources online you can buy it from, but be careful! Some sites are questionable and your safety in taking Kratom is crucial. Make sure you purchase from reputable sites that have your health in mind. Always do your research and double and triple check your source of Kratom. It’s in your best interest to do so.

what is Cost of Kratom?

Knowing how much you’re willing to spend is important purchasing Kratom. The cost varies from by type and what weight it’s sold in. There are many different options available making the prices range varied.

  • Crushed Leaves & Powder

Ounces: $10.99/oz- $21.99/oz. Grams: $9/g- $15/g

  • Capsules

Ounces: $15.99/ 1 oz. bottle

  • Extracts

Grams: $14.99/4g

  • Tincture

Milliliters: $99.50/6oz., $429.50-549.60/30oz.

Cost also varies from strain to strain. Stronger strains or more high quality ones will cost more than others. Strains usually vary from $10.99 to $19.99. This is also affected by the form of it you purchase as mentioned above.

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What Each Strain Does?

Every strain of Kratom has different effects when taken. Which ones do which though? What’s the best for your issue(s)? We listed off the works for what reason so it’s easier for you to determine (note: some strains will be listed more than once as they have multiple effects).

  • Euphoric/ Dissociation/ Anxiety Reducing
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Bali Red Vein Thai, White Vein Thai,White Vein Kali Super Indo, Ultra Enhanced Indo

  • Stimulating/ Energizing

Maeng Da Green Indo, Green Vein Kali, Super Green Malaysian ISOL-8 Extract

  • Painkiller & Sedative

Maeng Da, Red Vein Kali, Red Indo Green, Indo Green Vein Kali, White Vein Indo

what are the Dangers of Kratom?

Kratom can be a great help for pain, depression, and anxiety, but there are risks with taking them. Keep the following in mind to keep yourself and healthy.

  • Short Term Side Effects

Nausea Itching Sweating Dry mouth Constipation Diarrhea Increased urination Loss of appetite Irritability Drowsiness Abnormally fast heartbeat Loss of muscle coordination in the arms or legs Hallucinations Seizures Liver damage

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  • Long Term Side Effects

Weight loss Insomnia Dark spots Fatigue Constipation Nausea Appetite loss Frequent urination Dry mouth Tremors or shaking Seizures Psychosis

Because Kratom has similar effects to opiates and other controlled substances, it’s possible to get addicted to it. If this happens, there’s always hope for recovery. If you have an addiction and want to get clean from Kratom, keep in mind these withdrawal symptoms so you can be prepared ahead of time.

Muscle pain, cramps, and body aches Shakiness or tremors Nausea or vomiting Abdominal pain Diarrhea Sweating or hot flashes Fever Difficulty sleeping

  • Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms

Nervousness Restlessness Sadness or depressed mood Anger

Addiction is tough to beat, but anyone can do it. Some people have sheer willpower to do so and other need a lot of help. Make sure you have a supportive group of people encouraging you to get clean. Consulting a doctor and acknowledging you have a problem is the first step to getting better. Use Kratom responsibly.

 Where i can Buy Kratom?

There are plenty of places online to buy Kratom. Buying kratom online  is an easy processes, but you need to make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable seller. How can you know who is legit and are the best sellers or vendors out there? While it’s always great to do some of your own research, we’ll give you a starting point on where to look.

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Information: One of the most legit sites in the Kratom industry. They offer almost every single strain of Kratom in many different forms. Another great factor about this seller is they also run and post on a blog providing all the information you’ll need for use of the products you purchase.

Pricing & More: Initial prices fall anywhere from $5.99 to $199.99 depending on the quantity of purchase. Receive free shipping on all orders. Becoming a rewards member gives you 20% off what customers would normally pay. You’ll also get coupon codes to apply to your purchases.

Information: This online seller strives for the best customer service and guaranteeing the best quality of production. They’re relatively newer to the industry, but have made a great name for themselves. if you’re ever unsatisfied with you purchase(s), you can contact them and they’ll get everything taken care of in a timely and professional manner.

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Pricing & More: Initial prices fall anywhere from $8.99 to $49.99. New customers get a 5% discount with their first purchase.

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Information: Another newer company in the industry, but have made a positive impact so far. Several different strains of Kratom and other natural herbs are offered on their website. They also provide eye catching and unique names to draw you in and see just what strain will work best for your needs.

