Benefits And Side Effects Of Caffeine

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Caffeine is a drug found naturally in plants like coffee beans, kola nuts and tea leaves it acts as a energizing tonic on the central nervous system.

Coming towards caffeine pills these are caffeine supplements and contain natural caffeine extracted during brewing process, caffeine can be synthetic or artificial.Caffeine pills does not have pure caffeine powder, this is sold in bulk and is a loose substance, pure caffeine powder is considered as dangerous by U.S FDA (food and drug Administration).

Caffeine pills provide benefits of pure caffeine, they are safe to use but can be harmful when taken in large doses.People need to watch themselves while using it and limit their caffeine intake.

Why limit caffeine use? It is dangerous for:

  1. People who have caffeine sensitivity must avoid it.
  2. People with high blood pressure and hypertension avoid it.
  3. People with high heart beat rate must avoid it.
  4. Do not give it to children.
  5. Pregnant ladies must not drink caffeine induced drinks and teas.
  6. People with GERD gastroesophageal reflux diseases should not take caffeine.

Ideal dosage

A Caffeine pill has 100 and 200 milligram of caffeine per pill and it is equal to average cup of brewed coffee.Look for the instructions on the package and try to follow them, and do not exceed the recommended dosage, when not taken care of you can overdose on caffeine pills which is not safe for you.

Benefits of caffeine pills

  • Caffeine when taken as a coffee has anti-oxidants in it which are helpful in reducing risks of cancer and certain other diseases
  • When you consume caffeine your nervous system mainly brain instantly feels the impact of it and provide few of the temporary benefits like reduced headaches, lower depression, a quick boost in energy, relieve from constipation, good mental focus, keep you awake for longer hours, improves memory and reduction in intensity of pain.


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Side effects of Caffeine pills

  • Nothing is beneficial when we overdo it benefits will get reversed, when caffeine is overdosed it can irritate your system.
  • You will have severe headaches.
  • Acid reflux and gastric distress is very common.
  • Diarrhea is most common disease initiate by overdose of caffeine.
  • When caffeine intake is increased it will be absorbed in the bones reducing calcium and weaken them.
  • Heartbeat will increase.
  • You may have high blood pressure problem.
  • Dizziness and insomnia are very common with caffeine overdose.
  • If overdose by pregnant women it will terminate pregnancy.
  • You may feel jitters or muscle shivers.
  • Fertility is affected by its use in both men and women.

When taken in controlled quantities it will increase energy make you stay awake and remain alert, Caffeine is best when taken in moderation.

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