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Top Bluebird Botanicals Reviews | Taste, Smell, Effectiveness [Updated]

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The current selling place is currently full with various vendors that are marketing their oils version, which is supposedly best. It is giving buyers a hard time in the selection of type to purchase. Currently, it is unregulated in the UK market. Cannabis-derived things are never overseen by any brand, and therefore, it exists n official selling standard. Unfortunately, it is giving manufacturers the opportunity of retailing things under guise quality. Also, get to know more about the bluebird botanicals.

As more people are becoming more clued on CBD, it is becoming harder for these things to have their items far.

People will be catching on everything too quickly as the internet will be dominated with third party review. It is more accessible to spotting good items from bad brands. some tips will consider in the process of buying CBD. They follow various tips to ensure they are buying high-quality and safe oil. The information below will help you in understanding more about them and how their items are.

What is Bluebird Botanicals?

Bluebird was first founded in 2012 in the United States. Therefore, it means that these items are currently unavailable in the European Union and the United Kingdom in general. Most items are containing THC, and thus retailing them in the UK is illegal. However, they do not have free means which helps in purchasing wholesale via another company. Even though items are unavailable in the Great Britain side, they are appearing to be a great company. In 2016 Cannabis Awards, they were given title Hemp CBD Company of year. It is quite a significant achievement in a saturated market.

bluebird botanicalsIt is clear seeing what helped them earn an award. It has been in retail since 2012 and is also giving it a significant leg-up as it implies that it is still in existence at the start of the industry. They are also having a lot of knowledge in the field. With that in mind, it is implying that they would have third-party lab reports.

Additionally, its companies website is having a tab available in which lab reports in every single batch is present to view quality is guaranteed 100%.

Bluebird is on fore line on their involvement in the community. Firstly, they have several Assistance programs. People falling under low income are receiving a cut in price if they are providing information from a national way which is looking at the document of down-money tips. People and veterans with long-term disability are also qualifying for that discount.

Furthermore, it is donating to various non-profit organizations, including Colorado Coalition for Homeless, Global Fund for Homeless, Global Fund to Women, and American Cancer Society. Right from the start of the company, it has been clear that they are a caring and professional company. Their ethos is cut cleanly and is suggesting a reputable brand.

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Bluebird Botanicals Products

Bluebird is retailing several different items. All items are categorized on the website. You can find whatever you need very quickly. Below are a review and description of every available product. These items are bearing a percentage on a first purchase order you make. It is also providing a short day back guarantee.

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil

There are various kinds of fats with various differing shortly. These fats are vegan,sweetener-free, and non-GMO free.


It is full-spectrum fat, which is containing over phytocannabinoids, trace minerals, omega fatty acids, vitamins, and amino acids. It is being suspended in seed fat from Canada. Currently, they have three options for oil. They are having a huge number of available options. Depending on the size you are choosing, the price will end up increasing. You are going to learn more about the qualities of various oils. Additionally, you will understand more about their lowest to highest price you can be expecting from 0.33oz to 8oz bottles. Bottles are also containing a different amount of fat depending on bottle size, which will be indicated. Various options of fats include:

Bluebird Botanicals cbd Oil

The classic fat is not having any of whistles and bells. It is plain pure fat. Besides, it is ranging in price from $9.95 in 83.3 mg cannabinoids to $139.95 in 2000+mg.

  • Hemp Extracted Complete

Above CBD, it is containing fat in 50/50 split. Additionally to full-spectrum fats and extractions, steam-distilled are usually in addition to mix .83.3 mg way will be costing you $11.95 up to 2000+ mg way which is costing you $159.95.

  • Hemp Signature

This way is including a full spectrum along with frankincense and seed fat. In addition to adding flavor, it contains additional health tips. In 83.3 mg of cannabinoids, you can be expecting to pay $11.95. On the other hand,8 oz bottle containing 2000+mg cash $159.95.

  • Hemp Sample Pack

The sample pack is containing one 0.33 oz bottle in any of the above varieties. It will be costing you just $24.95 and will be allowing you to sample fat you will prefer.

2. Concentrated Oil

While Extract fats are containing 250 mg of cannabinoids per fluid ounce, various these options are containing 1500 mg per fluid ounce. In other terms, they are having 6x original concentration. It is an ideal way in use by users looking at something stronger.

Concentrated Oil

  • Hemp Classic 6 X

It is smallest, 0.33 oz bottle containing around 12,000 mg of cannabinoids and will be setting you back $599.95.

  • Hemp Complete 6X

The criteria are usually varying in its price between $49.95 and &649.95, and it depends on the size of the bottle.

  • Hemp Signature 6X

The variety is usually costing between $49.95 and 649.95.