Pricing & More: Initial prices fall anywhere from $7.00 to $35.00. Shipping is free on every single order. Get 20% off your order when you purchase with bitcoin.

Information: This online seller of Kratom never gives up on quality of product for mass production. As long as they can meet the customer’s satisfaction, then they know they did good. They offer many different forms of Kratom for you to choose and try. Bitcoin is also an accepted form of currency if you prefer.

Pricing & More: Initial prices fall anywhere from $8.45 to $34.99. Join their mailing list to receive coupons, get up to date on promotions, and get customer rewards.

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Information: Since finding capsule forms of Kratom are sometimes difficult to find, this company offers only capsule forms. They cater to those specifically looking for capsules and have a large variety to offer their customers. Although it may seem strange, they’re legit and just have a niche market in the industry.

Price & Shipping: Initial prices fall anywhere from $13.99 to $22.99. Receive free shipping on all Kratom purchases. You’ll get a $5 discount for each friend you refer to this site and those people also receive 10% off when they sign up.

Information: A great Kratom hub offering different forms of it including Capsules and powder. At this point, we’ve discovered powder Kratom is the most popular choice to purchase and this online seller knows this. They offer a wide range of strains to choice from, especially in powder forms.

Pricing & More: Initial prices fall anywhere from $9.99 to $199.99 depending on the amount you buy. Shipping is 100% free for everything and priority shipping for orders over $100. They have a guaranteed money back policy if you’re unsatisfied with their products.

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Information: One of the largest online Kratom sellers around, both in terms of products and how well they’re known. They sell Just about every form and every strain of Kratom you could ever imagine. Not only this, but they also sell other natural herbal remedies, books for Kratom use, Kratom accessories, and so much more.

Pricing & More: Initial prices fall anywhere from $8.75 to $49.95. Free shipping is available. Priority shipping is available for free for purchases over $75 and free UPS Next Day Air Saver is available for purchases over $150.

Information: This website is mainly around for U.S. Kratom users. They navigate and work in such a way most convenient for new users as well as longer term users by making their refine search into easy categories. These include, but are not limited to, scent, effects, and regions they come from.

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Pricing & More: Initial prices fall anywhere from $9.99 to $39.99. Shipping is free for purchases over $100. New customer’s get 15% off their first purchase. Full refund within the first 30-days of purchasing if unsatisfied with purchase.

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Information: This company knows what their customers want and they deliver with a wide variety of Kratom forms for sale. It’s simple and quick to contact them with any questions via email or their phone number. They provide great products and customer service.

Pricing & More: Initial prices fall anywhere from $8.45 to $44.99. Shipping is completely for all orders and purchases over $99 are able to receive free same day delivery. Join their mailing list to receive coupons and earn points a variety of ways, starting with 1 point for every dollar you spend.

Information: The last company on our list that happens to be relatively newer to selling Kratom, yet they still provide some of the best quality Kratom around the internet. You can even purchase strengthened Kratom on this site.

Pricing & More: Initial prices fall anywhere from $12.00 to $49.99. Signing up for their rewards program entails you earning 100 points for every dollar spent. Referring a friend gives them $5 off their first purchase and gives you 500 points. There are different levels in the rewards program and, once you reach certain levels, you’ll earn more points per amount spent.

So, what have we learned about Kratom? In general, it can be a great natural replacement to common modern medicine, but you need to be safe about purchasing and using it.

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Educating yourself on how to dose properly and how to take it is important. Don’t forget to Also figure out which strain will work best for your problems. Just be careful for the symptoms and be weary of becoming addicted.

Don’t just buy from the first website you see selling Kratom. Make sure where you buy is reputable and has good ratings. You don’t want to be sold something something that isn’t what you actually ordered, right?

The first thing you need to do before you do any of these steps is making sure it’s legal where you live. Even though some states have it legalized to buy and use, there will be some towns or cities within those states that consider Kratom illegal. Many states do have it legalized, so it’s not the most concerning thing in the world. If you live in a state or area that hasn’t made Kratom illegal or legal yet, dig a little bit further and see if you can find any information on the topic of buying and using it.

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Overall, it’s typically okay to buy and use Kratom, but never let your guard down. Keep up to date on laws involving Kratom and keep track of how it affects you. The last thing anybody wants is for you to get in trouble or have bodily issues because this isn’t meant for you.

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