Where To Buy Kratom Seeds And Plant To Grow Your Own Tree

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Kratom box is the place if you are looking to buy high quality of kratom ans in easy way possible.Southeast Asia is the region responsible for the growth of these high quality kratom as this species grow there, this area is special for its moist earth so this type of soil is best for kratom tree to grow.

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What a kratom tree look like? It is a tall tree standing straight and can grow to the height of huge 30 meters.opposite to its size it can produce a small delicate seed approximately the size of a flake and this is all it need to produce such tall trees but fertile soil is also a condition for its sturdy growth, they are normally grown in pod heads.the seeds of kratom tree are easy to sprout but its germination rate is quite low.

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Kratom box

Kratom box is the site which will let you buy kratom seeds and even a plant so you can grow your own tree at your garden and home.

They have the seeds of green malay, maeng da and red bali kratom readily available with them.

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How to grow plant by yourself:

Fresh and non-fresh seeds have viability between 10 to 20 percent. You can plant 5 to 10 seeds in each pot, we cannot give guarantee that your seed will grow in the exact same place where you have put the seeds it can grow in nearby places too, they are a delicate thing so can be blown away easily by not worry about the plantation process it has an easy three step process:

  1. You just have to drop of the 7 to 10 seeds in the desired pot.
  2. Now cover it with a layer of soil.
  3. And as it requires a moist soil so sprinkle it with water regularly.
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What is a failure in this process?

Perfect timing for you to expect a germination is when you have planted the seeds and there has been passed few days and if germination doesn’t occur in this time period you should not expect it to grow then.

You should be cautious and never order the dried seeds because they are mostly the reason of the failure.

If you are interested in planting a kratom tree at home be careful about few things:

  • You need to buy seeds of your choice keep your favorite strain in mind while ordering, always buy hundreds of seeds because keeping in mind the germination rate it is a possibility that few of the seeds will be helping you in growing your tree not all of them.
  • Area which is moist and fertile is the perfect spot for the kratom tree to grow.
  • When there is weather which is rainy or cloudy choose a place where sunlight reaches the ground and plant seeds there.
  • Wind or breeze is very important for kratom tree’s growth so choose area which has abundance of this.
  • Give the seed fertilizer and water these are its food and you will see a high quality kratom tree to see.
  • You need to be patient as it takes a long time for kratom tree to grow up fully and produce rich leaves to harvest.
buy-green-malaybuy red-balibuy maega-da

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