  • 6X Sample Pack

It bears the smallest 0.33 oz bottle of every type listed above. You should take time and trying all varieties of 6X range. Three packs are costing $109.95.

  • THC-Free Oil

The last criteria from this company isTHC-Free CBD fat. It is similar to others though it contains non-detectable levels of THC. Apart from that oil, isolated Extraction is suspending in coconut fat. People got to fear about levels of THC, this way is ideal. It is recommending using it alongside its overall-quality products. This way is coming in same bottle sizes (0.33-8 oz) and is costing between $39.95 and$539.95.

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Bluebird Botanicals Capsules

Bluebird is retailing one variety of capsules. Concentrated capsules are allowing a taste-free way despite the use of full-spectrum. Fats present in these capsules are similar just as in classic variety oils. It means it merely contains cold-pressed seed fat and full-spectrum extract. Each tablet is containing 15 mg of fats to ensure the dosage is easy. However, note that these soft gels are not Vegan-friendly.

Bluebird Botanicals Vape-Oil

Nowadays, vaping is quite accessible. Therefore, it is very logical that it gets to sell a vaping option.

Usually, companies are retailing several varieties and flavors. However, it is only stocking one smell of vape fat. It is containing isolates containing e-liquids with a 70/30 ratio of PG/VG. It can be mixed with regular flavored vape juice since it is unflavored. Whereas bottle is not containing nicotine, adding it to regular vape liquid will be ensuring that nicotine is still in use. It can be a negative or positive depending on whether you are after quitting nicotine or not.

Bluebird Botanicals Isolates

In case fats are not your thing, it is present to ensure you are covered up. Their fats are containing between 96% and 99.9% pure CBD. It is coming in powder form in a small tub; you can end up dabbing it or even taking it sublingually. These product is costing between $24.95 in a gram and $449.95 in 25g. However, you can make sure you buyBulkfats, which will be setting you back once more. few grams goes at $1,400 while one kilogram goes at an insane $10,000. However, no one has so far bought 1kg.

Bluebird Botanicals Pet Products

Many pet owners are giving their pets a dose of CBD. It is a matter of time before All companies end up jumping on bandwagon. Apart from their ‘Companion’ range, they are also retailing fats and capsules to your furry friend.

The companion fats are explicitly not fit human consumption. Honestly, it is not known why it is the case considering that that fat is containing two ingredients, which include seed fat and fat extract. Therefore, it has similar elements compared to other Oils. A doggy way has several cannabinoids as long as it is pet-safe. Cost of fat is between $9.95 at 0.33 fluid ounces and $139.95 at 8 oz.

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They are also selling companion capsules, which are containing 5 mg per tablet. It is designed at your dog usage, and therefore you can be sure that it is safe at it. However, it is hard keeping your pet from spitting out of the pill. A 60-count tub is known to cost $24.95, and a 120-count container is known to cost $48.95.

If you have a significantly large pet, the 15mg capsule will be more appropriate in you. Therefore, it is selling Concentrated Companion Capsule, which is containing precisely that amount.

Advantages of Botanicals

  • They have a mainstay in that industry; it’s clear that they are aware of what they are doing. Therefore you should have trust in the company.
  • Third-party lab reports are straightforward to access and are also done on a batch-by-batch basis.
  • Their website and anything else on the company is professional
  • They are offering discounts for those in need. It is the right way of showing they are caring for community needs. They are also donating to non-profit organizations.
  • A vast range of items available. Bottles have various sizes.
  • Quality is assured hand in hand with a money-back guarantee.

Disadvantages of Botanicals

  • You must have noted that their prices are quite high. It is asserting that their prices are fair based on quality. However, you can find it which has high-quality at a lower price.
  • Whereas the range of fats is significant, currently it is less room when it comes to capsules and vape liquids.
  • They do not ship to the UK. Bluebird has been adopting an excellent shipping method which is admirable by its customers.

Whenever you consider placing an order which is over&49, you are going to get shipping free of charge.

Additionally, they like helping in any financial way that they can. They are offering a minimum of 25% addition and a 40% maximum addition in case one is disabled, a United States veteran or on low-income.

As with all other products, customers will be purchasing vapes, isolates, and fats at themselves. When shopping items for your pet, you may consider adding a little treat in that cart. Add if you are willing to be in the loop in additional coupon codes and discounts. Ensure you are subscribing to the newsletter before placing your first order.


It is important and easy getting excited about them. A company with a kind, strong ethos, and a professional image. Afterward, you end up seeing a price tag going downhill. Prices are quite extortionate and frankly high for most people. Reviews are very positive from the people who have bought from the company in the past. It encourages new users to take the courage to buy the products. Additionally, it gives one the need for saving money.

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