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7ohm Kratom Review | What is 7-Hydroxymitragynine & effect on Kratom

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Mitragyna Speciosa is a botanical name for one of the world’s most popular dietary supplements that’s kratom which has its origins in South Asian countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, and Borneo among others. For thousands of years this dietary supplement has been used for medicinal purposes, treating several medical conditions such as diarrhea, depression, soothing pain, enhancing moods, easing anxiety, helping with withdrawal symptoms for opioids, boosting one’s energy and many more benefits. All, these health benefits derived either from its extracts or leaves are due to the presence of two major alkaloids: 7-Hydroxymitragynine(7ohm) and: Mitragynine.

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Although these days kratom has been misunderstood by FDA and DEA just because it has some effects on opioid receptors in the brain, it belongs to a plant in Rubiaceae family same case to coffee and very distinct from classical opioids such as (heroin, cocaine, OxyContin, Vicodin, morphine). That’s why kratom and coffee have similar properties such as stimulation, the elevation of moods, energizing properties among other similarities.

Now that kratom has become the best alternative medication for pharmaceutical drugs which have not just become too expensive but also have severe side effects, we have seen a lot of vendors coming in the industry all trying to take a slice of the multi-billion dollar industry. The market has been flooded with kratom products some natural, others enhanced and there are also some counterfeits, .the major reason why the FDA and DEA have a problem with kratom is because these dubious kratom vendors have been selling low-quality kratom products which have been contaminated with mold, bacteria, and metals making it unfit for human and animals consumption.

What is poisoning this society is not the legitimate kratom vendors such as 7ohm but these shady vendors. Unfortunately, there is no law that regulates the kratom industry, and that stipulates quality standards which now has created an environment where such vendors can roam freely without anyone holding them accountable. Until such vendors are edged out of the market, then there is no way we can rule out the presence of low quality contaminated kratom products.

Fortunately for the kratom community, we have designed a way you as the customer can be able to spot and identify a dishonest, shady vendor who is about to rip you off your hard earned money and poison you with their products. These tips when applied they will help you as the kratom user to sieve between the best online kratom vendors and fishy looking unscrupulous dealers. Our tips are based on 7ohm kratom vendor which was one of the top online kratom vendors back in the day. 7ohm set the standards and based on the 7ohm review here are the tips on how to choose the best most reputable online kratom vendors.

Benefits of Using 7ohm Kratom Products?

Before we get down to listing the what you should look for when choosing genuine kratom online vendor, I will just want to take you through some of the benefits that were associated with taking 7ohm products and generally kratom just in case you have no idea. Depending on the kind of strain you choose there are several effects one might experience, but it all depends on the kratom strain you took. Here are the benefits of taking kratom which is of high quality and bet from the best kratom vendors online.

  • Relieves chronic pain/migraines, headaches, etc.
  • It’s a stimulant
  • improves one’s moods and increase one’s motivation
  • It sedates
  • Decreases anxiety, depression, and stress levels
  • Boosts one’s energy, and appetite
  • Upsurges concentration levels and focus
  • It’s the best alternative to win off opioids addiction and other addictions from drugs
  • Improves heart health
  • Increases libido and treats sexual dysfunction
  • Manages insomnia and other sleeping disorders
  • Cures coughs, intestinal infections, and others such as diarrhea
  • Has an immune system boosting capabilities
  • Combat fatigue
  • Helps in weight loss and also boosts appetite
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Things to Look For When Choosing an Online Kratom Vendor

  1. Customer Reviews

When searching for online products you just don’t rush in picking everything from anywhere, what I mean you just don’t buy from any vendor, there is some level of trust which is required for one to purchase from an online vendor. Sometimes humans trust the experiences written by people who have used the product before and these experiences reflect the product quality and whether the product meets one’s needs.

If you read 70hm reviews online from the kratom community, you will notice many of these reviews are positive on 7ohm products quality, and such reviews give you the assurance and a guarantee that what you’re about to purchase will meet your needs. Always before making a purchase try to read the reviews from people who have used the product before so that you can be sure who is offering the best quality.

Please note the best places to read kratom reviews are independent review sites such as ours,,, among others

  1. Quality Testing/3rd party Lab Tests

One of the most important elements in searching for the best reputable kratom vendor is transparency in the display of their lab tests results. The DEA and FDA concern is an issue that revolves on contamination of kratom products. It’s worth noting that kratom can be contaminated with harmful substances such as heavy metals, mold, bacteria, salmonella, yeast and other contaminants brought up by soil composition.

When making a purchase, you need a vendor such as 7ohm who displays their lab tests on every product on their websites. Also, results by the company might be compromised, so you need a company whose products have been tested and approved by an independent third party lab. All the results should be displayed on the site for all the public to see.

  1. All Under One Roof

One of the factors which drive people to choose a shopping mall over a small retailer in the fact that a mall has a variety of products stocked on the stores, unlike a small retailer. It could be you are looking for the best white Maeng Da kratom capsules and also the cheapest white Sumatra powder.

Nothing would be tiring and costly such as purchasing from two vendors since it will take you some time and also you will spend a lot of money on shipping the items. The best online kratom vendor is an online vendor such as 7ohm kratom vendor who has stocked all the products. When you are searching for a vendor loot at a vendor, who meets all your needs on one cart. The ideal vendor should have everything under one roof be it kratom powder, capsule or any other form of kratom.

  1. Refunds and Returns Policy

Always and let me repeat it again always look at the refunds and returns policy. There companies who don’t and will never accept a return, and there is no way they will refund your money back. However, some companies accept returns that have been unopened in a period of 10 days while others accept products back which have only been used 25% of their total content. So keep an eye on the refunds and returns policy it might just shock you to learn they hardly accept returns. Go for a company such as 7ohm that had so much trust on its products to a level they accepted 75% of the unused product and still refunded you fully the amount you purchased the item.

  1. Compliance with Law

Above there we highlighted that one of the biggest challenges facing the kratom industry its lack of regulation or a law that controls the quality of the kratom products. Such a gap in the enforcement has created an environment where every jack, Jim, Tom, and Harry can label their products “high-quality kratom products” “premium quality kratom” just to mislead the customer.

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But when you find a kratom vendor who isn’t compliant with the FDA guidelines of advertising, or a company isn’t a member of any kratom association such as Natural Products Association, American Kratom Association, and AHPA, then such a company shouldn’t be on the list of companies one should buy from. 7ohm was one of the companies comply with FDA guidelines and a member of several kratom associations which tells you, if they follow the law then your chances of getting your refunds back are 99.9% in case of a defective product.


  1. High-Quality Products

When looking for an online kratom vendor one of the parameters to sieve the best wicked kratom vendors from fake kratom vendors should be the quality of their products. Kratom product which is potent and above average has to have high levels of alkaloids in it, and the dominant among them is 7-Hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine.alkaloids.

When a company tests a kratom product, it should indicate the exact concentration of alkaloids on the kratom products which then gives you a sign of its potency. Some companies do not indicate the product potency but one of the ways to know genuine companies from the shady ones it’s the pricing of the product. Cheap has always turned out to be the most expensive in the long run, and in this case, it can be more than expensive since it may compromise your health.

  1. Where they outsource their Products

The potency of a kratom product depends primarily on the location where it has been grown, and that’s indisputable fact. The best kratom products in the market today have been grown in Southern Asian countries such as Borneo, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia. This tells you that a source of kratom has a direct effect on the potency and quality of the kratom product. If you are purchasing kratom from somewhere else that is not a naturally grown raw material.

  1. Website Usability

Website usability makes customers bounce off a website or stay longer on a website. As a customer who is looking for the best kratom products which are genuine you need to shop on a website that you can easily access everything and the products are clearly labeled and visible. The links shouldn’t be broken, and overall one should have an awesome experience while searching.

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The site cart should be visible, and the website should generally make a customer’s experience on it a good one. However there are sites where links are broken, you can’t find a product, and the general experience can be labeled horrible. Such websites should be avoided, and they may not even be secure making your money and privacy can also be compromised. In such cases, such kratom vendors should be avoided.

  1. Bulk Kratom

In case you are a retailer, and you need to buy kratom in bulk you need to look for a reliable kratom distributor, a vendor who won’t disappoint on delayed shipping and missing goods. You also need to factor pricing since you want to make a profit as well. So try to do some research on who amongst all offers irresistible offers on bulk buying.

  1. Pricing of Products

When making the purchasing decision what normally you do is you check on the pricing of different brands. Pricing plays a key role in influencing a customer to make their purchasing decision. When the prices of products are too low compared to other top kratom vendors them, you need to think twice. Some vendors to charge exorbitant prices on their products and that too should raise a red flag.

The best kratom vendor should put the pricing of their products on a reasonable range and should be competitive with other vendors. So before checking out on the cart or deciding this is the vendor to go with, research on the price range then makes a conclusive decision on who to buy from.7ohm prices used to be competitive and on the range with others hence the reason we took it as the perfect example of one of the best.

  1. Kratom Samples

When searching for an online vendor especially if you are a new user you need a vendor who can offer you a variety of strains to try out because you need to make up your mind on which to settle for. When a vendor offers samples, you have the pleasure to try out all and get which amongst all is the one that meets all your needs. During the testing phase which can be expensive samples offer a cheaper alternative which is affordable. 7ohm used to offer three strains of kratom that’s red kratom strain, white kratom strain, and green kratom strain. Look for a vendor who can offer the same at a reasonable rate.

  1. Accepted forms of Payment

Just as 7ohm kratom vendor used to take nearly all major credit cards and some other forms of payment you should go for a company that accepts your mode of payment. Some companies reject credit cards while other companies accept them. So be on the lookout you might be surprised on the checkout section.

Final Thoughts.

In our 7ohm review, we have compared the company’s structure as a specimen in our benchmarking process setting the standards on the type of vendor you should go for. Read our tips and am sure you will never again be duped your cash ever again.

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